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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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Hilarious Informer

Chaosisees was still laying across the bed when Beth entered and asked the question. Chaos hummed. "No not really.... but if you want to go with him, then how mean and awful of it would be of me to deny you that." She said. Waving her hand she 'shooed' Beth away. "Go on and have fun, no risky business."
As her mother disapproved, Beth lowers her head and glancing aside briefly until she said she could go. However, Beth didn't want to disappoint her parents.

"Your mother is only joking Beth. Go and have fun, okay? Home before bed, okay?" Ozma says then nodding and giving her a small smile.

Beth gives a small smile back before signing to both her parents, "Thank you...Yes, daddy, I will be." She then heads back to Michael and nods a bit more excited, "We can go. Just gotta be back before it gets too dark."
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Tricky Rogue

Michael smirked a bit and couldn't help but grin, "Alright back before night I think that can be arranged." He told her before rolling towards the door. He looked at his watch they had a few hours to hang out and be back. That worked out just fine, he may even get back in time to see how the attack would be going today. "So what kind of movie would you like to go watch?" He asked opening the door for her to step through.


Harley smiled her eyes were still honey gold. Keeping the hypnosis up for this long was taking a toll on her. she had been using it all night while they had their fun only occasionally breaking it to rest. "Well after you My nymph, we'll just have do what we can to get our happiness." She blinked a few times and smiled as her eyes faded back to red. She opened the door a portal opening up on the other side. "After you. We should be in the back yard of the huns."
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Fashionable Fatcat

"You only want me to go first in case this portal goes wrong again." She said playfully sticking her tongue out at Harley. Harley's hypnosis had indeed sunk into Nill, she was unaware of the seeds that had been planted. Putting her foot through the portal she clenched her eyes shut tapping her foot on the other side. Opening her eyes, her normal emerald eyes became blue cats eye. "Feels like grass to me." Another blink and her eyes were back to normal. Nill then walked the rest of the way through the portal.
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Tricky Rogue

"Well you never know. Sometimes I don't like diving head first into danger." Harley said as Nill stepped through. She couldn't help but smirk and give a small chuckle. "We are going to have so much fun together." She said with a grin. The things she had in store were delicious nothing, no one was going to get in the way of what she wanted. She ran her hand over her pendant. "i'm going to to fight what I believe in." She said quietly before stepping through the door.
While Beth had checked with her parents, a small abnormality could be felt in the small vicinity. Something put off an uneasy feeling or some sort of disturbance. Coming from Michael's pendent of his former master, Ozma had felt the small twinge of discomforting energy briefly before he left thinking it was Michael's own ominous power, but being mortal had left the former god's alertness hindered.

Beth smiles back and follows Michael out, but it felt strange, seeing him so different than how she remembered him. He was so firm and seemingly confident, yet here he was smiling and making casual conversation; something she didn't think she'd ever have the chance to see, "I...don't know what's good right now. I haven't been to a movie in so long."
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Tricky Rogue

Michael thought for the moment before they got to the car. "Well how about we look at what's playing. get some lunch if we can't figure out what to watch right away. There should be some good restaurants around." He told her. It was a little awkward as he got in to the car. but his heart was thumping rapidly. He was trying his hardest not to be overbearing, not to be such an a** all the time. It was actually harder than he thought. What's more something weird was happening. The pendant from his former master was sending off weird signals. He hoped that wasn't an omen as to how this was going to go.

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