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Athena stood there with her arms down her side, watching him charge again. She just rose an eyebrow and didn't move.
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Glorious Athena"

She didn't move. She was either brave, or stupid. There wasn't any preparation in her body, no tensing muscles along her shoulders or core, her arms laid there as if they were limp and lame. Drew was curious, for a microsecond. From what he had heard and seen about this woman, there was no reason as to why she would stay still.


He came within range, slowing down slightly so he didn't go stumbling into her guard, where she, unarmed, wanted him. His right hand struck out from his own core, taking a horizontal chop from his left side, translating it across, and towards her midsection in a wide, sweeping motion.

The moment she pulled back, blocked, or dodged in some manner, his left arm, which hadn't given much sign of movement beforehand, cocked back at the elbow with a speed that could only be described as tenacious, if not bloodthirsty.

He would strike like a viper, following whatever path she had taken with a thrust aimed for her sternum. The gladius was a piercing weapon, rarely used for the rough hewn chop Drew showed off in the initial combo, and even with her suit, her arcane mastery, Drew's strength and his weapon's craft would more than likely prevail.

(Clarification: Drew possesses hero-tier strength, capable of deadlifting over 1,000 pounds. A thrust of this calibur would show off this strength.)

Meanwhile, his second blade, if not engaged with a block of some sort, would draw back closer towards his midline, in an attempt to give guard if the need arose.
This wasn't going to cut it. Her rage wasn't quenched, but this didn't seem the way to go about her vengeance. In her outburst, she had failed to realize the wisdom she gained over these last twenty years as a professional fighter. Engaging him like this was going to ruin her reputation. She was going to have to do this a lot more legitimately if she wanted to be seen good in the public eye.

"Next time."

Athena closed her hand into a fist. Then a portal of purplish energy enclosed on her, having the woman disappear from the plane.
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Drew gave a huff of outrage. She was gonna show up like that, and leave? He couldn't believe that kinda bullshit, really, and with another throat-sound, let the swords drop from his hands. They dematerialized, turning into the white ethereal energy once more, before gathering in a bulb on his earlobe. With a sound like a bell tinkling, the cross shaped ornament was back in it's placing his ear. Drew gave it a nonchalant flick, before walking his way back into the Club.

People who had gathered just outside the club gave Drew slaps of the shoulder, a few whoops here and there, and naturally the praise that came with sending someone like Athena packing. It was hardly a fight, but to the more inexperienced spectators, it looked good, and the blood dripping down Drew's chin made him a hero in their eyes.

"Get yourself a drink on me, mate." One enthusiastic man said, dipping his hand into a purse, and flipping a coin towards the bar. Drew smirked and nodded.

"'ell yea, bruh." He replied, before working his way through the little crowd, and planting his a** in a bar seat. There was a rag nearby, and Drew snagged it, wiping the blood off his face and neck with a practiced motion. Looking down, his first guess was that the Union Jack shirt was ruined, unless Ania had some cool laundry secrets on top of everything else.

No biggie, he had a few outfits laying around just in case this sorta thing happened.

Reaching around the bar, with his face clean and the rag holding his lip closed for the time being, Drew snagged a glass and a tall bottle full of a dark brown liquor. He didn't look at the label, and simply poured the glass out with an eerily long pour, topping it off, and then setting the bottle back down.

"Damn." Drew muttered, tossing the drink back with a wince. Hard stuff and the open wound hurt, in a good little way.
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Ania came from the back a cookie dangling out of her mouth. She rose a brow at Drew but didn't bother saying anything to the male about his appearance. "You good?" The muffled speech and raised brow made the girl seem oh so cute. Black hair spilled off to the side of her face while fingers picked the cookie. Munching on the small portion. Blue orbs danced around the bar, what ever had occurred outside was between him and what ever..correction whom ever.

Handing out the partially eaten.cookie to the male; waving it like a toddler offering his favorite toy off. A smile twitching across her mouth.

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What Drew and Ania and anyone else in the SadistFaction might not realize...but an army was coming towards them. The room began to shake ever so slightly under the weight of a hundred men heading down the road, a boombox on ones shoulder blaring out a song.

As the hundred helm-less men sang along with the music as it shook the windows of a thousand business', the stomp-stomp-stomp of two hundred feet in time echoed in the canyon like roads of Sigil as a drumroll of death and destruction that only the Bravot Library could do.

In front a trio of Captains known as Hayl, Juliae and Arthur lead the parade, the black armor they wore glistening under the layer of brickdust and speckles of zombie guts from a little bit of face-stomping through the Hive.

Cigar smoke and bottles of booze were passed among the five across and twenty back mercenaries, bolt pistols and long lazs and chainswords and grenade launchers banging in time against armored thighs.

'Alright Boys....lets have some fun.

Hayl called out as they reached the doors of the Sadist, his men stepping out of semi-formation and began to pour through the doorway like a waterfall of black and silver metal and creamiate, a half dozen heading for the Pit, most heading for a booth or the bar.

Soon the sound of a hundred voices singing along with more Pop Evil tunes as the Boombox continued to blair out the Bravot Library Corporation: Punishment Squadrons favorite tunes. The roar of chainblades slamming against one another, the bosterous laughter of manly men with hair on their chest and napalm running through their veins echoed through the usually empty halls.

And the Trio of Captains stood at the door, Hayl with his hand on the hilt of his power sword, Juliae with his plasma pistol and Arthur with his apex watching their men with pride.

This was going to be a night never to forget.

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