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Hitomi took Ewarde by the hand and led him inside the inn. She apologized for having just left him there; she somehow felt responsible, and thus guilty, for not attending to him. Hitomi knew now what it was like to care for someone beyond what platonic love could offer. The grrl blushed as she silently and gently led him along. "Why don't we go rest?" she suggested, as they neared the threshold to the entrance.

Bong-Cha glided her fingers across the screen of her phone. She was checking for any new messages on her public email. The private, encrypted one on the Ju Che network could only - and should only - be accessed via her laptop, which was in her room. "s**t. I need to contact the commander. He has to be expect -" She cut her words off as she sensed Seishou and that loud aunt of his. Some colourful folk around these here parts... Bonny turned and smiled at him. She did not resist as she scooped her in his arms. The agent sensed 'Hinote's' negative energy, and the way it ebbed towards her. Bong-Cha set her cool, red gaze on the woman for a few seconds. Then, she turned her attention to Seishou. "If you're offering your carriage, how can I refuse? I need to get to my room and finish unpacking."

She also wanted to puff on a big, fat blunt.
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"Alright Hitomi. thats fine by me." Ewarde smiled, regardless of the sitution Ewarde was calm. Again he had one heck of a day. He saw Myou's aunt and found out Hitomi was relatd to her aunt. All those thoughts was whirling around in his head.

Ewarde felt Hitomi's warm hand agaisnt his and felt a pleasent happiness from her. Something within a short time thought was impossible for her ,but he belived it there was a bond beyond friendship between them. Everyone was happy including himself.

"Hitomi its alright you don't have to apologize." Ewarde laughed a little as she had a guilty look on her face.

"Alright I guess this is good night right?" Ewarde smiled at her face to face as they neared the stairs.
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Myou was asleep on Nii-san's stomach. Drool trailed down her cheek and pooled on his shirt. She as dreaming of nothing in particular, just of her brother, her sister and her parents. They were all in the garden, Seishou as bullying her about her pigtails. Her sister was sitting in their mother's lap and feeding the birds. Their father was whispering into their mother's ear as she blushed behind her fan. Myou smiled and laughed in her sleep.
Seishou poked Bonny's nose, "Oh well obviously you don't remember,o" Seishou chuckled as he weaved through the trees and soared above them, "you're going to share a room with me due to your unusual weirdness from earlier." He explained. Seishou ddin't really care if they shared a bed, he just wanted to bug the hell out of Bonny and see that oh so cute glare she gave him.
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Mii-san looked down at Myou and tried to ignore that she had been drooling on him. At the moment it would seem that no one would answer his question so Nii-san's best option was to lay back and try to remember everything.
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100 Years Later
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Seishou opened the doors and walked into the hallway. He observed the mural that was faded from a hundred years ago. The beautiful hues still held life within the tree branches, but they seem to be slowly but surely giving up. The sky was darker but it didn't hold a weak emotion like hate, but something strong and willful.
"Hey Bonny-hime, do you miss me?" He asked to no one but the spirit of the tigress who held him captive in her fire. She was an enchantment all her own. The way her vermillion eyes sparked in the face of a challenge, the way her muscles moved as she fought with her weapons. He remembered the day where he would tease her and those pink lips would utter the meanest things that can shred a man's heart to pieces. They were all gone now. She went back to Korea and never looked back after their disagreement. "Oh Bonny-hime... What I would give to shock your nerves with some energy right now..." He chuckled to himself. Seishou's little sister Myou walked next to him and she looked ready to cry. "Come on bibiri-chan." Seishou ruffled her hair and guided her to the lobby. Where all the life stirred before they left.
Hitomi-chan was living with their aunt for the rest of eternity along with her siblings, so they saw her more frequently. Myou was in shock when she heard Nii-san died of old age. She really did love him, just like Seishou loved Bonny. "Come on kid, suck it up and look." Seishou scolded his little sister. She was finally an Inifinite Angel, but her love for the boy made her wish she was mortal.

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Myou walked along with her big brother. She didn't know why he would come back to this place. Too many memories made her writhe in turmoil, too many memories with Nii-san. Why did she agrre to come back?
Myou saw the halls were deteriorating, the paint peeled and disintergrated just from looking at it and cobwebs occupied cracks that were fresh. Myou couldn't stand the sight of it all, especially when they set foot in the lobby. Everything came to life then; Nii-san sat on the couch that was in the far right corner of the room. The couch was now a frame with rags and stuffing. She looked at the bar and noticed the broken glasses. Ewarde would throw a fit if he saw this.
If Seishou's old girlfriend would click her tongue and get in his face about lettin gthe place turn into "more of a rat's dump." The sudden realization hit her; she even missed that Korean jerk who betrayed them and broke Seishou's heart. "Seishou, I hated that woman for what she did to you but I miss her." Myou started to laugh but they soon turned into hiccupping sobs. "I miss them all so much...." She crouched down and hugged herself. Seishou sat down next to her despite the dust and grime. "I wish we didn't close it down. We never would've been seperated."
With that Myou and Seishou left the building and erased it from existence....

Good-bye Celestial Midnight Cafe, thank you for bringing us all together...

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