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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
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Rei sighs as he looks over the scene over Nyiakole's head before firming his expression, "...This has to stop. We're on the brink of a civil war...Diplomacy has failed...but the line must be drawn." Rei then looks down at Nyiakole, pulling back a little, "I'm going to address the press tomorrow...as well as the people...and I want you beside me. One more call for the rogues to choose their side...and show the light at the end of this long, dark path ahead of us. This is no longer a matter of just getting Ziri and Brix anymore...but our entire race."


A small while after Dimitri left, Ozma had left Aermah, who was recovering after his own powerful ritual, and made his way to Chaosisees, calling for her attention before landing. He was slightly wounded, but walking well enough as he brought a hand to Chaos' shoulder, the other running through the side of her hair, "...Are you alright?" He asks with a worried expression as he never got a chance to see her even before the attack began.


As soon as the fight was over, Hanku took Mocsha back to his home. Just before getting to the door, Mocsha shoves off Hanku clearly agitated at how messed up he got and that Hanku saved him from getting any worse, maybe even being killed. However, Hanku didn't pay any mind as he knew the demon was as stubborn as he was in battle. Both men enter, but Mocsha was clearly tired as he simply went upstairs without a word spoken to Nayh or Candice. Flopping onto the bed with a loud thud, Mocsha simply let gravity hold his body against the sheets as he stares aside at nothing with a firm frown.

As Hanku entered, he saw Nayh appearing to be waiting, "......You felt that, I guess...We dragons just seem to attract the worst in the world. We were lucky though...minimal casualties really." Hanku said as he then sits by Nayh and Mochi, patting Mochi's head softly, "Tonight is when Shyn and Daiyulean come, isn't it?" He asks with a downed tone.


As he heard Nill wake up, Bhaltair looks down at the small nymph giving her a small pat on her head, "Easy does it, little one...It's alright now. Ya did good. It's over." He says as he took a moment to look over her body, "How're ya feelin'?" He asks as his accent relaxed more into its Irish origin.
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Nyiakole leaned ore against Rei "I know it does" she said "alright...I will be by your side Rei" She said before she sighed "And what happens when .... when some still oppose us? What happens if this does become a war Rei?" Nyiakole asked.


Chaosisees looked over at Dimitri and sighed as she nodded. "Yes I am fine... its just" she said as she trailed off. She had never told Ozma about what happened in the hospital room while he was asleep. About how Dimitri demanded she kill him, the slap he gave her that left her with a bruised face. "... He didn't have to show himself is all" she said.


As Hanku and Mocsha returned. Riot was playing in a play pin when Candice noticed Mocsha went straight upstairs. Candice hummed as she made her way up into their bedroom. She saw Mocsha laying on the bed with a frown. She didn't say anything as she walked over to their bed and sat down and began to massage his shoulders.

Nyah watched her parents go up stairs before looking over at Hanku. "Yeah... it is" She said "We are meeting them elsewhere" she said not feeling comfortable having Shyn and Daiyulean in the house. "Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning if everything goes well."
Rei kept an arm around Nyiakole's shoulder, nuzzling his cheek against her head, "...If they still oppose, then they accept their place as enemies to us and are willing to stand by the very ideals that aim to destroy our way of life. We must get our home back, Nyiakole, and if they won't yield, then we will give no quarter...I want them to join us as we prosper, not fight against us. Hanku is proof of that. There must be families and other men and women like him who simply don't have an allegiance, but don't want to see their race destroy itself."


Seeing the hurt in Chaos' eyes worried Ozma as he was able to figure it was Dimitri who released the shadow creatures, "So it was him..." Ozma said with disappointment. He then embraces Chaos gently, running his hand through her hair, "I'm sorry he feels the need to pester you still, Chaosisees, love...and I wish I could do more to keep him away, but you have me now right here...and I will comfort you, as always." He says then giving a small kiss on her forehead, "...I love you Chaosisees." He said in a whisper as he hadn't spent much time with her recently to even utter those words to her again.


Feeling Candice sit beside him and rub his shoulders, Mocsha couldn't help, but relax more, sighing as she forced his tension away. He didn't feel like saying anything or venting even and Candice was the only one he would never shove away if he wanted to be alone.

"Alright, where at?" Hanku asked simply as Nayh seemed to show nervousness a bit more. Holding her hand and her waist, Hanku looks down at Nayh, "Hey...It'll be okay, Nayh." he said as even though he was nervous too, he wanted to comfort Nayh somehow.
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Nyiakole nodded "I agree... maybe there are some that would help us, I just hope there are others that don't have the same views as Dyvin" she said with a sigh. She leaned against Rei some more "I am so tired... but I feel like there is so much to do..."


Chaosisees wrapped her arms around Ozma and kissed him gently, feeling his fingers through her shorter hair felt so strange. "I love you two... I want all this to be over and it to be just you and me


Candice kept tending to Mocsha, moving from his shoulders to his arms. She felt him relax, glad she was easing his tension some. "You don't have to say anything... but you know I am always here...you can always use me to vent out your frustrations" she said gently.

Nyah set Mochi down and watched her daughter crawl around to play. "I reserved a suit at a hotel in the city." she said "I know it will be alright... I just...I know it can be painful, and I don't want her to be scared."
Rei moves his hand along Nyiakole's back softly and sighs once more humming in agreement, "Well...that's one thing you can thank pregnancy for...Not only will you need to rest more, I'm gonna make you rest more." Rei said as he added a small lighter note, "There will be more to do, though...Let's try to go to sleep at the same time though, alright?"


Ozma kisses Chaos back and sighs against her shoulder as he embraces her closer, "I still feel our getaway was cut short. You owe me a vacation, Chaos, dear." Ozma said then smirking slightly to her.


Hearing her voice softly console him, a deep groaning growl bellows from the demon's chest, sounding much like a purr. His face buried into the sheets, he mumbles a small set of words with clear agitation.

Hanku hums and sits more closer to Nayh as she set Mochi down, "A suite, really?" he said in small comment as she described slightly how it would feel, "...You don't need to watch if you don't want to, Nayh."
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((ish typing up future plot posts >.> so many characters @.@ ))
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"To be honest i feel like i should be dead. Everything is numb, and i have a feeling that once i get feeling back it is gonna suck." Nill grunts as she leans forward. "I wish more could have lived. I have not been awake for very long and i have seen so much death. The world is a much harsher place then i remember. I should try and find the queen i can sense her somewhere close. There is something i need to tell her." Nill tried to get up but her body would not respond. Trying again she gives up and slumps back down. "Well this is great, i feel like a limp weed."


Inside Mace's lab the large cylindrical tube begins to drain a dim light illuminates it showing Mace's body. Small twitches start over the body, as Mace's soul binds to the body he starts to stir. Lights all over the machine blink and pulse a dull hum echos through the lab. With a sudden rush Mace breaks through the tube and onto the ground. Coughing and confused he looks around. "What, were am I, whats going on?" A dark voice booms in his head at his question.

"You are alive again my puppet, do you not remember our deal? Your soul for power to get your family back?" The voice says in a mocking tone.

"You.. No.. What's happened? Has this all been a dream? Have i done what i remember? Please let me go i don't want this any more." Mace said not in his usual tone but one of someone frightened for there life.

"Yes, with my help you have killed many. Is this not what you want? You agreed to be my host in exchange for power, and i have no intention of letting our deal be broken." as the voice spoke Mace doubles over in pain as a rune etches itself into his chest before fading away.

Returning to his normal composure Mace stands up. "Hmm i remember now, my path is set. The life of my family at the cost of the lives of others." Mace snaps his fingers as a shadowy wisp wafts over his body forming into his clothes.
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Nyiakole hums as Rei moved his hand along her back. "Yeah" she said. She rested he head against his chest. "Its been so hard for me to sleep, can you help me sleep Rei?" she asked softly.


Chaosisees smiled weakly. "In due time Ozma." she said as she looked around "Right now I think we need to help all we can"


Candice hummed at hearing the growl that can from Mocsha. She moved her hands to his back as she continued the massage, she leaned down and started to kiss and nibble the back of Mocsha's neck.

Nyah looked up at Hanku. "Yeah" she said before she sighed. "I know, but, Mochi needs me, I don't want her to feel alone and scared."She said. Nyah the rubbed her arm where her daughter's name was tattooed. "I already abandoned her once, I don't want to do it again"
"Absolutely, love...Anything for you." Rei said as his hand then caresses along her cheek gently as she rested against him. After a small while longer, Rei pulls back from the embrace, "...We'll have more time together tonight...For now, go on to Chaosisees and check on the women and children. I'll help the men gather the dead. Sooner we clean up, the sooner we can rest."


"Yes...We do." Ozma said simply before pulling back a bit, "I'll set up a small watch while everything gets put in order...I'm not sure what Rei and Nyiakole will plan next, but...I think a small time of rest would be best for everyone for the rest of the day."


Feeling her lips n** at his neck, Mocsha growls once more, turning his head more to the side as he spoke more clearly, "...Not fair...with the kissing." He said before sighing, "...That overgrown lizard downstairs saved my a*s..." He said embarrassed referring to Hanku.

Hanku hums and brought his hand to hold the side of Nayh's face softly admiring his fiance's maternal instincts and devotion, "...You're a good mother, Nayh. Once it's all done and the operation is complete, it'll all wash over...and we can then have Mochi as the flower girl." Hanku said with a small laugh as he then kisses her lips softly and embraces her in his arms while looking over at Mochi.
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Nyiakole smiled gently, but it seemed like there was a lot of effort placed into it. As Rei pointed out all the things to do, Nyiakole sighed as she looked, she didn't think it was possible, but it made her ache even more at the sight. "Tonight then, don't disappoint" she said as she walked over to Chaosisees, getting into a small conversation with her.


"Since when am I fair?" she asked with a devious smirk. "Oh? Is that why you are so down? You rather die then be saved by..." Candice paused as she covered her mouth to snicker "...by your soon to be son-in-law" She had never thought of it until that moment, but it amused her. Candice composed herself as she leaned down and laid against Mocsha and nuzzled against him "Do you want me to take your mind off it?" she asked with a hint of seduction.

Nayh looked up at Hanku "I don't feel like it sometimes... I felt a lot of guilt after I left." She then smiled "Yeah....I can't wait for that. She hugged Hanku back "Come on, let's get this over with"
Rei brought a hand to hold her chin as he gently smiled back, "Never..." he said before leaning in and kissing her lips once more and moving on to helping the other men.


Mocsha grumbles once more as she then taunted his embarrassment, "...I'm not like this because I didn't die, but because...of all the people." he said with a huff and flopping his head on the sheets before hearing Candice offer to distract him. Humming with a moan as he felt her body against his, Mocsha slowly turns over with Candice on top of him, "...Please." he said with a hint of annoyance as he really didn't want to think of it. His hands exploring her sides, he sighs once more, "Make me forget all about it, babe..."

((Dunno where you wanna skip to with Nayh, Shyn and the others. >< ))
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Candice kissed Mocsha's lips. "Because of what they might think? Mocsha you have tormented this earth for thousands of years, and there will be thousands of years more, and they know it. All those p*ssies over there would sh*t bricks if you turned on them" She said as he turned over and agreed to let her distract him. "Plus they don't have the hottest b*tch around just begging for it like you either" She added as she kissed his neck the to his collarbone and chest and kept working her way down.


After Hanku, Nayh and Mochi left and arrived at the hotel, they wasted no time in starting the spell. Daiyulean and Shyn had already set up the bedroom where the spell would take place. It was a long, painful process. Bones had to grow, skin stretch, muscle build, then came the task of matching the mind with the body which led to confusion, stress and fright. The spells had to alternate to neither the body or the mind got ahead of the other. Because Daiyulean and Shyn needed space to work with, and so there was not a lot of interference, Hanku and Nayh took turns being in the room with Mochi. Nayh was currently with her, consoling her crying daughter when the process finally came to an end. Through the babbling mess that was Mochi, she did make one think clear. Leaving her daughter on the bed for a moment, Nayh peaked out the door to Hanku. "She wants her daddy" she said softly. Mochi was curled up on the bed, She had long, choppy gray hair, violet eyes, red from crying, a pair of small black horns protruded from the side of her head, her fingers and toes were very claw like and still had their bluish tint as they were in mid morph. Her purple tail with blue stripes was tucked up between her legs as her whole body sharply ached. the whole process had made her to appear to be five
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(( So I have a big, huge box of DVDs and Zoey gets into them, the only one she picks out and takes with her is DBZ ))
(( O.o.....*ahem* LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLL! xD ))

Standing and watching the ritual was very gut-wrenching for Hanku as he hadn't gone through such on-edge frustration and sadness in a very long time. Watching his daughter morph and age before his eyes, but all the while the screams he heard and the fact he had to stay composed and not cry with his daughter. As it was all over and Nayh said she wanted to see him, Hanku walks past Nayh and carefully sits beside Mochi looking her over. Walking past Shyn who only sat down in a nearby chair a bit tired from the magic, but also wanted to see if his magic was performed as well as it felt it did. So many features both dragon and demon were apparent that it made Hanku realize that Mochi could afford to learn a human-appearance spell of some sort so she wouldn't risk any emotional turmoil and outcast the same as Rurynn experienced, but he admired his daughter's appearance nonetheless. Gently placing a hand on her shoulder, he then tucks his other arm under her leg, easily cradling her in his large arms as his partial dragon form came out in appearance. His white hair draping down his back and his clawed hands curling around Mochi's small frame as he hunches forward surrounding Mochi with his presence. Nuzzling his head against hers whispering and rocking back and forth, "...Oh Mochi, sweetheart...It's alright. Daddy's here. It's over now."
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(( soooo much typing... my hands hurt >.< ))

As Hanku cradled Mochi and held her close, Nayh watched from the door frame. This had to be the hardest thing she had yet to do, there was no way to ease the pain Mochi felt, and Nayh couldn't take her place. But Hanku was right, it was over now, all that was left was the surgery in a few short hours.

With her father's arms around her, Mochi continued to cry, though her sobbing lessen. Tears still ran down her eyes as she took heavy breaths. "It... hurts..." she squealed out as her shoulders trembled. She let out a few more whines almost as she was gearing up to start bawling again.

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