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((I like waking up to some RP to read!))
She nodded with a soft smile, "I'll admit, I wasn't the happiest person...in fact I didnf't handle the situation well at all. He was in a coma-like state for a few days, and I didn't get any sleep because of it. The only problem now is...he isn't sure if he wants to be a dog again. I know he misses it, but he likes the perks of being able to talk, and having thumbs." Chuckling, Skylar looked back at Key, her expression serious.

"I'm afraid. He will never be the same Bear that I raised. Even if I can change him back, it might be too much for him to handle, even worse....what if he's unhappy?"

(Not only that but my avi is bomb)
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Furrowing her brow, Copperkey reached out for Skye and cupped her fingers over the lady's shoulder. She gave it a gentle press and smiled.

"Skye...He's your best friend..." She began, her voice low and sweet. "No matter if he's a dog or a human, no matter what happens... I'm sure he'll always be truly happy so long as he's by your side. Yes, this is something to put a lot of thought into. After all, as you said, he may be happier in his current state-"

Key blinked, tilting her head.

"I wonder... What if you could have the best of both worlds?" She looked on her friend. "What if he could transform back and forth at will and at your behest?"
(...god... what do i miss on a daily basis? 0.o)
(Hi Wyatt! I changed my avi. And Sanya has no arms. it starts on 252 I think.)

Skye slightly perked at the thought. That actually had not occurred to her. "My god...That...that would something." Though she didn't show it, the idea got her thinking. "I told him it was completely his choice in the matter, I wouldn't object if he could change back and forth, I wouldn't object to any of his decisions. It is important that he makes this one, you know?" She sat back and closed her eyes.
"I didn't know how much he was dealing with in avoiding me, and this annoying transformation kick. But I overheard him talking to Sanya the other day. He's thinking more human thoughts, and his head hurts a lot because of the dramatic growth his brain is going through because of all the learning. He feels a lot more now too, so emotions have him freaking out, and confused. But his biggest thing is he doesn't know if he wants to just quit, he is faced with something being done to him that he doesn't want, and it's up to me. Basically what he sees is that he has the chance to be the alpha of himself, instead of relying on me to make decisions for him. So I let him know that when the time comes, I'll have to change him back, but I'd do everything in my power to give him what he wants, even if it means to be human." She sighed again then turned back to Key. "Do you know a way to allow him to shift?"

The stupid Nightmare demon currently possessing him didn't tell her about that option. Next time she saw him in her dreams she was sure to give him a thorough a** kicking.

"What about you?" She asked curiously, "Where have you been?"

(Btw, I dunno if you know Key, this is meant for you smile Bear was turned human by a nightmare demon that was haunting Skye for her entire life. He did it to better communicate with her, instead of infiltrating her dreams. However, he realized he made a mistake when he couldnt talk to her because her soul was too pure and her dark magic too strong in order to keep hold of Bear long enought to talk. Instead he talked to Caellum so he could relay the message. Skye has the ability to change Bear back, but their conflicted with this decision, and she doesnt know how yet. The huuuuge battle that will happen when Sammy comes back is going to be the release of everything. But I honestly didn't think about making him a shifter.)
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The sun's rays were warm against Sanya's cheeks, the wind enveloped her, playing with the hem of her dress. She bent down plucking a white dandelion from the earth, holding it between her index finger and thumb. With a quick puff, she sent the little white seedlings along their journey into the wind. She turned, her eyes falling upon a bright red banner hanging in between some tress. It was soft almost velvety in appearance with gold embroidered words that read:

The First Annual Copperkey Cafe Picnic

A bright smile crossed her face as she gazed upon her friends enjoying their own free time. Miss Copperkey and Albie were setting up a table for the food. The owner placed a gentle finger against her lips as she let out a faint chuckle while Albie frantically attempted to keep a linen on the table while the wind was trying to take off with it.

Pan had found himself a shade tree and was nose deep in a large dusty looking book. It seems even while relaxing he was focused on his studies, something Sanya wasn't entirely familiar with. Caellum sat with his legs crossed, tuning his wooden acoustic guitar. He would nod occasionally while turning the little knobs on the end after successfully getting the correct sound from one of the strings.

Skylar was standing up in the field with a huge smile on her face, throwing a rather large stick across the field. Bear's thunderous paws rampaged through the grass, his large and happy tongue hanging out of his mouth while he ran down the field to fetch his prize. Sanya stood there, admiring everyone, her own smile seemed to reach all the way to her ears.

"Come sit down Brat, we're about to start." A familiar voice drew Sanya's attention as she ran over and kneeled down next to Caellum. Miss Copperkey opened up with a speech, giving a brief history of the Copperkey Cafe and ending with a grateful tone for everyone attending. Once she was finished, Caellum stood up announcing to everyone he needed to share something. His words seemed to take the breath from everyone sitting around listening to him, Miss Copperkey even began to wipe a few tears away from the corner of her eyes. Caellum kneeled down in front of Sanya, lifting her hand up, "Would, you do me the honor?" He said as he pulled out a small golden ring, holding it inches away from Sanya's fingers.


Sanya had become aware of her heartbeat, a deep echo ringing through out her body. This distorted her vision but once she was finally able to refocus all she could see was blackness. A thick black fog surrounding her. She seemed to be floating... somewhere, she used her hands to swat away the black fog but it never cleared. A sickening metallic laugh echoed through out the darkness. She began to grow fearful... but suddenly a sweet voice could be heard. It was faint and the words inaudible but Sanya strained to hear it. It wasn't talking to her... the voice was singing. She strained he ears even more, trying to hear whatever she could. She was able to pick up on familiar words.

Fear not this night...
You will not go astray...

Meanwhile, Sanya continued to sleep in her bed, making the occasional noise. It was the first signs of life she had shown in days. Sweat covered her body, dreaming of that nightmare but her eyes did not open.
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((Well I'm probably gonna head off to bed soon and try to catch up on some sleep! I wanted to wake Sanya up tonight but I'm not really in the mood to really bring it out of me soooo... maybe tomorrow, have a good night guys!))
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(Ah, gotcha, Victson! Thanks for giving me that extra piece of info. *nod* Makes a lot more sense to me now. Just let me know whether or not you want him to have that ability because it sounds like you already have something you're moving towards~ I'll just have Key look up the info for now. )

Key tapped her chin and sucked in her bottom lip. Her eyes rolled up to the ceiling as she considered it, slowly nodding in the process.

"I once...had an apprenticeship to a woman who was adept at shape-shifting. She knew all sorts of animals she could somehow switch into and out of, all whilst retaining her intelligence and memories as a humanoid. I myself hadn't had enough time with her to grasp the whole concept, but... " She smiled. "I'm fairly certain that I've got half a dozen of her books in my study right now. They range from humans into animals and animals to humans. Everything in between really...so... I'm more than certain I could help you with this."

It was that last question that darkened Copperkey's otherwise cheery, but weary disposition. She sighed and looked away.

"These past few months I've locked myself away in my study... I've been... trying to find a way to bring back a friend of mine who was kidnapped. From this very cafe." Her eyes locked with the floor. "Someone had come to steal me away a month prior than the incident. His name was Oscar and... I thought I could keep him around to question him. A friend of mine, Hadley, had put a spell on him so he couldn't leave, but..."

She breathed in deep and continued.

"Something must have went wrong! When I returned that day from town he had Albie, my friend, over his shoulder. He had formed a summoning circle right in the middle of the parlor and...before I could reach them..."

Her voice died away.
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((Booored! User Image))
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((Oh well, goodnight all!))

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(Sorry guys, I ended up having to go to a friends house and dispute a fight, I'll reply in the morning once my head is clear after a workout.)
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((It's ok guys! Now I think Sammy might come home tonight so maybe we'll have a surprise? But no school tomorrow, just need to finish all my weekend work first and then I'll be free!))
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Dreams and nightmares, Sanya's mind alternated between the two for days. It seemed her very soul was trapped in limbo, not able to claw itself to one side or the other. Thankfully, her body, her powers took over and began to draw her soul back to her.

Faintly, the bluish glow started at her chest and began to grow in size and brightness, consuming her torso. The magical energies began to pulse, growing to it's full size and then back again to where it was a small bright marble resting on her chest.
(Key: Actually, I really have no idea what to do with them. I know he's eventually going to go back to a dog, but perhaps a communication link can be shared? I haven't quite figured it out yet.)

Skylar nodded silently, her gaze intent and thoughtful, "Wow...thats...a lot of drama." She took in a deep breath and rubbed her eyes, "I'm sorry. I mean," she reached over and touched Key's hand lightly, "If you need a tracker...well, if you need anything. Let me know, Bear and I are willing to help." She smiled reassuringly, "I'm sure it will all work out in the end. Nothing lasts forever, good or bad. It always has to alternate."

Her attention was turned to Sanya, whose chest began to glow, "Are you seeing this"

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