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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.085106382978723 8.5% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.53191489361702 53.2% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
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As Nukha laid Mochi back and placed on the mask, Nayh stood by her daughter as she slowly fell asleep. Nayh sighed and brushed some hair out of Mochi's face before kissing her forehead. As she made her way up to the observation room with Hanku, Nayh sat down, but didn't look out to see the surgery.
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((lurkage ninja ))
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((* pokes*))
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((*ish poked* Rawrsauce! o-o merow just waiting for the new arc to start... ))
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(( >.> Yeah, I am going to try and take a small break, I started a new job this week and I a still trying to get everything in its place from moving, so maybe around friday or this weekend, it will start ))
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((Sweetness that'll allow me to get some projects going.))
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During the ten years...

War continues to rage between the dragons. Shortly after the devastating events of their people, Rei and Nyiakole make an international cry for peace and unity among their people, even inviting the once accused rogues to open their eyes and see the reality that is their race falling apart by the enslaving mindset of a few men. Their plea was heard, but as they feared, many continued to stand against them. Soon, nearly all dragons can not escape the reality of what is happening and begin picking sides. Some of the rogues that join Dyvin share interest in his quest, while other join him out of fear for their lives as well as their families. Those who do not wish to partake in Dyvin's bulling and murderous ways, give their support and allegiance to the Queen

With the risk of Esbulin as a battleground, Rei wished to keep out of Esbulin for now. The expected twins were born safely and healthy with the aid of Nill. The one that belonged to Zailyn was a girl named Serriylen and Rei's was a boy named Viper, eldest of the two. Zailyn plays an active role in his daughter's life. He no longer lives among the Kuroryustuki clan, though he aids Nyiakole in the war whenever he can. Over the years Nyiakole noticed something odd about Serriylen, and after much research, she has come to discover that her daughter is a rare Song Dragon. Rei kept a peaceful and caring life for both Viper and Serriylen. However, with the learning of Serriylen as a Song Dragon, as well as her impressive abilities as a dragon, Rei could not help, but feel a twinge of jealousy on top of his already looming dislike for Zailyn, but it was a depressing jealousy as it both reminded him of Rurynn, but also the fact that his own blood was holding back not only Nyiakole, but their family's development.

Amidst his own struggles, Rei didn't abandon Viper, as he trained his son personally in martial arts and the merits of using his strength to protect what was most important to him, i.e. his family and loved ones. Knowing Viper's jealousy of his sister, Rei did his best to also comfort Viper and explain the brighter sides of his situation. Above all else, Rei still loves his family immensely, keeping his struggles inside and secret. Nyiakole and Rei still do everything they can to try and locate their son Brix with no success. The war is brutal, and the race that was once high in the thousands slowly dwindle into the high hundreds.

Having experience in the art of ElfSong, Nyiakole enlists Aylanna to help Serriylen in her gift. Aylanna also helps teach the two twins magic. Jealously surfaces with Viper at his sister's ease with everything dragon related. While staying with Nyiakole and Rei, Nill helps teach the magical art of healing as well as keep watch over the twins. She and Aylanna form a friendship over the years. Also Gaunt stays in the Queen's care, gaining motherly affection from her until he leaves for the foster system.

When he was about fifteen he left in search of his brother and bringing him to justice. He sent letters every once in a while to Nyiakole and Rei even Bhaltair. They were more of parental figures than his own flesh and blood. But he would always be long gone from the area after the letters were sent. He then met Jill, who would become girlfriend. Her father was very rich and she inherited his money when he died. She managed to get him to talk to her about his past. Deciding that his story was worthy she gave him funds on the condition she get to come along and write his story down. Eventually he agreed and she even grew on him enough for him to propose. She funds his search to find his brother, and almost never leaves his side now a days. Even now at 20 years he still hasn’t located his brother. His search continues to this day. Lately he’s heard of a recent threats and Attacks on the Royiaki family and found there were links to his brother. He sent a letter to Nyiakole asking for a meeting with them, and he has yet to receive a reply.

Argent stayed at Maces side as he researched the curse placed on his family. He let Mace run test over test on him trying to find a cure for his family’s curse also a way for his illness to be abated. It took a good few years yet Argent discovered that his disease, his so called curse was the bases for the Sema Virus and a new target for his anger appeared. The Sema Virus was created from Pear, and she was the reason the world had suffered from so many deaths. At least that’s how Argent viewed it and he was going to do his damned hardest to get back at the new witch hunt.

Having been reborn Mace goes into a seclusive state spending a lot of time training his body and mind as well as caring out his experiments. He has also been laying low due to not having another spare body to use should he die. He has work heavily on Discovering the secrets behind Argent's curse, and how it could be removed and controlled. He has also been working on finding the other earring and near the end of the ten year time skip found a lead.

Meanwhile Pear Rea stepped down from the co-owner position in PRIME she dedicated herself to raising her twins as well as hunting down the source of the Sema Virus, leak, as new cases arose over the years she constantly worked on new vaccines trying to stay ahead of the disease. She spent most of her time with her children but went on events to try to bring awareness to magical potential, and the signs of recognition to accept a now common trait. She began opening schools to help the exceeding amount of children that began to display magical abilities. She became an advocate to Interspecies peace.

In Recent years she and her children have received threats. She started to search for the source of these threats but even her contacts couldn’t track them down. Cleo & Catherine Royiaki mostly stayed at home while being raised by Pear and Nukha. They were quite a bit more protected and shielded from the media at least by Pear. They played with Beth and loved their brother bringing presents. However at the age of seven Cleo became quiet and stopped talking to almost everyone except her brother Michael. Catherine became her voice and they seemed to share a strong connection.

Michael completed his training within three months with full service to Dimitri. However he chose to stay in Dimitri’s realm pledging his life to his service. He moved out of his parents’ house right after, Living in a small house by the old PRIME Headquarters. Occasionally he would interfere in small matters of the human realm on Dimitri’s behalf but his work was brutal and deadly almost whispers of fear were spoken about a man with red hair and blue eyes almost a devil incarnate. Even visit his family from time to time for holidays and such, were brief and strained. But he was fiercely protective over his little sisters and showered them with gifts every time he came over.

He kept tabs on his family though he knew of every event they were at and even involved himself in the crowds just as an added measure of protection. He grew to not trust how his father operated PRIME, Slowly started to gain supporters to take over the company. He currently has no love interest. Harlequinn spent most of her years at PRIME doing odd jobs every now and then. She excelled at assassin work sometimes teaming up with Michael to do Jobs for both PRIME and Dimitri. Yet she still could not excel at working with others or communicating properly. She kept an eye on the little ones for Pear sometimes and when the threats arose to even greater volume she was

With the war between dragons in action, Nukha kept a close eye on the battle, not yet sure of which side presented a more beneficial victory for the world. Atop of his work, now on his own, Nukha felt more in control of the gears and wheels of PRIME than ever before. He also sent Harley on missions and assignments not just for the pay, but also in places where he felt she could find information about her lineage and family, perhaps, but he had not promised anything. With his work running better, it meant more time with his family, which he spent raising the twins and Michael whenever he was around. Upon Cleo becoming silent and only speaking with Michael, Nukha was more confused than concerned as to what was happening with his daughter. In time as Michael grew older, Nukha became more suspicious of his son's presence at times. He could sense a looming discomfort within him whenever he came home at times, but Dimitri expressed no worry. Nukha then draws the possibility of Michael coming out to his own way of thinking and understanding of what PRIME's operations and Nukha's own goals were about. While Nukha prepares for a heart to heart with his son, he could not help, but feel certain measures needed to be made should the worst happen.

Beth lived as much of a normal life as any other child her age. Now in her mid-teens, Beth remains mute, but fully aware and mindful of her surroundings and her accepting family. She didn't care to learn sign language, but also her general feedback was more than acceptable to Nukha, Pear, and the rest of the servants. She enjoys playing with Cleo and Catherine and has even learned to venture the city out on her own on occasion as well, not caring of her controversial awakening or origin. She enjoys her new family's attentions and their doting nature and cares not for who doesn't agree with Nukha. She cares about her 'Papa' and will do anything to protect or serve him better within reason.

While his mother takes care most of the clan business, Anari would disappear months at a time in a desperate search for his daughter Ziri. There would be times he would get so close, but Dyvin was always one step ahead of him in hiding her. Over the years, he became angry and bitter in his lack of success. In between searches, he would spend a few weeks here and there with Twila. To their joy she did become pregnant. She survive the Sema Virus at the end of her term, but as a result of her illness she lost the child as a stillborn. She grew depressed, even more so with Anari away.

To preoccupy herself she worked on mass producing her RG medicine which grew popular with many hospitals and even becoming a household brand. She lived off the success of her medicine and to keep herself busy she worked at Chaotic Nights. She began to dread when Anari returned home for only a few weeks. She would put on a brave face, and smile trying to be cheerful and happy when he arrived. She began to grow worse emotionally before each and every visit. Only after Anari is gone is she really happy anymore. Even though her co-workers asked her to get help for herself she refuses to this day.

Ivon spent the next few years just tending the Chaotic Nights bar, he spent a rather comfortable life. He helped customers from time to time His Russian accent always prevalent. He helped occasionally as situations arose. He started talking to Twila advising her on relationships and such. He soon learned to not bring up her mate around her and instead merely showed her the ropes.

Once things started to slow down in the Kuroryustuki house, Bhaltair left along with the orphaned dragon Trent. He raises the dragon in the wild, though he travels back to help Rei and Nyiakole often. Trent forms a close bond with Bhaltair and follows him everywhere. Throughout the years, Trent never assumes a human form nor does he speak. He shows extreme cunning, intelligence and understanding. He communicates through body language and different toned growls.

While Aylanna is contracted by the queen to help teach her two children. Aylanna and Miriel remain close and in love. Per Aylanna's request for children, they try a few more times, each result in miscarriages. Accepting the fact that she can not bare children, Aylanna has a brief moment of depression but turns most of her focus onto Miriel and the love they share while she is alongside him. Slowly throughout the years, Candice warms up to her sister. Though they are never close, they do share a few moments together, and though a complete hellion, she is overjoyed whenever she gets a chance to be around her nephew Riot.

Mocsha and Candice are crazy as ever, and inseparable. Mocsha is often contracted by Nyiakole and Rei to do random gruesome tasks in the Dragon's War. Their son, Riot turns out to be a tough little one to handle. Often mouthy and annoying, Candice wasted no time in placing him in a school to mainly give her a few hours of peace, and secondly, to get a decent education. Riot's mischief continues at school and whenever Mochi comes over to visit, they can be quiet the patience testers.

Mochi's surgery was a success. Weeks after her recover, she was up and running around. She has her mother's curiosity and a demon's natural bluntness. She loves to sneak off with Riot and cause a bit of mayhem as well as to dance. Having a natural talent for it, her parents enroll her in a dance academy. The studio is owned by Sophie who is a retired backup dancer. Nayh's and Hanku's wedding takes place shortly after Mochi's recovery. It was a beautiful ceremony and amidst the chaos and depression, most where happy about the joyous occasion. Moving into a home in Esbulin close to her parents, Nayh focus on her singing for a few years and manages to get popular. Hanku does what he can to help Rei, Nyiakole, and Anari find Brix and Ziri. In the last few years with everything calming down, Nayh and Hanku decide to expand their family and are having a difficult time. Each negative test only frustrates Nayh more, sending her on a roller coaster of ill moods.

Never returning to her position as Goddess, and never fully giving it up, Chaosisees remains on the earth with Ozma. Her love for him strengthens with each passing year, though at times, she finds it hard to stay away from her old ways. Chaos remains a strong figure in Nyiakole's court and eventually takes the deceased Marruu's place as a personal adviser and protector of Nyiakole, as well as issue out her commands. Ozma loyally stays by Chaosisees side. He offers war related advice to Nyiakole as well as acts like a general for her, overseeing and issuing orders in battle. In the past year or so as the warm calmed down, they still aid Nyiakole, but want to start building a life for themselves.

(( This proves we have too many characters that do to much lolz, Let me know if anything needs to be changed ))
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(( Let the new time line begin! ))

Near the coast of Ireland where her family now resides, Nyiakole sits in her small home office. On the other side of the desk, her son Viper was slouched down with his arms crossed. Viper had dark blue hair, almost a black and light green eyes. He had his father's neko ears and tail, his mothers dragonic horns. Nyiakole was giving her son a hard look. "Now V..." She said using the nickname she used often for him.

Viper huffed and sulked more in his chair "Why am I the only one getting in trouble? Lenny was the one that found the snake to put in the picnic basket" He argued.

Nyiakole sighed "Yes, that may be true, but she isn't the one who dropped the F-bomb on Miss Aylanna now did she?" Nyiakole firmly said back to her son.

Viper's ears folded back as he glared at his mother. "No of course not, Lenny would never do anything like that, she is to perfect right?" he snapped back.

Nyiakole took a breath from keeping herself from lashing out. "Tone Viper" she warned. She found Viper's constant competition with his sister for praise and affection was really started to make him act out. "Serriylen isn't perfect Viper, but you know better to go around saying such bad words to people. What do you think you father will say once he finds out?" Nyiakole asked. Viper just sulked. Nyiakole sighed as she leaned back in her chair. "I want you to apologize to Miss Aylanna for your foul mouth, do I make myself clear Viper?" She asked firmly.

Viper nodded "Yes ma'm" he muttered out.

Nyiakole looked over at her son for a moment and sighed, but smiled. "Now if you promise to be good, I need you to help me with something" Nyiakole said. "Some Lenny can't help with, it a man's job"

Viper's ears perked as he sat up and leaned forward "I can do it, I promise to be good" he said eagerly.

Nyiakole smiled as she grabbed a stack of papers and files. "I need to go to the bar today and get some work done and I need a helper."

Viper's tail started to swish back and forth "Chaotic Nights?!" he said excitedly. The bar was a place he and his sister was hardly allowed to go to. "I will be a good helper I promise!"

Nyiakole smiled as she stood up and handed a few folders to Viper. "I knew I could count on you V, we need to go now if that alright?" she asked. Viper nodded. "Good, come on" she said. Using magic, Nyiakole transports herself and her son to the bar, before leading him down the stairs.
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Mace was sitting in his lap, his sleeves rolled up and a large contraption on his right arm. He was delicately using the machine on a smaller circular device. "Blast, fried again. Tossing the small disk into a tray with a half dozen others he takes the strange glove off before standing up. "At this rate i will be out of meadows whisper." Holding up a small vial showed two small black beads inside. "Two left, this is no good. Hmm i don't have a pure enough sample of the virus. the last two would just end up being a waste." Placing the vial back onto a shelf he speaks again.

"If i can get this to work it may be the best shot yet at isolating the magic." Pacing the lab for a moment he leaves and walks downstairs into the living room. "Argent, were are you at, we need to get a more pure sample of the virus. We are going to have to go head out soon."
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Once down in the bar, Nyiakole walked over to a table and set some things on the surface, Viper mimicked her actions with the folders his mother let him carry. Nyiakole looked around the bar "I wonder where everyone is" she said.

Viper hummed "I don't know" He said "I wanted to see Twila" he added.

Nyiakole sat down. She took out bluetooth headset and placed it on her ear. "Viper, can you be quiet while Mommy makes some important calls?" She asked.

Viper huffed "Well what am I supposed to do? You said you needed my help" He whined out.

"That I do" She said. Nyiakole picked up a file and handed it to Viper. Nyiakole had already reviewed the file so there wasn't anything in there she didn't know about. "In there are a few summons. Use the bar phone on the counter, call the number on each sheet of paper, and tell them I told you to say they got a better chance to get a dog to meow" She said with a small smile.

Viper giggled. "Dogs don't meow" he said.

"I know, now do as you are told" She said. As Viper scampered off to the bar. Nyiakole looked through her other stacks of paper. Having someone try and sue her for damages or 'personal distress' nowadays was not uncommon. The Dragon War has caused mayhem all over the world, and people were trying to take advantage of her position. Finding the paper she wanted, it was a letter from Gaunt she had gotten recently. It made her feel warm how he stayed in touch with her. Using the number in the letter, she called him.
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Serriylen sat under a tree, hugging her knees to her chest. She had shoulder length sliver hair that was pulled back and dark green eyes. She was currently hiding. She had no idea that her brother was going to take the snake she had found and place it in picnic basket the Miss Aylanna had made for after they finished with their morning studies. The snake had terrified their teacher and when she had tried to reprimand them, Viper had said bad things. Serriylen didn't want to get in trouble, she didn't to do anything that Viper had done.

(( I am bored ))
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Nill had spent the better part of the early morning out in the woods, she keep an extensive herb garden in a small clearing near a pond. Having harvested a bunch of herbs and gathered a few other supplies she made her way to find Serriylen. Today she was going to start teaching her how to make a few herbal salves. She was grasping healing magics, but Nill figured this would be something easy and fun for her.

Nill found Serriylen under a tree holding her legs to her chest, she looked a bit upset and worried, Making her way over to her Nill sat her basket down and knelt down to Serriylen's eye level. "You look like someone with something on there mind. So whats got you looking so sad this afternoon?"
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Serriylen had not noticed Nill approaching. She was only aware of her presence when she spoke. Looking up with her dark green eyes, a perfect, vibrant contrast to her silver hair, She looked shocked at first. Perhaps, Nill didn't know what had happened earlier. "V played a mean trick on Miss Aylanna" She informed the Nymph. "He is going to say I helped and then I am going to get in trouble too"

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