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The woman took a few moments and another glass of whiskey before replying with a fairly simple answer.

"You can't.."

You can't? Well sure, because no matter what happened she always managed to survive and whether he had been there or not the same things probably still would of happened to her at some point. Much like the whole 'Can't escape fate' crap she had been roped into believing for years.

"I will always have your back, but I think at the moment I just need to find my man and make sure he is safe. Too much crazy s**t is happening in the city right now, I am beginning to think surviving is all we can do at the moment until the big ******** kill each other off."

Well if that wasn't a blow to their combined pride then what was. It was good that she had helped him realise that they were spread to thin to complete their original purpose, although much like always Jay was now curious as to what Bishop had previously planned to do to her... It wasn't like she had been lazy, in fact if anything she as a little faster and a lot wiser than when they had first met.

"I am fine as is. I am alive so that is proof I am not weak, just on a lower level compared to what likes to lurk about in the city I guess. Either way, I am only a phone call away if you need me to stop by. City ain't so big that we can't catch up every now and then. I will make more of an effort."

With a devilish smile she waved to Cici before rising to her feet and grabbing the now half empty bottle of Jack.

"You look after her Bishop, and ******** live. If I get wind that you are slacking off or thinking about giving up I swear by all the god damned gods on gaia I will come back here and kick your a**."

Did she really just threaten him... Of course she did. the thought of him not being in her life made the poor woman's heart ache something terrible. Without him she might of still been bar tending in Durem or more than likely dead in an alley somewhere.
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The wind held a copper scent to it as it brushed under the females nose. Feet carried the girl down the street in a gentle strut. The kind that turned heads of both males and females, the attention was welcomed with opened arms. It was a compliment after all! If you liked someones features the appropriate response was to openly stare or comment. Blue orbs shifted across the faces of people while lips twitched into a smile. But time was short and there was a place she needed to head to. So with an extra pick up in her step the girl moved forward, okay she shook her a** a little more with each step! Flipping back a few strands of hair Ania made her way down the block till a familiar door sprung up. The club had become a second home, and a place to unwind after a shitty couple of days. Pushing open the door and stepping inside there was no hesitation. Nope Ania glanced around quickly before making a bee line to the bar. A nice cold ******** beer was desperately needed!
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Bigby was smoking at the bar.
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Detective Bigby Wolf
Bigby was smoking at the bar.


ishop said with a nod of he head as he walked out from the kitchen drying his hands with a towel. Draping it over his shoulder once finished with it, he made quick, easy work of lighting up a fresh cigarette with a reassuring drag. A light sigh came to pass as he hazel eyes looked to the wolf in human's clothing.

"Wha' can I get ya'?"
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The door swung open and allowed the female to enter the bar. The smell never seemed to change, blood and sweat even stale cigarettes. Ah home away from home! Big smile spread across lips parting them slightly to flash white teeth. Shuffling further into the room the sound of heels clicked upon the bar's floor, making way to the bar a slight swing in her step making hips thrust out a little more then normal. Blue orbs swept across the room wondering what had been going on since she had left.

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