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Dangerous Businessman

Another bustling day in the city of doors, another perfect day for a new business to open up in the Guildhall Wards. But today, wasn't just any new business opening. This was the Grand Opening of Club SadistFaction. The founder and owner of this very place was none other than millionaire playboy and brawler, Bishop. With the day early, the door stopped wide open. Any and all were welcome to stop by off the street. Currently they would notice an abundance of advertisments on the wall for the bare knuckle brawling challenge he had come to call, The Beatdown. If the number were to small, he would participate. Otherwise he would just be the one with the cash at the end of it. He was sure someone somewhere needed or wanted the money. And what better way than to fight for it? You never know what other loser will be starring you down in the pit.

With a sigh, Bishop let his cigarette idle betwixt his lips as he fitted a sign upon the bar to read Help Wanted, alerting the public that he did indeed require some employees. His trusty mutt Dzul was around here too, currently laying under the pool table for no aparent reason, he just liked that spot. Cici was somewhere close, between the Club and the mansion. Things were falling into place. Now all he needed to do, was get some business flowing, and then he could begin expanding the gang again. With his powers gone and Bishop blaming The Giver, they were currently out of communication with one another, so until further notice, he was a free man. And he still had The Doc to rely on too. And even Jay got a place in Sigil. Honestly, the only way this could all get better, was if his brothers came to town. But those chances were slim. They all found reasons to get locked up or go home, and so Bishop was left holding the bag on Gaia. Not against his will, but he did miss his brothers. All three of them. They weren't blood, but they held a closer bond than blood could provide.
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The city of doors was still a new concept to the previous intergalactic brawler, who now ascended in assumed title to an interdimensional brawler. Not that it mattered in a place that served as some mass ******** of interdimensional travel. Growing steadily more annoyed with the sort of looks his half naked bulky physic was getting from everyone else around. Standing just over six foot, dressed in loosely fitted heavy fabric black pants exposing the black boxers hugging his overly sculpted abdominal muscles and pelvic curve. Aimless, he'd been asking around for a decent place to score some nice loot with a good fight. One bar he'd tried to get a decent drink at didn't serve anything he'd ever heard of, and had very insistently pointed down at some grand opening further down the strip.

"This place reminds me of a twisted disney flick..."

Breathing the words out with a rasp, he'd knock his fist against his chest once while trying to clear it before spitting the nasty phlegm down on the sidewalk right outside the Club SadistFaction. The huge grand opening signing giving the name away as he assumes this was what those damned creatures had been pushing him off towards.

"I've seen a lot of Club's, but the name on this one brings home the gold. ******** interdimensional joints know how to hook their s**t up!~"

Gradually raising his voice as he navigates up to the front entrance, ignoring those that could hear him talking to himself. He had tried to tell himself earlier, when he'd smoked the last bit of his greenery stash, that he had to be ready to expect anything. ANYTHING. People could do the weirdest s**t from what he'd witnessed thus far, and in his opinion so far he hadn't seen many worth while warriors, brawlers, or anyone that could hold their own in a fist fight. Everything ******** screamed fire balls, and invisible ropes. Striding with both hands dug into his pockets with the thumb hung out on each, the homeless fighter pausing upon entering to glance about to get a better grasp on what the ******** was going on exactly or where he could get a drink.
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Dangerous Businessman

In the ensuing boredom, Bishop fetched himself a 24oz Red stripe. Popping the cap of with ease, his discarded it onto the counter, and after a swig, he set it down. That was when he decided to smoke the rulled blunt tucked behind his ear. He took a reassuring drag before inhaling deeply, holding it in for a few seconds before exhaling. Suddenly, a noise was heard approaching. From the sound of it, someone was quite excited to discover this not so grand or busy place. But it was still early. Bishop merely looked towards the door, his hazel eyes looking over the man as he strolled in. About six feet tall, tight physic, thick muscles. This man was practically carved out of wood. Cut. As he hit the blunt again and inhaled, he nod at the newcomer, encouraging him to have a seat at the bar. Two words left the Russian Meta's mouth.

"Wha's good?"

e questioned as his left hand snatched up his beer and took a healthy swig before exhaling the herbal smoke into the club's atmosphere. Soon as Bishop deemed the new comer good peoples, he would offer his smoking stick to his first customer. And maybe he would get him to stick around for a while. Help bring the crowds in by beating the s**t out of other guys. If there was one thing admirable and enjoyable to watch, it was two men. Not afraid to get up close and personal, desperate. Just go head to head, foot to foot. or fist to fist . The club was satisfaction cause it offered good entertainment and good drinks. Hell, you could even order some simple things. the meal was normally picked, a different one each day. Sadist because man naturally likes hurting people and things. Destruction is the most natural form of expression, has been for millions of years. Combining them made the name of his club, SadistFaction. The pun possibilities were endless.
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Nodding at Bishop, Leo's attention would immediate hit the blunt the man was dragging on. As if there could be no further incentive the slum punk hustler would make himself very comfortable around his surroundings as he seated himself not two, or three seats away from Bishop but directly next to him as the brawlers sharp brown eyes narrow on the blunt before addressing the other well built male. Leo had no love for any guy, daddy issues maybe, though he could appreciate someone that coveted their body enough to know how to build it up appropriately to handle life's bull s**t. "This Sigil place was really starting to ******** with my nerves... That blunt might save live's if you care to share with a stranger."

Leo's obvious threat wouldn't really be aimed for the man, jesting more at the reality that if he was scorned here he'd end up raising hell till someone put him down. Which, with all the meta's around probably wouldn't be too difficult. "Grand opening, eh? Does that mean we're not the only fist fighters around here? Because I didn't see s**t the hours I roamed the streets.."
                                      Cici stretched her arms over her head, her blonde hair spilling in silky waves across the pillow. The blonde rolled over onto her stomach, burying her face into a pillow, the scent of her lover filling her nose. She sighed as she pushed herself up onto her elbows, and looked around. Bishop was nowhere to be seen, and when she whistled, Dzul didn’t come to her beck and call. She sighed as she pushed her hair from her face as she wondered what to do and where he went. She frowned as she rolled over to her side of the bed, and picked up her cell phone. There was no texts or calls she had missed, at least that were important. She sighed as she laid onto her back, and let her arm drape over her eyes. She had been here in the mansion now for a little while, and she had grown accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle. She sighed as she slipped from the warmth of the bed, and walked over to the bathroom, leaving a trail of undergarments and pajamas. She soon stepped into the shower, and proceeded to get ready for the day.

                                      In about an hour or so, Cici stepped out, hair done, make up done, and a robe draped around her slim and curvaceous figure. She pushed her blonde curls behind her shoulder, and walked over to the closet. Between her savings and Bishop’s money, she was able to get a swell closet. She sighed in content as she picked out an outfit, and slipped her robe off. She was dressed within moments, and decided to check downstairs to see where everyone was. She walked down the steps, and soon came into the main entrance area. She saw a note, and crossed over the room to the piece of paper. She read it, and smiled. She had forgotten about his opening for his new club, and decided now would be a good time to go and show her man her support. She grabbed up her clutch, and stepped outside of the mansion. She hailed the chauffer and soon was making her way towards the club. She smiled as she saw the lights now of SadistFaction. She was so proud of him. Sure, the Carnival would always be her first home, but anywhere with Bishop would be her home. She was not in trouble anymore, and she had her connections for the clean slate she had been provided.

                                      The car slowed to a stop, and she slowly made her way from the car to the front doors. She sighed as she stepped in, and let her eyes scan the crowd and her eyes landed on Dzul chilling under the pool table. She smiled as she let out a little whistle and the mutt came straight over to her, and stayed on her heels. She looked around the room, and then started to make her way over to bar and slid in behind Bishop. She wrapped her arms around his waist, kissing the nape of his neck, and nuzzled against him. She peered coyly behind him at the man at the bar. She smiled as she stepped to the side, and reached behind the counter at the safe. She slid her clutch in there, and shut it. She knew the combo thanks to Bishop and his trust in her. She sighed as she stripped her coat off, and rested her back against the other counter that held the alcohol and watched her man do his work. She reached to the other side and grabbed out a water bottle and started to sip on it.

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Dangerous Businessman

OOC: Sorry for the delay guys. Shitty work has been busy. Playing catch up with posts as soon as I get home. 3nodding
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Dangerous Businessman

Leonardo S. Tensatsu

fragile goodbyes

"I hope ther' is more of us out ther'. Otherwise this place pro'ly won' last very long."

e mentioned as he took a reassuring drag on the blunt. It had yet to be even half way gone. Bishop wasn't sure what sort of bud this guy was use to, but this was the loudest Kush Gaia Primus had ever seen or tasted.....or smelled. After the drag, he offered the blunt to the newcomer, only to notice Cici clicking her heels into the bar. As he exhaled, she hailed Dzul, beckoning him to join her. He chuckled lightly to himself as she rounded the bar and posted up at his side so to speak. As she nuzzled him, he would mutter to her the simple words...

"Wha's up boo?"

e had to make sure she was fine, and found the place okay. Other than this he would continue to invest time and interest in his first customer. You see, if he could get him onto the official roster of fighters for this place, it would push them in the direction of attracting more people, customers and fighters alike. Perhaps at some point he could contact Samayou about a sponsorship from Rock Fist since he too was converting his place of violence into a fighting league of sorts. The important thing was that he find more fighters, no matter the cost. So many people relied on weapons and powers now-a-days. It took a real man to break his opponent down with his bare hands. Sure Bishop had 'Super Strength', but that hasn't stopped the many creatures of Gaia Primus from handing his a** to him a few times.
Club SF

Snapping that metal lighter until a flicker of crimson ambiance birthed a warm ignition. Searing the tip of his cig as he took a couple of inhaling puffs to create a continuous production of embers versus oxygen. This would keep his cig lit as he rolled his optics over the door in front of him. Between current actions his mental process debated whether or not he should follow his hunch on whether or not to find out what this place was about. After all what could a few drinks do and some common brawlers company?
Being away from any civilization for an extended period took a toll on his psyche, the Cathedral from which he danced with a true spiritual/physical devil rattled his confidence. Not to mention seeing people was more than anticipated. Anxiety rather which hinted to his sudden urge to light one.
The burning tobacco would create a smog that seemed to flirt with his figure in the moonlight. Removing the cig with a simple pinch of his right hand he would snap its end to ash the thing in mid air while a splash of embers showered the concrete before dying in their birth. Exhaling before returning the cig to his mouth as he pushed himself off the establishment's wall. From within he could hear a collective chatter but unrecognizable to him. Being indecisive was a big flaw of his as he took another puff before glancing towards the adjacent building. His optic constricting on a few passing gentlemen, returning a scowl as he took the last hit of his cig. Spewing out the vacuous cloud of smoke as it dissipated around his figure before he flicked the butt towards a contoured corner in the building's construction.
Turning towards the doors he would place his right hand on the handle as the metallic digits clutched the metallic handle like a boa. Pulling he would break the seal as a small gust of air from within the establishment would blow past his face. The smell of something new would allow his optics to flutter, his pupils decreasing in circumference. Taking a step forth he would allow the door to close behind him.


He grunted softly as he pocketed his right hand whilst his left hung lightly. Ghost pains from his fight would haunt the nerves like a nightmare, causing muscles to react involuntary. Common side affects from unnatural brutality to the body physically and mentally. Given his most notable fights Hideo hasn't necessarily always fought his own kind. Natural wear and tear on the body was going to be prominent. Flexing the forearm as he clutched his hand before relaxing it again. Once he made it a few paces he would analyze the current patrons within before heading to the bar.
His attire simple, black on black leather jacket, biker pants that would lead the seem to boots that were characterized by steel plating. Heavy at first but the muscle adaptation was amazing such that the weight seemed like nothing. Fingerless gloves laced his hands, matching the overall color theme of his top and bottoms. Etched within the back of his jacket were the letters BoP, with a common cross. A smirk flashing on his face as he noticed the pool table before finding a seat at the bar.
Removing his lighter and pack of cigs he would place them equally distant from both edges of the bar before attempting to make eye contact with the bartender.
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So this was it , the new place she hadn't been informed of. Well that just wouldn't do now would it. The blonde haired woman stood across the way, simply staring at the doors with her silver tinted eyes as if in doing so for long enough she would see right through them. Or cause them to spontaniously combust.
A slight grunting noise came from the shadows behind the woman, forcing her to snap her gaze away from the door to locate the source. Finding herself looking at the beast of a pet that was toying with a rat, Skittles may if grown a fair bit, but his maturity level was the same. The sight of her griffin tossing the dead rodent around brought a soft, loving smile to her lips.

"Come on my boy, lets go pay Bish a visit eh?"

The beast immediatly emerged from the shadows to prance excitedly around his master, the damn thing was as big as a horse now, but wider in the chest. She always concluded that she fed him too much, and that was why he got so damn big...unfortunately Jay had no real idea of how big griffins actually got.
Finally she would cross the road, pausing only to let the man whom had entered the scene slip through the doors. He looked very familiar...all the more reason to go in.
Slipping her leather gloved fingers around the handle she would open the door, wrinkling her nose at the smell of that damn herb her friend loved to smoke. It took a moment for her to be able to toletrate it enough to enter the building, Skittles helping by nudging the small of her back wuth the lovely sharp beak.

"Alright, alright! Stop your shoving damnit!"

It would be at this point that the griffin spotted Dzul and Cici, literally shoving his master out of the way to bound over and join them. His massive bulk made it look all the more comical.
The brawler however was far from impressed, having fallen face first onto the floor, and now left to pick herself up and brush her leather clad hands over the purple lace top before standing upright. Rolling her shoulders and enjoying the slight releaf that was granted from the familiar clicks and cracks resulting from the motion.

"Stupid bird...cat...p***k."

She would end up muttering to herself while slowly moving further into the bar, the black heeled boots she wore were yet another variation of the combat boots she so adored, having had yet another pair custom made to match this exact outfit. Just because back in the day she could.
Those wonderful boots overlapped onto skin tight leather pants, black of course with purple trim and cross over belts.
And of course who could miss the ancient spiked collar Jay always wore, no matter what style of clothing she found herself wearing.
It was this and the vertical scars on her back that made her recognisable to most...since asnof the moment she couldn't help but smile at Hideo before giving Bishop and Cici a wave.
Club SF

Ears tuning to the clicking of heels as the door would open and close just moments after he had entered and created a nice seat for himself at the bar. Rotating his head to his left so that only his left iris could be seen, then, fixating on the person who had just entered. The black boots were particularly attractive as he began to scope upwards until that single eye fell on the woman's face. Names slipping his mind but he could always remember a face, as he perked a brow and frantically tried to search for the woman's name within his brain.
Ultimately coming up with nothing given he had been away from most of his day to day socializing but as she took another step Hideo would be graced with the unforgettable abomination that accompanied this woman. The Griffin pouncing for towards a few patrons beyond him as the woman looked somewhat content. Lost within his memories he would return to reality as the woman flashed a decent smile his way.
He needed to be reminded what this woman could offer.

"Have we met..?"

In a sort of awkward moment he would yelp this question just as the woman was passing. Before she could continue with her greetings maybe his question would poke at her brain enough to make her stop and retort.
Slick as oil as his right hand played with the lighter on top of his cigs, flicking the corner allowing the metallic object to spin in place.
Among the various other interactions within the bar Hideo drowned it out as he awaited for the females reply.
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Jay was indeed content, happy that the griffin had left her to go and force his affections apon the others. Stopping to turn her full attention onto Hideo, still wearing that devious smile of hers.
Funny how names escaped people, then again they had not spent a whole lot of time together, but Jay had a way of remembering people...his dead give away was that he looked the same, aside from a little more wear and tear..he had kept the same outfit.
Her appearance however had changed, nothing structural of course, but the once silver streaked black hair was now honey blonde, and those beautiful big brown eyes were now covered with silver tinted contacts. A shame that it had to be like this. But during her ventures the brawler had gotten in over her head more than a few times.

"Why yes we have Hideo."

She said the name with confidence, even if she was hoping that she had said it right, self doubt was something she disliked showing to people, this time being no different.

"Sigil...The nine swords...It was raining if I remember rightly. And Skittles.."

She would gesture towards the massive beast who was rolling on his back trying to get belly rubs from Cici.

"He was ...smaller when you last saw him."

Now you would think she would mention her name right? Well not this woman, she enjoyed playing games far too much to just give him her name. Maybe he would remember after thinking about that rather random day. Since he had gotten into a bit of trouble and knocked her over whilst running through the market.
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Dangerous Businessman

II-Hideo Kun-II

Darkest Silver

Another new comer, good. This place was slowly but surely going to gain some attention. Best part was, the guy entering now he knew. He had also fought him. This mean he apparently had two fighters in his midst. With a coy smirk he would nod to Hideo in a 'Wha's up' manner. Surely if he wanted a drink, Bishop himself, Cici, or even Jay could get him something. Despite not having employees, he had his lady around, and one of his friends/goons. Speaking of which, Bishop hesitated none to luffles on the bird cat beast rolling about on the floor, Dzul already getting too excited and growling as he nipped at the kicking paws of Skittles. It didn't last long before he stood erect again, chuckling as he shook his head at Jay. Playing games as usual. He'd leave her to it.

"Haha! I ain't even been open fo' an hour yet and there is already four fighters her' includin' me! Make sure you all sign up for The Beatdown!"

e had to put it out there sooner rather than later. Should they notice the various posters hanging around with a clip board located at the biggest poster, to the side of the bar. Bishop hadn't signed it because he was hoping to just host the first small tournament, though he was willing to participate if he lacked enough fighters, or at least an even amount. As he fetched himself a fresh Red Stripe [24oz.], he added in that the pit was still fresh, needed to be broken in a bit.

"Remember guys, You can throw down in the cage at anytime! It still hasn't been used yet. Just cause I ain't in it don't mean you gotta' wait to get some blood in it."

e teased, urging anyone to go down. Hell, maybe Jay could take Hideo for a round.
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Down the streets of the city of Sigil, a dull rumbling could be heard. Not like an earthquake. More like... an engine.

It was a black motorcycle with red trim here and there, a figure seated atop it. Leaning down low, hands gripping the handlebars. Whoever it was wore a black leather jacket and a black motorcycle helmet with a mouthguard and goggles. Two maces were strapped to her belt. She was wearing purple pants and big black boots, so the only part of her skin visible was her neck and hands... and they were a light blue color.

As the person on the motorcycle neared Club SadistFaction, they slowed down considerably, skidding to a hault just in from of the bar. The person on the bike turned the key and kicked open the kickstand, parking it on the sidewalk just outside. As they got up and walked toward the front door, they took their helmet off, freeing their long white hair tied in a ponytail from its prison.

With yellow eyes and long, pointed ears to go with her light blue skin and long white hair... It wasn't just apparent she was a she. She was clearly an elf of some sort. From her overall pigment, probably a night elf.

The door swung open, the woman walking inside and up to the counter. Setting her helmet on a seat, she sat down on the stool next to it, unzipping her leather jacket, whipping it off and setting it atop her headgear.

User Image

"Hey, buddy." she called to get Bishop's attention. "Get me a whiskey and a cola. And make it snappy."

Location: Bar
Mood: Irritated
Thinking: b*****d better not mix the two...
Wearing: Pictured

((God, I'm terrible today... First day of college can really tire your brain out... Forgive how bad my skills are today...

And if this character seems over-the-top... Not my intention. But I've never played a badass before, so I'm sure I'll get the hang of it if you give me a chance. If not, I've got characters who have better personalities.))
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He had heard about the new fighting joint in passing, but hey, who the hell could turn down a good brawl or two? Especially if it were for some solid coin to boot. The towering Asian man pushed a guy out of the way, who was too busy gawking at some cheap floozy in an alley way to pay attention to where he was going. Uh uh. Dorobo wouldn't have any of that s**t, and he had the towering bulk to make it happen when it needed to happen. Towering at about six and a half feet, the man with a purple shock of hair pushed the little douche out of his way, before preceding. A soft click of his tongue answered to his annoyance with the situation.

By the time he got in front of the bar, he had begun cracking his knuckles. Call it a vice, but its what the guy did when he got a bit irritated. The front wall was covered in signs about a fight soon to happen, some brawler thing. He read a few words among the bunch, plain and simple. No weapons. No magic. Well, it was a simple enough rule. Someone wanted to see stuff get bloody as hell, and Dorobo could compromise. He looked down to his fists momentarily. Slabs of flesh, much larger than the average fist, wrapped in simple white cloth, stacked on top of arms that could be compared to slabs of beef. Well, all of Dorobo could be compared to a slab of beef. The man was thick with muscle, corded with tendon by the looks of it. His midsection was wrapped in a neat layer of fat, something Dorobo was awful proud of. In his homelands, the fat were the leaders. It meant one ate well, and they had the extra resources to survive. Here, everyone was a skinny little b***h, and Dorobo really couldn't find attraction in that. He liked a woman as stacked as he was, and pondering healthy women, he pushed the door open with a smirk.

People had already begun walking on by the looks of it. The bar was already filled with about five or six people, including a dog. He looked down on the dog, with a disgusted glance. People in his country ate dogs. He tossed out the idea of catching this thing and eating it, and quickly turned his head to glare at the barkeep. His grey eyes were sharp, brooding, and the fur trimmed robe and loose cloth pants he wore dragged on the floor as he made his way over to Bishop.

" You Bishop? " He said, cutting to the chance quickly. He would ask for a drink, but he'll, he wanted to talk about this tournament first. He wouldn't be any self respecting brawler if he didn't.
                                      Cici was starting to get rather bored, and figured that she should’ve stayed at home and lounged in her and Bishop’s large bed. She screwed the cap back on shoved it under the counter. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She smoothed her skirt down, and shifted in the heels. She always wore heels, no matter what really. She couldn’t live without them. Sure, she wasn’t a fighter like Bishop, but she knew how to hold her own. She figured that she should go on and help others around him. He was busy with a customer after all. She adjusted her clothing and decided to get back to work. She was wondering what to do, and she figured to clean some glasses. She wished that she had worn clothes more suitable, she was hoping to go and get some dinner with him, but she knew that he should stay here. She was about to just grab up everything and leave when she saw people starting to come in. She might as well just start to work. She was about to greet the gentleman when she heard someone come in again. She felt a large smile cross her features and waved at Jay.

                                      Oh the woman had impeccable timing. She was about to go over and cross to greet her when Skittles, her beautiful griffin came bounding over to her. Cicily laughed as she did a little curtsy and caressed Skittles beak. Dzul was happy to see his friend and started to prance around the large Griffin.
                                      “You seemed to have gotten bigger my lovely friend.” She said softly as she peered around and watched Jay get up. She felt embarrassed for not helping her up, but she called over to her, “Are you okay there Jay? Skittles has gotten a lot bigger since I have last seen him.” She called out as she finished rubbing his belly. She straightened up when the Elven woman came on in. She looked over at Bishop who seemed to busy with a few other guests, and she looked over at her. The woman shouted out her orders, and she grabbed up the bottle of whiskey, and then poured a glass of coke. She then took a shot glass and poured the whiskey into that shot glass. She poured some ice into the glass of coke, and set it in front of the woman.

                                      “If you need anything love, let me know. Bishop is the owner of the place. I help out around here.” She said as she gave her a smile. She looked up to see another man enter the bar. She saw that it was getting busy, and she was glad that the business was going to do well. She knew most of the people in here would be fighters, but she was glad that she could be of help. She started to clean some glasses, and taking some inventory. She then realized that maybe others might want a drink. She crossed over to Jay and the gentleman and waited to see if they wanted something to drink.

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