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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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Mace looked up at Anari through his blood shot eyes. "It's sad the things we agree to without reading the fine print of a deal. I just wanted my family back, not this." He said before noticing the strange being swoop down to him. "No let me go." He said as it gripped his shoulder. A look of terror formed in his eyes as the portal opened up and he was tossed into a prison. "What is going on? What do you want with me?" Mace pleaded.
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"Why did you think you could fulfill your desires without going unpunished. I am bound to keep you alive, and I shall, but I find it most amusing to watch people squirm and deal with the choices they have to live with. You are no different." Iezar'ath said looking down at Mace with a cruel smile. "As for you, none of this would have happened if you hadn't been consumed by grief." His eyes looked over at Anari with a relaxed posture. The portal closed at his feet leaving a ring in it's place. He picked it up tossing it up in his hand. "I'll leave you in charge of this." He said to Anari holding out his palm with the ring in the middle. "You can visit him any time."
(( I only had the knowledge that there'd be a battle! I'm just as surprised as you Perja! xD ))

As Arkatosh was assimilated into his being, Marcus went back to appearing normal before sighing softly at the rush he was suddenly feeling. The power he was feeling was immense as he then roars up at the sky in ravenous joy and cackles in maniacal laughter.

As his celebration was finished, he sighs before noticing the small party huddled nearby; a few of the faces familiar and he was in a most positive mood, "Well jolly me roger! Ain't tis a grand reunion!" he says as in a breath, he was approaching them within a couple dozen feet.
As Mace was taken, Anari huffed at the annoyance of the whole situation. Gripping the ring in his hand, he debated on tossing it or not before he walked back over to the others.

Nyiakole looked down at Harley. She wasn't sure if the woman should be thanking her or not at the moment. Seeing Marcus approach them, Nyiakole stiffen a little as she was unsure of what to expect.


Mochi sighed as she listened to Pear. At hearing Marcus absorbed someone powerful, She sat down against the wall next to Ziri and sighed. Nervousness and doubt filling her mind, not just about the world, but about her family as well.
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((oh silver for the contest is it by to night we turn it in or tomorrow?))
(( You have until tomorrow night to turn it in xd I was going to send out a reminder pm, but I forgots ))
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"You know you sound like some b list movie pirate." Said a voice in the distance. Slowly walking towards the group was Nill. Her eyes bright green with no pupil, her fists glowing with a green fire, and a tremendous aura emanating from her, the land around her bursting into life. Flowers blooming and grasses growing. "I am not sure if i should thank you for ending that creatures life, or kill you for being alive or what ever you are." Walking bast Marcus and over to the group she kneels down by Harley. "I can't save your legs but i can clean up this wound and stop the pain." She said as she held her hand over her. The remaining damage and pain would quickly melt away from her.

Looking around at the damage done Nill lets out a sigh. "The earth did nothing to warrant this kind of harm, nor did her people. So many lives snuffed out, all for power, and control. I am free from my mission in life, i failed to help. So the least i can do is help here and now. Everyone be careful i don't have any idea how strong he truly is. If i can't kill him then get far away from here." Not wanting Marcus to hear Nill speaks to Nyiakole telepathically. "I have an Ace up my sleeve, i am not going to use it up front. So if it looks like i am losing don't jump in." Letting out a slow breath Nill's power surges around her. She knew what she was about to do might be suicide, but she had a strange gut feeling. It was if with Arkatosh passing a weight hand been lifted off of her, and not just her, her people. What was left of them at least, and all the others that lived in the other realm. It was if she could feel there hope, surging through her, giving her hope as well.
(( Le sigh, its bedtime for me gotta take to Zoey to the Dr earlys in the morn ))
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((Check up? or is she sick?
(( Just a check up, but I feel like blah today )
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((Tea and honey always makes me feel less blah))
As Nill revealed herself, Marcus hums casually spectating as he got a hint of Nill's power radiating from her body, "Ahhhh...the green one I almost got at the Arena. 'pears ye never learned yer lesson. Allow me..."

Marcus coos before seeping from his presence was a cold, dark power not unfamiliar with Arkatosh's but with the same dreaded presence as when he first made his entrance, "Ah-ah!" he says with a wag of his finger, before Nukha suddenly aims his rifle with a startled expression at Harley, "Yer thinkin' too far ahead, me pretties."

Nukha's arms shook as he tried to pull away, "I can't control my movements! He's possessed me!" he says as he struggles to try and break away from Marcus's grasp, but it was for naught, "Damn you, f*cking pain in the *ss ghost!"

"Already accomplished, boy...Now ye can all accept yer fate and forever become a part of me or enjoy yer obliteration from the guns of me ship and then become a part of me. Heheh" Marcus taunts with a welcoming gesture, even as Nill showed off her impressive power to him.
Nyiakole looked at Nukha for a moment as he pointed the gun at Harley "...Nukha?" She started to say before he said Marcus was in control. Glaring back at Marcus, Nyiakole gritted her teeth. "Do you honestly thing we would give up just like that?" She hissed out. "Why don't you just get back on your ship and go on your merry way to hell."


Walking back into the arcade, Nayh shut the door and locked it. "Its crazy out there." She sighed as she walked to the group. "How is everyone here? What is going on?"
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Harley nodded her head as she looked at Nill. Grateful as she was for the nymph for easing the pain, she couldn't help but chuckle as the docile creature before her threatened the undead pirate lord. "You're seriously going to take him..." The laughter was cut short when she saw her boss aim the deadly Trifecta at her. She balled her hand into a fist, anger radiating off of her. She couldn't help, and now she was being held hostage, by the very man she trusted. "Nukha..."

Michael watched as his father was controlled by Marcus. He gritted his teeth As blue flames raced over his skin healing his wounds hyper aggressively. It looked like his prayers were going to fall on deaf ears. First thing first, deal with his possessed father. He jumped grabbing the barrel of the gun to pull it away from Harley. trying to wrestle it from Nukha.
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"Looks like Arkatosh was not the only low life to get others to do his dirty work. I think you took it even lower by possessing him. First bloom: Lotus rush." Nill Body shimmered green a she began to multiply herself. One clone jumping back and picking up Harley and dashing away. Another rushing Nukha to help Michael get the rifle from him. Two more dashing left and right of Nill, the center one then clasping her hands together forming a rose. "Roses thorn" She said before firing a point blank shots at Marcus. Already preparing for him to dodge the two clones spread out, ready to follow Marcus and go to hand to hand combat.

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