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Buddy smiled and shook his hand and let go. "Aww, it's alright. I get dat a lot 'roun' heah . . . just makin' sure de empire next door don't take us ovah, but it's a'right. Anyways, hope ya find 'er Marcus . . . I got me a trout-stream wit' my name on it!" he said with a smile and headed off, putting his cane pole over his shoulder as he walked off.


Wind climbed out of the cold water and shook the excess liquid from his fur. He raced up the bank untill he was sufficently far ahead of the swimmer and the fish and climbed onto a rock in the river. With an unwavering focus he watched the fish swim towwards him attempting to flee from the other hunter. As they approached his position Wind readied himself. once again he leapt mouth agape into the river. Feeling something brush his tounge he snapped his jaws shut and dissapeared under the surface.
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Astrid finally arose from the frigid waters, a wriggling, finned creature clamped firmly by the tail, in between her teeth. She wore the most ridiculous, proud grin on her face, staring crosseyed down at the fish,"AH OUGHT UN!!!", she muffled, before yanking it out and looking around for her new friend, blinking. Where'd he go?? Ah, there he was! Astrid waded slowly after Wind, carefully holding her fish so it wouldn't get free and drop back into the water.


Wind surfaced moments later a wriggling silver fish trying to escape his jaws. "That wasn't too hard! Just like hunting deer with my pack." Wind climbed out of the water and gave the fish a shake to stop it moving. He dropped the fish on the bank and inspected it for a moment. With a loud crunch he took a bite and immediatly spit it back out. "Blech, what is that!" He did his best to remove the scales from his teeth.
Marcus nodded and said, "Have a pleasant one sir." He soon went off into a back room in the tavern going to get a hold of the owner of the tavern.
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"Thanks, che'. You do de same." Bou drawled as he walked off, staggering off towards the woods with the fishing pole on his back, whistling a tune.
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((Posting this here instead of the OOC so that I know people see it...
I've had an entirely too emotional week. I haven't been active at all, and for that, I apologize, but with everything that has been going on, I just haven't been in the mood to RP at all. Hell, there's been a few times just within the week that I've nearly given up and closed the RP, but that wouldn't be fair to everyone who is still active and enjoying it, even if it is at a snail-slow pace. I appreciate those of you who have stuck by and continued to post. It means a lot, and that's what keeps me from closing it. Eventually, I will come back and resume posting, but it might take a little while... a few days, a week, I don't know. I am still available for those people who need me, just quote me. If I'm feeling good, I'll respond, and if I'm not, it'll just take me a little while.
For now... I'm retreating back to my hole to sort my head out. I'm sorry everyone. I do hope you all keep enjoying the RP, and if you feel that it's time for a day/weather/season/anything change, please don't hesitate to either pm me about it or quote me. Thank you, and love to you all.))

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