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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.088888888888889 8.9% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.2 20.0% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.55555555555556 55.6% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.15555555555556 15.6% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
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"Well a twenty mile crater was just chucked out of the earth, a few cities were blown up, and the west coast is pretty much decimated. I'm not surprised it's crazy out there." Pear said typing on her computer. "People think it's the end of the world. They maybe close to it. Right now Marcus... Has control over Nukha..." She sighed letting her mask drop, she scratched the tip of her nose and rubbed her face. She looked up at Nayh as the pings of the arcade echoed through the almost empty building. "How are you holding up?"
"Well..... I guess I was okay until you told me all that.... is it really that bad?" She asked as she sighed. Nayh reached up and rubbed the side of her face as she thought about a few things. She let herself look at the children for a moment before looking at Pear. "So Marcus is there huh.... do they even stand a chance?" She asked quietly.
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Pear looked at Nayh as she came closer. She had lost sound after the explosion but Nukha's ear piece was still transmitting. "Well on the bright side it looks like Mace and his ilk are no longer a threat..." She sighed before answering back quietly. The edge of stress showing in her eyes if nothing else. "I honestly don't know, Marcus absorbed a lot of power. Before we always had some one like Rei or Hanku to help fight, we literally had gods on our side. But the gods won't interfere on this, It's a mortal matter. Are best fighters are stuck on the sidelines. Unless your father for some reason decided to help. Even then... I'm not sure. We fought his brother, Dimitri and technically we lost that battle. He still became a god. " She pulled up her mask as she swallowed. "This is a very dire situation... I don't know.. I have hope a miracle will be pulled off. But I'm afraid for everyone down there."
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"I see.... " Nayh said softly. She crossed her arms and stood in thought. Nayh sighed as he looked back to the group of kids. She seem to be deeply contemplating as she then looked back to Pear. "If they are in that much trouble then we cant just leave them stranded down there. If Marcus gets ahold of anymore power then we certainly won't stand a chance then. " Nayh said. "Any little bit of help we can lend we need to. I will go and see if there is anything I can do, Pear can you please watch the kids and call my dad, see if he will help as well."
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Pear looked at Nayh as if she was crazy, she had tried her hardest to keep her relations with Mocsha near non existent for a reason. She likewise crossed her arms as she contemplated the situation. With Nukha controlled by Marcus their chances were dwindling. "I don't like the idea of you going. Most of our defense is out there if anything happens here as strong as our kids are I wouldn't risk it." She picked up her phone and started dialing the number to Mocsha. as she was about to dial she got a call. With a puzzled look she answered. "Hello?"

After a few moments she said, "Bring them here, we'll do what we can." She pinched the bridge of her nose as she hung up calculating before changing her mind. "Twila and the triplets will arrive soon." She went back to her previous task. She called Mocsha's house hoping he was there. "Nayh are you sure you're up for this?" She said changing her previous stance.
"I know Pear but if Marcus manages to absorb them what chance do you think we have here? We are either going to wait to die or die trying to stop Marcus." Nayh said. She paused for a moment as Pear received a call. "Triplets? Twila? " Nayh asked curiously. "You see what I am saying we can afford to sit and wait around. Marcus needs to be stopped now." She said. "For once I can't say I am excited about fighting but I will help do what must be done."
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"No one is looking forward to this." Pear said typing up a few things. She listened to the ring tone on the other end waiting for Mocsha to pick up. Who even knew if they would even answer. For all she knew him and Candice were having "fun." "But yes Twila was found at the edge of the crater heading for her kids. The blast must of caught her off guard. As for the triplets, I think they were just born but that whole area is a war zone. The least I can do for Nyiakole and Anari is make sure those kids are safe."

As she spoke a portal opened up on the edge of the wall and a couple of people dragged in Twila who looked a little worse for wear. Dirt and mud caked on to deep gashed made from rocks. two others walked in with the newborn dragons placed in a protective cage. "Thanks everyone. Keep an eye on the situation for me. I'm going to get an area arranged for the kids to go to. Holing up in an arcade isn't the best Idea."
As a few people brought Twila in as well as the little dragons Nayh looked over them and sighed. All the children here and helpless newborns there was no way Marcus could be allowed to continue. "Mochi, Ziri I expect you two to help Pear. Do whatever she asks and help take care of the babies. Brix you help out in anyway you can as well alright." With that said Nayh vanished.

Watching people bring in her father's mate and half siblings, Ziri stood up and walked over to them "Are they going to be alright?"
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Pear sighed and shrugged her shoulders, "That depends, the babies seem to be healthy, but taking care of newborns is complicated." She nodded as Nayh disappeared issuing out orders. She tried the phone again to dial Mocsha but once again nothing. She shook her head she'd let a program call for her while she organized a few things. She looked over at Ziri, "Are you able to tell if they need anything? Apparently every time one of my men got near them they would snap at them. I'm half tempted to just let them sleep." She walked over to Twila looking over her wounds. "Mochi can you see if this place has a kitchen or bathroom? I need some water to clean her up."
With the destruction and panic setting foot in Mocsha's neighborhood, the brute demon became more curious as to what was going on. Watching TV and the events that occurred, Mocsha grew more anxious at what possibly could've caused more panic and destruction than him. Hearing his phone ring, Mocsha gave a flustered expression, not wanting distractions, but answered nonetheless, "Yeah?"


As Nill made her move, Nukha's rifle fires, but craters from where Harley was before Nill scoops her up and takes her away. With Michael and the other clone barging in to disarm him, Nukha reaches from his belt as a smoke bomb then drops and detonates before kicking at Michael's chest to boot him away, "Gods dammit! Incapacitate me! I'm centuries old you think I am not prepared for this sh*t of being disarmed?!" he says with a scowl in annoyance, "Do what you have to Michael!"

As the clones shot to him, Marcus's eyes only gleam with a smirk as he steps back and aside awaiting for the clones to draw closer. Drawing his sword, a flash of grey gleams from his sheath as he slashes out across the clones.
Ziri opened up one of the cages and picked up the girl and cradled her. "They are hungry, cold and scared." Ziri said. "They need milk, blankets and want to snuggle next to their mother, that is where they should be." She said as she looked over at Twila. "How long do you think it will take to make her feel better?"

Mochi was worried as her mother went off to the fight. "Yeah I will go look." she said quietly. Walking to go look around the place Mochi couldn't help but feel upset and scared. She didn't know where her father was, and her mother could very well not come back. "There is a kitchen back here.... its small though." she shouted to Pear.


Arriving at the scene, Nayh quickly looked around. Seeing Nukha strike out against the others, Nayh used her telekinetic hands to wrap around him and hold him down so his body couldn't move.

Nyiakole had to move out of the way as well as Nukha's rifle went of. "Damn it." she growled. Seeing Nayh arrived and restrain Nukha, maybe they would have a better chance at the moment "Nill you sure you don't need help, two is better then one." Nyiakole spoke to her through a mental link

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