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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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< R a v e n >


      Raven quirked an eyebrow at Rei, obviously puzzled by what he meant by "more appropriate." She crossed a leg, and her posture straightened slightly. These conversations had piqued her interest.

      "What do you mean by more appropriate?" she asked out loud.

      Her blue eyes lanced skywards as Raven rolled her eyes in exasperation at Nyiakole's statement. Raven hadn't done it one purpose, but she would let the girl have her fun. Besides, a rather decent number of those were coaxed into the pins by a bit of Raven's helpful singing. Bowling and other such sports were a bore to her. It was better to entertain herself with Nyiakole's gleeful gloating over her aided victory.

      "I hope that the nanny doesn't come crying to me like he did last time..." Raven intoned as she scrutinized Nyiakole's paper from afar. "I might have to seren-do something to him if he does. I'm not your caretaker regardless of what he says."

      Raven just barely bit back the term 'serenade' in reference to her abilities and race. She wasn't certain that she wanted to reveal that information to Rei just yet, but she would in time, assuming that her trust grew with time as it often did.

    Rei watches Nyiakole write her "essay," and chuckles softly finding it charming how she put off her work...

    The quick and easy path leads to a more addictive and abruptly ended fun...where as the long and difficult path leads to a more prolonged and satisfying happiness.

    Rei had to laugh at his little quote, but deemed the situation to be appropriate for it...

    ...but I digress. I never enjoyed essays either.

    Rei laughs once more before hearing Raven's intrigued question. A little surprised by her change in posture, but answers all the same, listing by his fingers while looking up in thought...

    Well...if casual outings is your thing, then there are amusement and water parks that were recently built, karaoke bars, there's also always the beach...I mean...I don't find it hard at all to go to more extravagant places every now and then...why restrict it to bowling and restaurants?
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    < R a v e n >


        "The beach..." Raven mused with a hint of longing in her voice. She shook her head as though to dismiss the thought before responding. "Those places are much too in the public eye for my liking. Too wide open. And..." Raven flashed an amused look towards Nyiakole, knowing that she, at least, would catch the irony in her next statement. "Karaoke's not an option. I don't sing"

        Raven uncrossed her arms, and she laced her fingers together in her lap.

        "I'm not a 'public enemy,' but I have many enemies nonetheless."

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      ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

      Nyiakole was also curious of what there was to do, so she just listened in on what Raven and Rei were talking about. She then smirked over at Raven, She knew Marruu was no one to be messed with, but nonetheless "I will make sure he understands you are my friend and not by babysitter. Besides, it all comes down to my free will and what I want to do, I know my consequences and its worth the risk to have a little more fun" She said with a gleam in her eyes. She then looked at Rei and smiled "Note taken, I usually do do all my work, but I just plain don't feel like it tonight" She said with a smile. She then heard the word amusement park, she had been wanting to go to one of those for a good long time, but she never had enough time to spend all day there with the work her nanny gave her. "Uggg! I want to ride those rollar coasters so baaaaadddd" Nyiakole whined out
      Rei catches the change in tone of Raven's voice, places his hands on his hips and bends forward with a smile and a wink...

      You're not very good at lying, are you Miss Raven?...We all have our enemies, but that doesn't mean we need to hide ourselves from what we want.

      Listening to Nyiakole, Rei stands up once more and laughs...

      Ya know...People could learn a thing or two from you, Miss Nyiakole. Miss Raven even could.
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      ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

      "Raven one of these days we need to just go, let's just sneak out before sunrise and just spend the day doing want we want to do, and when I say we I mean me!" she said with a giggle, the last part a little joke. She then looks at Rei "Well I have always been the 'smart' one in my family" she said with a giggle, Nyiakole really didn't consider herself very intelligent, she was just a quick learner and already surpassed her brother at the stage they were in at her age. She then looked over at Rei "I love your politeness, but please don't use miss, I get enough of that as is" she said with a grin.
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      < R a v e n >


      ((It's my bedtime. gonk Goodnight! Just assume that Raven has fallen into a lapse of silence if need be.))

          Raven exhaled sharply at Rei's statement. Her lips twitched into a faint frown, and her back straightened further, using her long torso to her advantage. Even in her seated position, she had quite the presence. The movement also caused the golden lighting to flicker against her skin differently, illuminating a few scars for only those with the sharpest eyesight to see. First, she turned her attention to Nyiakole, pointedly leaving the topic that Rei broached to simmer for a moment.

          "Well...I've been told to make you do your work ten too many times." Raven responded dismissively. From Nyiakole, she turned her head back to Rei. Her eyes glinted with the coldness of steel, but her voice was not unkind. Rather, her tone was forgiving and almost chiding.

          "Lying and deceit are, perhaps, one of three things that I'm very good at." she responded. "I'm not entirely sure where you thought that I was lying, but I think that you'll find it's unwise to advise on what you don't understand. Some consequences are not worth the risk."

          As though in reference to her final statement, Raven looked back to Nyiakole whom she often referred to as her adopted younger sibling. Naturally, she was not commenting on the youth's decision to forgo her schoolwork; rather, Raven's look seemed to have implications all their own. Her look suggested that Nyiakole was involved with the consequence that Raven didn't wish to risk.

          "Also...the 'miss' is much too formal for me, too. Unless you'd like to go by 'Sir Rei'."


        Looking to both of the girls, he shakes his head modestly...

        No, no! A man must always address a lady with respect and courtesy, but I'll respect your wishes, ladies.

        Rei laughs as he then takes a seat at the counter, resting his arms on it.

        Rei could only smile back at Raven's little tiff as he waves his hand nonchalantly...

        No need to get defensive. I can tell you're in need of a getaway more than Nyiakole and myself...combined, so please don't feel offended when I am trying to be friendly, Raven.

        ((Aww...goodnight Merciless.))
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        ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

        (( Okay Night, I am about to head off to bed in a few posts as well))

        Nyiakole sighed and slumped her whole body against the bar counter. "This means we are not going right?" she said as she relaxed her legs muscles and slowly slumped to the floor, just laying there. Raven was the only out she could pout and complain around. She had once tried when she was seven to hold her breath so her father would her get her something, He pulled up a chair and said go ahead and waited until she was almost out of breath and ready to pass out when he hit her in the stomach, just hard enough to inhale sharply from the pain. He then dared Nyiakole to hold her breath once more, she never did go down that road again. Nyiakole laid there and even raised her legs and kicked her feet in the air, making a pathetic childish whine. It only lasted a few seconds before she sat up crossing her legs Indian style with a sigh. She said nothing more or complained about not being able to go to the amusement park, she had gotten it all out of her system. She stood back up and leaned against the counter and sighed "I guess I have to get up early to do the training I was already supposed to do..." She said aloud. She then looked at Rei and smiled "Oh no, its not that, its just wherever I go its Miss Nyiakole this, or Lady Nyiakole that... it gets annoying"
        Rei gives a most startled and bewildered expression as Nyiakole whined and paused a while with that same expression until he snuck in a smirk, but still startled...

        I understand then...You really let yourself go when you're here don't you, Nyiakole?
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        ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

        Nyiakole looked over at Rei and smiled "I guess so, its just easier to relax here, If my nanny or my father was here, I wouldn't have been able to say half the things I have tonight, and if I complained about something silly or insignificant in their eyes, they will give me something to really complain about, to which, I better not complain about, if that makes sense." Nyiakole said with a shrug. "But I know its just that they are trying to make me disciplined and all that so I turn out to be person that has respect for themselves, But I think I have turned out to be a good girl so far, its just good to get some emotions out when they aren't looking" she said with a smile and a wink "So do you know where your room is?" she asked "Or even where the rooms are?"
        Rei began to understand Nyiakole more and more about her apparently "luxurious" earlier lifestyle and it made him a bit happy that he was able to at least get on friendly terms with her so soon. Hearing her question(s) however, the idea zinged through his head as he didn't know where the rooms were, like she said. Embarrassed, he scratches his head once more and stands from his chair...

        Uh-huh no...I actually don't know where the rooms are.

        ((I'm gonna call it a night here. >< ))
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        ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

        (( Same here ))

        Nyiakole grinned, "Alright I will show you then" she said as she lead Rei up the stairs to the second floor of the place where there was a hallway with doors. "You room is number six, Raven's is two and mine is nine, just so you know where we are if you need anything, I am going to head to bed know, you take it easy and I expect a breakfast when I get up" she said with a smile. With that Nyiakole left Rei as she walked down to her room and opened the door. She removed her clothes and slipped into some pajamas, which was a tank top and shorts and slipped into the bed after setting her alarm clock to wake her early in the morning.
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        ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

        Nyiakole had been up for several long hours trying to catch up with all the work she was supposed to do the night before. She was currently in the basement of the building where the bar was. She was laying in the middle of the fighting arena doing sit up. It seemed so effortless for her as her body kept gliding up right in a non stop robotic like motion. The only indication of stress or tiredness was in her slightly read face and her light breaths. She had been this way for the past hour, how many sit ups had she done? She had lost count. Today she was wearing a red tank top and black gym looking shorts. On her arms and legs were light red marks that stripped her skin, a sign that her caretaker had not been to pleased with her essay. He had made her write it this morning, twice as long before her physical punishment. He left her with some work out and exercises to do, and with a warning that she better have them done by dinner, which Nyiakole figured he would stop in to see if she was doing them, or he was already watching her. After a few more minutes Nyiakole laid back down and did not do another sit up. She sprawled out her legs and arms as she tried to catch her breath as her chest rose gently up and down. She was tired and her stomach burned.
        Rei had been behind the counter most of the day and occasionally stopped to watch Nyiakole, knowing how she got in her "predicament." It wasn't that bad of a first day for him assuming his cooking was at least satisfactory since he had done a lot of cooking for himself always being on the run. Seeing her stop, however, Rei takes a moment to prepare a tonic for Nyiakole to help replenish her energy and quench her thirst as he steps out in a tank-top and baggy pants with the tonic in hand to Nyiakole.

        He sets the tonic by her head and steps into the center and sits in front of her while braiding his long hair...

        You know, stress drains the body faster than pushing yourself too hard.

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