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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.085106382978723 8.5% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.53191489361702 53.2% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 47 ]
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole watched Rei talk to her father about her place and what Rei had said about a hideout. She crossed her arms still nervous but now agitated that he was trying to strike a bargain with her father than concerned her place. Though at the same time, she could use some help around the place, but would Rei really be much help?


On the other end Brixinnoxx laughed deeply. "Quite the pair you have Rei, as you should know, I am not afraid of your little tactics and threats, I do not care how far up or down I am on the list, The place belongs to my daughter and her... friend... its her decision, if she lets you stay then yes you will be very well protected, but try any of this negotiation crap again no bar will protect you," Brininnoxx then paused and chuckled again "By the way, she knows better then to come crying to me about something as stupid as the bar, so go and ask her, this is out of my hands" he said as he then hung up

(( Ugggg I have to go pick up my sister, be back soon >.< )
Rei hangs up and doesn't buy Brix's confidence. He was close to a step forward and it was a bit agitating to push it back, but defense was what he had to keep in mind. He glances and then turns his head to Nyiakole...

This really was unexpected. I'm sorry for making you insecure, if I have. *puts the suitcase on the counter and opens it to reveal crisp cash of $5,000,000* Thanks for letting me use your fax. I hope we can get to know each other better, Nyiakole, because I'll more than likely be staying for a while.
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole nodded her head "Its fine, no its just a bit nerve racking when dealing with my father, especially the way you were talking to him, he is no pushover, and neither am I." Nyiakole glanced at the money with her dark green eyes but then looked back at Rei's "Well, stay as long as you like I guess, but please do not cause any trouble" she said with a smirk. "You told my father you would help me, tell me now, what kind of work can you do?" she asked curiously.
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< R a v e n >


      During the entire exchange, Raven remained frightfully still. Her eyes were closed, her arms crossed across her ribs. Sleep may have been the explanation for her state if not for the quiet that seemed to lurk around her. No muscles twitched in some dream-born reverie, nor did her pupils flutter behind closed lids. Raven was merely relaxing but nevertheless keeping an ear out for her friend.

      As the man- Rei, an oddly familiar name- suggested that he would be staying for a while, Raven's eyes shot upwards, and her blue eyes casually drifted towards him. Their sharpness effectively negated the ease of her reclined position. She had moved into the armchair at the beginning of their conversation, and now her seemingly innocuous position had metamorphosed into something more along the lines of a coiled snake, prepared to pounce.

      "You'll find that neither of us are swayed by money, Rei." she responded. "But you may stay under two conditions. First, you must show me the back of your left hand. No gloves. Second," Raven's lazy voice lowered into a more sinister tone. "You must not bring any authorities down on top of our heads."

    Rei nods his head in thanks before pausing to her question. He had to think about it for a moment before answering...

    I can cook...and I am skilled in some martial arts and weaponry...plus I have plenty of resources if you need any information or supplies.

    Rei then looks to the second owner of the bar and certainly felt both of the girls' determination for him to keep to their rules. Apparently, Brix wasn't kidding, but Rei found it less troubling that way. He then nods to Raven and removes both his gloves, revealing a large scar on his palms and the back of his hands, he then waves his hand to Raven with a modest smile...

    Ma'am, I'm on the run from the authorities and my associates are vigilantes themselves. The only person of concern who knows exactly where I am right now, is Nyiakole's father and he's keeping this place under wraps, so I should hope no trouble comes on my behalf either. As for the money...It's not meant to sway you; it's meant to thank you...truly.

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    ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

    Nyiakole nodded to Rei "Really now... welll maybe..." Nyiakole started to say as she was cut off. Even she had forgotten Raven's presence in the move until she moved, she had been so caught up with this Rei character and his association with her father that for the moment nothing else could distract her. Nyiakole remained quiet as she talked to Rei, instead she picked up her cup of apple juice and took a few sips of it while Rei tried to persuade Raven. Despite what the older girl had said, Nyiakole wasn't swayed by money, but as any in her kind they loved to have it as she was already thinking about what kind of things to spend it on. Nyiakole looked up at Raven with a puppy dog look that read. 'If you don't take the money, I will take the money' And knowing Nyiakole it might be spent on something Raven wouldn't like. She finished her drink and voiced her opinion. "I think it is okay if he stays" she said.
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    < R a v e n >


        Raven sat forwards as she peered at each of his hands, and upon deciding that he was no threat to her, she instantly fell back into her comfortable position. The unsettling sense of poise had left her; she was now just a relaxed lady, no more likely to spring into action than a demure child.

        "I always thought that the fax machine would come in handy." she responded with a self-satisfied smirk. Having quipped on the situation, she yet again addressed the man and paid no further attention to the money.

        "I don't care that you're on the run at all. I'll just care the moment that the cops down the stairs with guns blazing." Raven responded with a wave of her hand. A smile had softened the former seriousness of her face. "Having you around as a cook would be useful. I'm amazed that I haven't poisoned Nyia or myself with my cooking yet..."

        Raven decidedly closed her lips before she could joke about how they'd trained her to kill so well that the habit even seeped into her cooking skills. Her gaze snapped over to Nyia, hoping to glean a reaction from her friend regarding the prospect of having a cook. When Nyiakole made her decision clear, Raven nodded once.

        "Alright. You may stay, Rei." Raven said. She lifted a gloved hand to massage her temples at the thought of what Nyiakole might spend the money on.

      Rei smiles back and bows his head in gratitude...

      Thank you, ma'am...and...What is your name?

      ((Sorry. lame post. >< ))
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      ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

      Nyiakole was happy to hear that Raven would like Rei to stay as well. She then giggled. "Yeah, no offense Raven, you cooking sucks worse than anyone I know, I ate something once and ever since I have been ordering take out when you weren't looking" She said with a grin, part of it was in fun, and the other was somewhat truthful. She then clapper her hands "I know what I am going to get, I can park it in the garage and it goes vroom vroom and it only has two wheels" she said with a smirk. The cell phone in Nyiakole's pocket then vibrated and she took it out and sighed. "Stop giving me stuff to do!" She almost yelled at the phone "As if I am not busy enough"
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      < R a v e n >


          ((It's fine. XD))

          Raven nods her head in response to Rei's thanks.

          "My name is Raven." she says simply, not bothering to include her last name...assuming that she has one.

          She smirks a little at the excited ramblings of her comrade but seems to take no offense to the other's admonitions.

          "Well, I've never seen you try to cook anything, Nyia. That leaves me to slave over the stove...until now."

          The thought of Nyia driving a motorcycle was chilling, but Raven decided to take that hurdle when it came. She suspected that Nyia's rather irksome caretaker would prevent the purchase or prevent Nyiakole from using the bike. If the latter proved to be the case, Raven would mark herself as the inheritor of the vehicle.

          "Who is it now? Raven asked with a tilt of her head towards Nyia's phone. "I'll let you take care of Rei- give him a key and everything."

          Her laziness had gotten the best of her again; she had just gotten comfortable and didn't particularly care to move.

        Rei chuckles at the girls' responses and looks back at Nyiakole's phone...

        Busy with who? Do you two even do anything outside this bar? It almost seems like an upgraded bunker, this bar...

        Rei was indeed going to end up asking plenty of questions while he stayed, but he could tell that the whole stay may actually be quite worth it.
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        ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

        Nyiakole laughed a little bit "Well you see I don't have to cook anything" She said with a grin. An indication that she had always had cooks for her and if needed she could eat meat raw, one of the many perks of being a dragon. She then then placed her phone away and sighed as she looked at Raven, "Who do you think it is? Its Marruu, He called earlier and gave me a whole bunch of things to do before I go to bed, like a billzion push up and sit ups and he wants me to run ten miles, and he wants me to read some history book AND he just sent me a text demanding that I have a six page report on what I read in his hands in the morning!" Nyiakole sighed "I swear I have never gotten a break." Nyiakole then looked over at Rei "Oh its nothing, just nanny'" Nyiakole said, giving Marruu the name knowing it pissed him off to no end "Thinks that every little bit of my spare time should be filled with training or education" Nyiakole then found a key and handed it to Rei "Here is your room key" she said.
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        < R a v e n >


            "Ah. The nanny." Raven replied simply with a notable sense of displeasure in her voice. She obviously did not care too much for this character- then again, Nyiakole was the only one out of that bunch that she cared about at all.

            Raven blinked at Rei, her lips pursing slightly at his jest. The joking was not so much what bothered her; it was more or less the inquiry itself that served a minor threat. She had not yet figured out this Rei, and she wasn't one to rely on Brix's protection, considering that the man hardly liked her himself. Until then, she had no way of knowing what information Rei might pass on about her.

            "We do go out. Usually to the mall. Or the restaurants..." Raven's voice trailed off as she reflected on how the restaurants were necessary only because of her cooking. "We even went to the bowling alley once. That ended poorly."

            Raven grimaced as she recalled how she'd hummed in the bathroom and, apparently, hit a few notes of an ancient song just right. A few burst pipes later, and both she and Nyiakole had to make a speedy getaway before the cops were called.

          Rei happily takes the key and places it in his pocket. He remembered his training days. It wasn't much different with his sensei, wherever he was...

          I've come to learn that if you really hate how your teacher's educate/train you...chances are it's working well.

          Listening to Raven, he pauses with a startled look...

          ...I see. Well...I do know some more appropriate places to hang out around the area, but that requires me to have a number of fake ID's. Thank goodness I'm not a public enemy though. I'd have authorities on me 24/7.

          He kept his eyes on Raven and felt a slight sense of distrust to him in her eyes. He really couldn't prove his trustworthiness immediately, but he simply smiles back at her and helplessly shrugs at her not knowing what to do to gain her full trust.
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          ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

          Nyiakole sighed as she thought about the paper she had to write, she hated such a think, she never really minded the training, but she hated her knowledge being tested. She then looked at Raven "You know I still think you did that on purpose because I was winning that game" Nyiakole had a grin on her face though, she loved to remind Raven about when she won at things. Nyiakole then started rummaging through some things under the bar counter and pulled out a few sheets of paper and a pen. She sat there for a minute thinking before she wrote 'This is very unnecessary and stupid' One word for each page. She then placed her name at the top and stacked the papers. "Look my paper is all done" she said with a smile to Raven. Nyiakole then looks at Rei "Its not that I hate him, he is an excellent teacher and has helped me tremendously, but like I said, I never get time for my self unless I do some sort of shenanigan like this, I have a few more hours of fun and I will take my punishment for it" She said like it was no big deal

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