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                                      Cicily pushed her hair from her face as she looked at the girl enjoying her food. She waved her hand as if it was nothing. She smiled tenderly at the young woman. “Take your time hun. There is no need to rush.” She said softly as she looked over to the others. She looked over to see Dzul looking at her. She laughed as she reached behind the counter for his treat jar, and pulled on out. She then pulled out another, and tossed one for Dzul to eat and the other for Skittles. She knew that the place was going to shape up well. She had to enjoy that she was making someone happy. Everything seemed to be going well. She watched as the young woman enjoyed her food, and she sipped her own drink as she crossed her long legs. Normally she would be dressed in more relaxed clothing, but she wanted to appear professional for Bishop. She took a deep breath in, and wondered what to do with the others. If they wanted something to eat, they would enjoy the meals. She had to also make sure though that the others would be happy.

                                      She looked over to the young woman, and smiled at her. She was about to say something when Ushiko snapped her own fingers and a tiny flame danced for what seemed like a moment. She smiled as she nodded to her, telling her that she would keep her little secret. She hadn’t even told Bishop about her own new found abilities. She was nervous, and she knew that he had given up some of his own abilities the last time he died. She shook her head, as she felt stupid for leaving him to go through that alone. She leaned over and whispered to her, “I won’t tell if you won’t.” she said softly as she looked around. She laid a hand on the woman’s leg momentarily, “Oh, and just call me Cici. No need for the ma’am part.” She said and then returned her hands to the glass in front of her. She smiled at her as she watched her enjoy the food. She didn’t know a lot about other races and how they digested their food or anything. She watched with interest as she grabbed up an apple. She didn’t know what to do to cut up, and she did the next best thing.

                                      She let her hand rest on her thigh, and slip up momentarily up the side of her thigh. She smiled slyly as she pulled a blade from its holder. She always had a knife on her, but she never seemed to use it for violence unless she was supposed to. She soon quickly had the apple sliced up in even slices, and had the core out. She tossed them in the trash behind the bar, cleaned the blade on one of the bar napkins. She made a mental note about cleaning it thoroughly later. She smiled as she slipped it back into its sheath. She soon was munching happily on the cored, sliced apple. She put the pieces on the napkin, and then slid some over to the other woman. She motioned for her to have some too. She munched on the delicious red apple, turning it over in her hand, enjoying the color and texture of it.

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"Lemme know if ya' need sumthin'. Maybe later I can show ya' the pit."

e teased as he followed Cici sooner rather than later. If she thought someone was worth giving a chance, she was probably right. Along the way though, he took the time to finish his blunt first and get a fresh beer. He didn't like smoking around kids so much, and since Ghost had happened on in, he felt obligated to be respectful to some degree. Kids. Casually he made his was over, craddling a beer in his right hand, a 24oz glass bottle of OnPoint!, Premium Gaian Lager. Sipping it, his blood shot and narrowed hazel eyes gazed right into her own. As if peering right into her soul. He was silent for an exagerrated moment, though surely he would chime in just as she would begin to speak. He was drunk and high at the same time...Though he felt normal so to speak.

"Hullo Ushiko. I am called Bishop."

e allowed his thick Russian accent to pronounce his words. As if he wished to intimidate her. Though he didn't. He was just being silly in his own way. Surely they way he said her name, with his accent, was in a way she had never heard it, and probably wouldn't again. He would set the beer on the counter as he dug around his person for his pack of smokes and his lighter. He would get himself set up with a fresh cig as he listened to her. surely she wouldn't know what to say. But she would talk.

It had such a nice ring to it and added rich mahogany and deep sepia to the mural that was landscaping it into her mind. Attention was a tricky thing to operate since the brain would only focus upon a few things at a time and filter out all else. Yet Ghost's own attention was able to carry more facts due to three sets of eyes, each with their own perfect meal to cater too.

As the gold coins fell like promises of new games in her hands, Ghost's dark eyes flashed silver along the edges of her iris. Her pale lips parting in a smile, ivory white teeth bared in a delighted yet devious grin as she nodded her head. Jukebox. Such a fun word, all pulse and beat and neon colors splashed about abstractly, when the word rolled from his tongue. Her thin fingers curled inwards and she brought the coins to her chest. Grinning, she let him depart from her side and she skipped demurely towards the jukebox. For a bare footed child, she moved without a care to shattered glass or other manner of cast aside hazards that could of befallen underfoot.

She was always being watched over.

The first gold coin was inserted into the jukebox and her dark eyes scoured the selection while she stood on tip toe. Stark white curls bouncing as she moved her head this way and that, reading choices off at a rapid pace and looking for the colors that were most appealing to flash in her mind. As she browsed, the Twisted were whispering so tenderly into her ear, and she did love to hear their narrative.

He's paid a fine fare for the ferryman...
A coin dropping into their mists.
Bright gold which was soon consumed by the black.
Warped out of shape and dissolved into their essence.
It would be rude to not send proper tribute.
The sinister laughter bubbling from the Trinity, die tossing upon a board.
A pawn being slid forward. A bishop falling to the pawn.
Make it flesh and blood, we play by their rules.

Ghost would pause. A finger pressing the correct button and she would pivot upon her right foot. Smoothing down the edges of her layered black skirt and teasing the lace back into place she picked her way to the nearest booth and hopped up upon the table. Seating herself upon the edge, her hands fell lady-like into her lap and she made to watch the show. A cool chill ran across the right side of her jaw as did a sliver of a shadow, the origin unseen. That same chill nestled into the crook of her neck as the God of H a t e would tempt into her ear.

While blood no longer soaks into the sand, it still paints the city red.

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fragile goodbyes
User ImageUshiko smiled, nodding at Cicily. She didn't say anything, though. She had a mouth full of veggie burger, and she intended to soon replace it with another mouthful.

Ushiko had finished about half of it when the imposing man known as Bishop came walking over, introducing himself.

The minotaur looked up at him, mouth full of food.


She swallowed, blushing at her display. It was highly un-ladylike of her...

"Um... H-Hello, Mr. Bishop, s-sir." she greeted in the tiniest of voices.

"Um... I'm... h-hoping to work here. Uh... I'm a r-really good cook. M-My food even has special properties. I-It can give you a boost, um... Replenish stamina... E-Even heal wounds... Uh... I can bartend and clean, too. Wh-Whatever you need, M-Mr. Bishop, sir."

She left out her sob story... If Mr. Bishop wanted to hear details about her past, he'd ask. Cicily might have treated her like a mother would her own daughter, but Mr. Bishop was the final say.

Like before with Cicily, she left her fate in his hands, looking up at him with big, doe-like eyes.

Location: Bar
Mood: Nervous
Thinking: Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump
Wearing: Pictured

((Short, sorry.))
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Her jabs missed their target, hitting the shoulder once before raising her arm a little to have her fist brush over the shoulder..that would be her only warning of his movement. Not really knowing where he was aiming or how wide he had thrown his arm, Jay opened her left hand and grapped onto the back of his jacket from over top his shoulder. Stepping forward as he leaned back to bring herself within inches of Hideo, right hand thrusted forward to grab a hold of the front left side of the jacket, tensing the arm in order to hold him to her while lifting herself a little.
The right hook connected with the back left side of her skull, forcing the woman to grunt in pain. The blow rocked her head to the side before his hand slid off and behind it.
Using Hideo as leverage to pull up and bring her left knee out and up, hoping to ram it into his right side...once again attacking the kidneys.

The idea was to make the punches null and void, unwilling to risk taking another blow to the head since it now throbbed from his well aimed strike.
Maybe if her knee struck home he would realise that she was more than able to contend, the wonderful secret about this woman was that she could probably out match her opponent in raw strength alone. Unbeknownst to himthe brawler was one of the few who had been fortunate enough to be blessed with inhuman strength and speed..well as far as she was concerned it was.

Compound V Wrote:This million dollar steroid is taken one time only. The purpose of the serum is to enhance strength and speed in a human being in order to make them a more formidable opponent against other/out world-ish creatures. This serum also allows for larger burst of adrenaline to travel through the blood stream at a slightly accelerated speed, this makes the user experience an unnaturally high threshold for pain. [Max Lifting Capacity: - 750lbs, Max Running Speed: - 28mph.]
The poise and grace she held were from years of surviving in the harsh underground fighting scene as well as dancing on a verticle pole.
Hell if there was a pole here she would be able to destroy people, having created a unique style of fighting that involved using dancer tricks to do damage rather than amaze.
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Feeling the contact Hideo only became eager. The sound of the pop was like music as that metallic fist layered with a thin leather glove smacked the back side of Jay's head. Momentarily he was surprised she still stood but this gave a short deja vu moment. Moments before Jay and Hideo began conversing he noticed a man in the bar, Bishop - must have been his place but the path that Jay was going before Hideo interrupted was in fact towards Bishop. Remembering a small brawl occurring within the rundown carnival grounds that included Bishop and though he looked normal he ran on some weird rage, almost like a steroid-like rage. It wasn't the normal influx of adrenaline, maybe a performance enhancement drug like steroids or some sort of drug other than that. Nevertheless this woman seemed to have the same rhythm, but he wasn't certain yet - suddenly he felt his jacket being clasped by Jay, indeed his hook landed but his crimson hue trailing Jay's right hand as she pulled herself in and up. His left hand steadied but not quick to act involuntarily.

Once his jacket was clasped by both hands of Jay, Hideo tightened his torso as he flexed his left and right arms. Using Hideo to pull herself up a bit as she exerted a very technical knee with her left. Hideo would notice this but given his positioning he was helpless to stop it, even an evasive maneuver was out of the question considering his already committed right hook. Instead he would exhale as her knee dug into the right side like a shovel, cracking some things and bruising others. He remained tense as he felt her left arm resting over his right shoulder, in that moment of the strike Hideo would lower his right and latch on to the underside of Jay's thigh, his right digits spreading under her thigh as they clenched tightly. The mechanism within this metallic right arm would work efficiently creating a resistance to about one ton of force, quite the upgrade from his last fight with the devil - subsequently attempting to hold her leg in place, leaving her a single leg to balance on.

But as his right arm worked, his left would work as well...in syncopation his right would grip that left thigh of Jay as his left hand would shoot forth to clench the throat of Jay. Considering each of Jay's hands had a grip on his jacket would allow Hideo to hold the position of the knee strike by ,now, holding her leg, while his left clenched the throat as each arm flexed. He would slightly erect his back - pushing through the pain - as he straightened his legs attempting to lift Jay up a bit. From her view she would see the left forearm of Hideo until it disappeared under her chin where veins crawled along Hideo's skin due to the immense physical output.

This would be the only time Hideo broke eye contact with her upper chest/shoulders...instead he would fixate them on her eyes as he gritted his teeth behind his lips. To everyone else they would see two artist caught in a stationary pose, Hideo holding Jay by the throat and left leg whether she abandoned the thought to still clasp Hideo's jacket with both hands, or not. Pain from the knee strike would sift through the nerves as they traveled upwards. Hideo knew he wouldn't be able to breath so easily after this which is why he held his position. Emitting a soft murmur of words that only she could hear.


It wasn't until those words that his left hand would undergo an alchemical change. The symbol on his left hand would glow, though Jay probably couldn't see it Hideo had. Only until a few purple sparks arched down his left arm - at which point Jay could see amidst being choked. What was about to transpire would equal imminent death for Jay, and something Hideo could not control and if she was glancing at his eyes she could see that he was helpless in his own power. It was now or never for Jay.

Prosthetic right arm: Fully metallic in nature as the ranges of its performance are classified

Arcane transmutation array: tattooed upon his left arm, assimilates the biological breakdown of energy within ones body, whether it be physical, or spiritual the array reverses the process of creating these said energies. [tainted with infernal energy - be cautious adverse effects]

I am not trying to kill anyone , nor break the rules of the thread, this is a story device to create a plot and no OC's will be hurt in the making of this plot.

thank you

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( okies....)

Jay was excited to feel the knee connect, the impact caused more than enough damage to satisfy the woman. Fingers tightening around the handfuls of leather she gripped onto, inhailing deeply to savour the pain she caused..this would be short lived as Hideo reached down and gripped her leg, stopping her from pulling it back. It was almost like a couple dancing, doing a dramatic pause in order to awe those who watched.
Well that was the case up until he quickly grabbed her throat, lifting her and applying pressure....Jay let go with her left hand, bringing it up to instinctually grasp at the offending wrist. The other remained on his jacket, holding the front of it and tugging almost futially.

However she was not completely without hope, her right leg lifting to bring her knee around to his other side, pressing it firmly against his hip. Hoisting herself up a little to try releave the pressure and allow her to be able to use one hand at least..

It would not be until his eyes met hers that she would hesitate to strike again...there was something in those eyes that told her that he was slipping. She had seen this type of thing before...with Dzan, except he paused to look at her.
Silver tinted eyes reflected his own crimson, even as the sparks began to invade her vision she could not break the stare.

He had said mercy? Was that his way of asking her to yeild? ... Jay would of shaken her head in dismay if it had been possible, never one to back down or out...she realised by the look alone that this time she would have to do so.


She managed to croak while tightening her grip around his wrist.
Noticing her yelp as he felt her warm flesh grip his flexing wrist. Taking this moment to blink as he attempted to regain control of himself within his mind. An internal conflict over the control and dispersal of Hideo's left arm was increasing.

Darkest Silver

Snapping back with a shake of his head he would release the grip as he threw Jay back off of himself. Staggering to knee as the build up of pain hit him suddenly. Making his knees buckle a bit as the pain in his left arm multiplied exponentially as he slammed his fist in the floor under him. The wood cracking as the purple bolts skipped across the floorboards until they died some inches away.

Suddenly something indescribable. The actual alchemical process would cause the floor beneath Hideo, and extending to a radius of 5 feet, to vibrate - expanding in one sudden and violent reaction...not really an explosion but a disintegration of the physical particles. Rapid increase in particle dissemination created a blow back as the floor would subsequently vanish, a wave of pressure would push those on the edge of the blast zone back a few feet as Hideo seemingly disappeared to whatever was below.

At this instant Jay would find herself free falling to the fighting pit below. No smoke or debris, maybe slight equilibrium change due to the pressure wave and a slight 12 ft drop. Hideo would be found in the pit as well, recovering from the fall. Stumbling to his feet he would brush off the dest until his optics found Jay some feet away. Clenching his fists as he darted forth - forgetting all that had transpired. The fact that he could not control the discharge from his left arm would be noted at the back of his mind for now as he engaged Jay once more, the pain from a few fractured ribs would feel like dull daggers being thrusted up into his lungs.

From the above floor one could see the hole that lay carved in the floor as black infernal flames licked away at its edges as the movement of Hideo could be heard. Scuffling across the pit attempting to finish this without harm. If not then maybe this time he could be in control to stop it and not rely on his opponent. Weakness disgusted him, that alone fueled his compassion for the sport.

However Jay landed she would be faced with a charging Hideo with what seemed to be decreased level of pain but still fighting. Unscathed on the surface as those crimson optics reflected the same urge Jay wanted - and was so quick to act on moments earlier.
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He listened to the nervous cow girl give her short speech. The most interesting part of her verbal resume was the part about special food. Like hell Bishop would feed it to the public. She would only cook those dishes for the likes of the fighters and friends of Bishop's. She was perfect for the job. In return he felt it was his duty to do more than pay her. He needed to give her a back bone. Grow her some balls.

"First order o'business. Don' tell people 'bout things they ain't ask you 'bout first. Second, finish ya' food, and third, welcome t' the club. If ya' need anythin' jus' let me or Cici know a'ight."

he word choice might make one think the last part was a question, but it was a statement. He didn't know she lacked a home either as of the moment. Though once he found out, Bishop would probably, begrudgingly, offer her a room in his new mansion. Dzul would go nuts if this cow girl came home with them....like a fresh and huge treat! Though he would know better than to harm her. After all, his soft spot was for young things, things smaller than him, and females of any sort.
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The whole scene screamed some ******** up Jersey shore episode, the irony not lost on the single male leaning up against the bar rather than seating himself. He'd managed to pick pocket some hostess, which wasn't difficult given the single fact that she hadn't been wearing them when he'd snatched up a fist full equal to half her current tips. The bathroom stall hadn't been unoccupied either, which lead to an unexpected surprise right as he'd tugged the stacked blonde's hair back to arc her back out off the stall wall as he noticed some sort of drill popping through the stall wall off to his right a bit. This causing the criminal brawler to lose his attention for just a brief moment right as the fine young b***h whose name he'd forgotten from her name tag clenched reeeaalll tight with a violent orgasm, with the whole widening, her shouting, Leo had busted his entire load before pulling out. Whether intentional or not, he'd wrecked the entire bathroom on the second floor after having dropped the girl still soaking before drop kicking the stall wall that had the hole.

The entire ordeal had been pretty brutal, even for a brawler since the other two guys hadn't put up much of a fight. All and all, Leo actually found himself preferring the drama unfolding out around the bar. Bishop in particular, the first man he'd met whose name he'd learned by simply being in the room with some ears seemed the only other laid back brawler chillin about. For this reason, since it was his establishment and he was no doubt a busy man Leo would let his casual gaze wander more towards the people he didn't readily know with the occasional drag stolen from the blunt he'd managed to buy from someone with his stolen money. The s**t tasted legit enough, though the potency wasn't on the level he'd usually get his hands on when he had such options available. Not trying to draw any particular attention, the rough looking ladies man would do what every wise brawler could ever do. Keep his mouth shut, and let his fists do all the talking when the time came.
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Makar would enter the place. He was no mean thug that had all eyes fall to him, but eventually he would be noticed. Steel toed riding boots, straight leg jeans, a white v neck shirt, and a leather jacket adorned his frame. His black hair was slicked back as his green eyes stared about the place with the look of a man that was wiser than what he should have been. This was the latest head of The Front of the Armament and these lands called to his very soul as he entered. A lho-stick dangled unlit from betwixt his lips as he surveyed the area. His hand finally removing itself from the pocket of the jacket as he lit the lho-stick and walked further into this club that was the latest of the underground fighting circuit.
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Leo's sharp brown hues couldn't help but catch sight of the newest piece of fresh meat to step up to the brawlers club where to some degree of irony they were trying to break up a brawl from happening outside the designated fighting whatever the ******** they had. Probably something showy, with ton's of lights and seats. Not Leo's favorite kind of joint, scratching as the shaggy patch of brown hair on his chin. Noticing the guy spark up something he bet was stronger than the s**t he'd gotten, he'd lift his own blunt in a salute that didn't really suggest anything beyond 'hey, I'm bored out of my ******** dome'. He wouldn't even seem to smile his usual cocky smirk, rather he' appear comfortably entertained in much the manner someone who actually plays a sport watches that same sport without yet participating.
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Jay released her grip on Hideo, gasping as she was thrown back from him. What happened next would leave her with a massive amount of self doubt, she heard and felt the release of energy as he struck the floor, it was unlike anything she had experienced before. What the hell happened? What was he? To hold such power and have no true control was dangerous for her as well as everyone around them, but this thought was only brief as she found herself falling...the ground she expected to hit was no longer there, her eyes widened with fear as she saw the hole which she had passed through, exhaling while twisting in the air to land on all fours. Groaning with discomfort as the shock from the impact rippled through her limbs the woman rose up a little to see where she was...and more importantly where Hideo had ended up. Left hand braced on the floor, left leg extended to the side while her right was bent at the knee under her.

"******** my life.. Don't need this ******** magic s**t....."

Mumbling to herself as she saw him land not too far from her...he was already up and running, like a boss, leaving Jay with two options.
Brace and try halt his forward momentum, or dodge and try put some distance between them..or the one option she was probably going to end up doing, take him head on! Now of course she was more than willing to keep fighting, the urge had not diminished in the slightest, she was like an animal who had tasted blood. Ever spurred on by the rage that was building from being forced to yeild only moments ago and the not knowing what to expect from her opponent.
So with heart pounding wildly in her chest she would launch herself forward off her right foot, giving an animalistic cry and tucking her left hand against her side, right arm to her chest and angling her shoulder towards Hideo. Aiming to ram into him and hopefully stop his run, maybe even knock him back.

If she hit home the right shoulder would strike his solarplex, possibly winding him.
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He exclaimed as Hideo punched a ******** hole in his floor, his abilities causing a much larger portion than that of his fist to go missing from said floor. As he shouted he leapt over the counter, though he wasn't trying to drop in on them dead and center. No. Either one of them would knock the s**t out of him if he did that. Though at his excitment, Bishop ran for the stairs and took off down them, Dzul and possibly Skittles following as well. As he cleared the stairs and was in the basement, he ran down the short corridor into a large enough room, where Jay and Hideo were heating up even more in the pit! the cage making the whole thing more animalistic. No running. Just fighting. As Dzul began to bark prefusely about the berserking Hideo, Bishop would shout to Jay.

"C'mon comrade! Drop'is'a**!"

oon as s**t looked grim for Jay, he would jump in and try to help her out. But until then, this was her fight. Sure something seemed off about Hideo. And no, he didn't want her to die. But he was well aware that she could handle herself. Besides, Bishop's died three times in the past year. One death for Jay couldn't hurt too much right? ******** magic.

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