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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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Tricky Rogue

"How will it get better Nyiakole?" He asked her. "I don't see it. You have Rei... to keep you going." He sighed rubbing his face starting to get up again. "Thanks for the offer... I'll probably take it. At least with you guys I know something will come along to take my mind off this." Gaunt stood up for a moment before saying, "Thanks Nyiakole... I need that talk." He said to her before looking at Pear he seemed to debate something before sticking his hand in his pocket sliding USB drive over the table to Pear. "I don't know how relevant this information is to you." He told her before waving "Thanks for the food I'm going back to bed."

Pear looked up as the young man left and she looked at the drive puzzled. "What in the world?" She asked before she looked at Nyiakole. she hadn't taken a particular interest int the young man before now though she was curious. "Nyiakole. Just exactly who was that?" She asked her old friend.
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As Beth grabbed her and picked a direction, Ziri stayed close. Beth's ability to clear the snow in front of them made traveling much easier. They didn't go very far before Ziri stopped. "Beth wait..." she said. Through the wind, a low growling could be heard. Though it couldn't be made out clearly, the large figure of a dragon could be seen mixed with the snow's fury as it circled around them.

"An odd time to be takin' a walk..." He hissed through the wind.


As her father confirmed that Mochi wasn't in the room, Nayh felt a bit of panic. "No I didn't, I woke up.... down... here..." Nayh said as she seemed confused with her own statement. She had woken up on the couch, but she remembered falling asleep in her bed. "Uggg..." Nayh groaned as she placed her hands on her face. She had an inkling of how that happened, but what happened she didn't know. Fighting off the queasiness, Nayh got up "I am going to see if she went back to our house." She said to her father.


"Time and a little hard work Gaunt." Nyiakole said. "But you aren't as alone as you think. You have Rei and I to keep you going too. You can always lean on us." Nyiakole said. She nodded as she watched Gaunt walk away. At Pear's question, Nyiakole hummed as she took a few more bites of her food. "His name is Gaunt, Rei and I took care of him for awhile when he was younger." She said.


Anari continued his breakfast in silence, enjoying the good food, but a thought started to plague his mind. It made him feel as if he was running out of time. "Breakfast was good." He said as got got up from his seat. Heading up the stairs, the constant thought started to worry him. Walking to Brix's door he knocked on it loudly before stepping in. "Hey I am leaving, are you gonna come or not?"
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"I gathered that much Nyiakole. Why would he want to give me this?" Pear asked curiously before pocketing the USB drive she would have to look at it a little later. She closed her box of food to put up for later. She didn't have much of an appetite at the moment. She looked over at her girls that were just about finished. "Alright girls I want you to grab your bags by the ring and take them upstairs." Pear looked at Nyiakole, "My old room is still available right?"
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(( Hrmm... I'm a bit stuck on what to do.))
As Ziri told her to stop, Beth then heard the voice as well. She didn't speak as it was evident this dragon seemed to be more foe than friend. Taking a step forward, Beth placed Ziri behind her as though to guard her from the voice in question. She felt she could handle one dragon with her arms, but she was hardly combat ready for multiple.


As Nayh seemed to fear about what happened, Mocsha had a good idea of it being Iak, which made Mocsha a bit more uncomfortable as well. The troublemaking demon within Nayh was often so very spontaneous and it could get very annoying, "I'll check with the Hun's." Mocsha says as he then calls Nyiakole's cell from the house phone.


As Anari knocked on the door, Brix opened the door, dressed in a tighter short sleeve shirt and pants as he cleaned up well after coming home. His hair kept shorter, but brushed back, creating a spikey style in the back. He seemed more focused and less nervous, very different from the timid nature he was before in leaving home again, "...Yeah...I'm ready."
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The dragon seemed to growl out a few laughs as it kept circling around the two, keeping his distance.

"It would seem they are running away." Said another who remained to be unseen.

"Why are you doing this?" Ziri said as she stood behind Beth. "I was Dyvin's mate, I carry his child, does that mean nothing to you?"

"Mates? More like his personal toy." Said the dragon circling around. "You don't think that Dyvin knew your child's fate?"


As her father said he would call the Hun's, Nayh would wait to see what they would say.

Nyiakole looked at Pear. "I am not sure what that is all about, of course your room is available." As her cell phone ring Nyiakole answered it. "Hello?" she asked.


As Brix opened the door, Anari almost didn't recognize him. "Alright good, now listen, if you get to her, be easy and careful. If she struggles to much for her own safety knock her out." Anari placed his hand on Brix's shoulder "Hope you can fly." He said as he then transported them to wilds of Russia. Appearing high in the air, Anari's wings appeared as he let his eyes scan the forest. It was difficult as it seemed they arrived in the middle of a blizzard.
Even Beth had to admit, the idea of Ziri being seen as a mate to Dyvin was unlikely. She kept waiting for one of the now two dragons to get close enough as she was ready to slaughter them at any moment, a glow in her eyes formed as her blue eye then matched her burning orange eye.


"Yo, queen-y." Mocsha nonchalantly added, "Is Mochi with you?" asking rather quickly.


Brix nods to his brother as once they appeared in the skies of Russia, Brix spread his wings and kept his eyes open through the intense snow. It was already putting a big strain on his untrained wings, but he knew he had to keep up with Anari as he stayed close to him.
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Ziri remained silent as she stayed behind Beth. The feelings of being used and betrayed once again were sinking in.

Neither of the two dragons said anymore. While the one who was circling continued to do so the other one lunged towards them bearing his fangs with a roar.


"Yo..... Mocsha." Nyiakole said back. "Huh?? Yeah Mochi is here." She said.


Bracing himself against the cold and wind Anari looked around and tried to sense what was around him. He then noticed a few dragons not to far away and his daughters scent as well. "Over there! " he called to Brix. Tucking in his wings Anari dove down to where they were.
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((hey quik up date. taking care of my cousin who had major knee reconstruction. so i have had little time to get on the net. spent 12 hours in the er last night cause of some issues. and was up for 40 hours. so i am reading posts when i have a minute. will work on a post tonight if i can. i am so sorry to all if i am holding people up.))
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Stepping down to the bar floor Nill looked around seeing more people than she had seen here in a long time. "Looks like i am late to the party." She said before walking towards the bar getting a glass of water. Her normal greens eyes had changed becoming a dark blood red. With her water in hand she went back to the table to sit down. Letting out a small yawn she rubbed her face trying to fully wake up. she had not slept, her dreams nothing more then horrible nightmares.


Mace finally reached his destination, the large mountain seemed to shimmer in the morning light. Landing near a small pine grove her transformed back into his human form. Looking around he spotted a small cave near a stream. Stepping towards it he could fell magic in the air, he was near to his target. As he got close two humans jump out of a nearby tree, Mace kept his pace not seeming to care about them.

"Hey buddy this is private land, gonna have to ask you to leave. that or we may have to dirty your nice suit up." One of the men said as he crossed his arms.

Without warning the two men were pinned to two nearby trees hundreds of dark spikes piercing there bodies. "Two more souls." Mace said with a smirk as he entered the cave. He followed the dark path until he reached a large set of metal doors. Placing his hand on the door he gave a small push as the door cracked of is frame and fell in hitting the floor with a loud bang.

Mace stepped in finding himself in a large room, carved into the mountain. Quickly the room began to fill with humans, demons and dragons each wearing similar outfits, each with jeans and a black shirt with matching emblems on them. "Well what a wonderful welcoming party. Lets skip the chit chat, bring me the demon in charge. That or i could start killing people till he shows." Mace stared at the crowd with cold eyes as whispers began to creep through the crowd.

((Will post again when i can.))
As the dragon lunges forward, Beth thrusts her arms out as it got within a few yards and blocks the dragon dead in its leap with her invisible hands. She didn't waste any time before gripping its jaw and easily tugging it opposite from its mouth, breaking it easily. Her eyes were much more cold despite their burning color; so different from the timid young girl she presented herself as, but when it came to protecting those she cared about, it was like a switch in her head that brought her to focus on what needed to be done. She then eyes the dragon that flew around them as though daring it to make a move as well.

With Anari finding and locating Ziri, Brix flies in straight after him only to see the dragon laying down before the two girls and the one that flew around them still. Seeing Ziri in danger, hiding behind another girl, Brix tucks his wings further, diving straight to the dragon at full speed to grab its horns and slam it down so it would be easy pickings for his brother.


As Nyiakole confirmed Mochi being there, Mocsha snaps his fingers to Nayh to get her attention, "At the bar." he said before speaking to Nyiakole, "Why is she there? I have a feeling I know, but has she said anything?"

(( Sorry to hear that riz. Take as long as you need. ))
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Ziri felt fear strike in her heart as the dragon lunged. Even as Beth stopped him and kissed him, it didn't calm her fear. "There is more." She told her.

The other dragon the had remained away watched his comrade die by an unseen force. Knowing not to get to close, he opened his jaws to breath out a deadly burst of flames when suddenly felt himself being pushed down.

As his brother flew ahead, Anari was able to sense more as he got closer. There were five other dragons lurking within the snow storm. Changing to his full dragon form, his black scales contrasted his large form. Landing by the dragon Brix had brought down. Anari bit into his neck while pushing his head to the side with his claws, quickly breaking his neck and killing him. "Brix get them out of here." Anari growled.


Nyiakole looked over at Mochi as she continued to eat her breakfast. "She said her and her mother got into a disagreement, she didn't really go into detail." Nyiakole said.

At hearing Mochi was at the bar, Nayh vanished instantly. Arriving at the bar Nayh walked over to her daughter. "Mochi *never came up with a middle name* Royiaki!" Nayh said rather loudly. "How dare you just take off without telling anyone especially with all that is going on!"
(( lolz Silver. "Stopped and kissed him." That'd be pretty bad*ss of her though. Now I wish I did that instead. xD ))

As soon as he brought the dragon's head down, Brix took notice of the other dragons nearby. Nodding to Anari, Brix hurries to the girls, "Ziri! Come on! Hang onto me!" he says as he took one girl in each arm by their waist, "Come on Anari! Let's go!" He shouts to his brother as he then took flight up high pushing through the winds, as straining as it was.


Hearing Nayh enter from Nyiakole's phone, Mocsha sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose as he felt Nayh being angry might not have been the best entrance, but at the same time, Mochi leaving on her own was rather dangerous indeed, "Please keep an ear on them and give me a call if it needs breaking up."
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(( Uggg that is supposed to be 2 L's not S's >.< That is what I get for writing a fighting scene and a romantic scene while being distracted by the Big Bang Theory >.< ))

As Brix grabbed her by the waist, Ziri didn't recognize him at first since it had been a few years. Hearing her father's voice, she then realized who it was that that they had came for her. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. She didn't want to leave, she had worked so hard to get here, but if she stayed she would surely die as well as her unborn child.

Seeing Brix take back to the sky, he shouted. "Get as far as you can, I will catch up in a moment." He wanted to make sure none of the other dragons followed.


Nyiakole looked over at Nayh. "Okay... I will." she said

Mochi's eyes widen as she realized her mother found found her and was angry. "But mom...." she started to say.

"Don't but mom me!" Nayh said. "Do you know how dangerous that was?! Do you know how many people are running around that can kill you?! Do you not get it? Did you not learn anything from your Halloween escapade?"
(( lolz ))

As Anari elected to stay and make sure they got away, Brix grit his fangs as he couldn't help, but get a bad vibe about it, but he knew he had to make sure Ziri stayed safe. With a frustrated huff, he kept flying onwards to get out of the blizzard.

Beth was beginning to mixed feelings once more as Brix arrived. She knew who he and Anari were based on what Nukha told her about them and she too felt conflicted about leaving Anari alone. He was important to Ziri and felt perhaps it was not in the best interest in her health if something were to happen to him,

"...Can you trust this guy?" Beth tries to get to Ziri as she felt she could at least help Anari.

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