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Key had made to go to Yoshika, but Skye's palm upon her shoulder stopped her dead in her tracks. Those emerald orbs peeked over the lady, but she nodded solemnly and moved over to the meal she'd brought with her. Scooting the chair over to the side table, the rust haired magician beamed at the appeal of dinner and began to dig in.

"It's delicious, thank you so much..." She murmured between gulps. Few knew it around the cafe, but Key was known for having a bottomless pit of an appetite. It was rather difficult for her, then, to not inhale her food then and there. Slowly she dined, peering between Yoshika and Sanya.

"I hope..." She began, looking up at Skye. "That Sanya will be able to endure this transition well..."

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(Night Sanya! There I covered him up lol)

"I'm sure she will be fine." Skye tried, but still with a little bit of tightness to her voice. "She's a strong kid. And we'll be here to help her along the way, right?" She looked at Key. "It can give her better opportunity to exercise her magic, and I did a lot of kickboxing growing up, and will be able to train with her, plus the others here at the cafe too." She smiled, and sat down in front of the magician, stormy blue eyes gazing.
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(Awww, sweet dreams, Sanya!!)

Smiling, Key nodded her head in agreement and finished her meal. Her body felt heavy, but she was thankful for the distant buzzing occurring in her head to keep her alert and at the ready. The very notion of something happening now brought a dreadful lump into her throat.

"Sanya will need all the training she can get. I know you'll prove to be an excellent teacher. And I...I need to devise some sort of protection barrier around this place." She gazed over the empty plate dishearteningly. "Something to ensure those here will be protected."

She paused.

"And here I thought I'd be the one needing to hide in this out of the way dimension... It appears my guests need to far more than I myself. I have to protect them better..."
"This ain't your fault." Skylar scoffed, "From what the little sis explained, this was inevitable." There she was again, back in her lazy city talk, at least she could sound intelligent every once in a while. Emotions made her mouth run. "Besides..." she sighed and looked back at Sanya, "To be a good teacher we'll have to survive passed this....end of the world scheme."

Her eyes rose to meet Key's, "What's your take on the whole Caellum behemoth thing?"

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(It kinda reminds me of Fallout for some reason, in an awesome way! )

"End of the world...? Caellum is a behemoth?!" Key scrunched her nose and rubbed her temples again. She couldn't remember for the life of her if she'd been informed of this... Or if, yet again, she'd somehow managed to take herself out of the loop with her newly found introverted ways.

"It honestly isn't ringing a bell. But with how much that has been going on I wouldn't be surprised if I had blacked out at the time. Could you elaborate...?"
"Mmm I don't recall seeing you at all when this was going on either..." She thought to herself, best way to sum it up? "Some evil guy that claimed he was a friend of Caellum's came and took him away. He showed up two days later, not even Caellum anymore, though being back here brought back memories or something. He's looking for some mermaid to help bring the end of the world...Because apparently Lucifer like, owns him or something. He basically freaked me out over the whole deal them told me I was some sort of demon's child and said if I didn't want the world to end I'd help him. Now he's off, looking for that mermaid to join forces with him, so he can become the behemoth and destroy the world....but he doesn't really want to destroy the world...he's just going through with the plan to make it look like he is following orders." She sighed, and pressed her chin into the palm of one of her hands, "This is annoying...ask him when he gets back or something."

(I can explain it way better...not in Skylar's words if you really don't know about Sammy's plot)
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(No problem, I got the gist of it^^)

Leaning back in her chair, Key cocked her head and let this information soak in. Yes, she'd been out of it far too long... When her attention transfixed from her thoughts and back into reality there was a new resolve burning in her emerald gaze.

"Thank you for letting me know. I've heard of angels and devils within my travels. I've met demons and the like, but... I didn't realize all that was occurring right here in the realm of Tristalt. If I had known... No, it's no use thinking in that light..." She shook her head slowly. "The important part is that Caellum isn't going about this willingly. Even if he's gotten himself stuck between a rock and a hard place there must be some way to stop all this from occurring. Heck, I'm not even sure If I'm processing all this right."

She glanced toward the floor.

"We'll just have to cross the bridge when we come to it, won't we?" She let her eyes wind back up to Skye. "How are you holding up with all this? Are you okay?"
She shrugged, "I was freaking out about it at first...I mean I was dealing with Bear turning human, and teaching him how to communicate, eat, dress...It was like I was raising a child in a matter of days." Skylar rubbed her eyes, and took a deep breath, "but Caellum didn't lie to me. We went to train and...well I'm not as human as I thought I was."

Her eyes rested on Sanya, "honestly I hope with all of this, she forgets about her love for him and moves on, she has so many pieces to clean up. And she is still so young." Skylar knew she was hard on the girl, almost making her cry a few times. But truth be told, she did feel something of a family connection to her. Of this cafe, Sanya was the constant. If anything should happen to her, the adventurer didn't know how she'd take it.
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(...And the badbutt man now has a cute lil' kitten on his back XD )

Copperkey thought hard about it, realizing how entwined Caellum and Sanya had become. It was hard to note where one's story started and the other's began. Was it truly for the best that they parted from one another?

She looked down on her palms and sighed. Perhaps it was...

"She does care for him deeply... And the stress of his change... That night when he came back nearly torn asunder... Just having him like that was enough to break her down momentarily. When she wakes up from this..." Key paused, searching for the right thing to say. Frustrated, she let the thought go.

"So that man... the one from last night. He was your dog before? And you... That's a lot to take in, finding out that your blood may not be what you thought it once was..."

(Getting sleepy, may have a few more posts in me~)
She smiled, looking down at her hands, "Yea, he became a pretty sexy human." she joked. "But um...yea I met some strange wolf dude who's been sleeping on your porch...Hollie's husband? Well he talked me down and I felt a lot better...But it was still very irritating.

"As for those two..I have a strong belief that two broken people can help fix each other up. But, Sanya is still a teenager. It's a time in her life when she needs to learn how to safely rely on others but also to move away from the protection. If you remember being a teen...were you not a handful?" Skye grinned at her own memories of causing mayhem and havoc.

(Agreed, I think I'm gonna call it a night)
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Key blinked and furrowed her brow. Tapping her bottom lip she allowed her gaze to dart left and right. No, nothing was coming to mind for her. But of course, that could have been a side-effect from...

"Yes, the teenage years can be some of the best and worst experiences, can't they?" Key returned with a rueful smirk. "And I'm glad that the wolf...man... could help you with how you feel in the matter. I'm sure it must have been pretty vexing having a guy for a pet when he'd probably used to curl up in your lap as a pup!"

(We can just stop here then. Whether we start a new day or pickup where we left off is fine by me, we'll see how it goes. Sweet dreams!)

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