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"This body has been fractured. A demon has split many lives from him. Many souls have been allowed avatars in your world. They must be killed."

The left, metallic arm rose and gave a thumbs up, signaling Quinn's agreement.

"We could teach you to feel the energies of the universe. We could teach you power to make this man whole again."
Getoth silently took the information in. Well, that hadn't been what he was expecting. "So what you are saying is that these souls are living outside of their timeline in another body? Were they given someone else's, or were they given their own?"

Mixing someone else's energy with his magic could be tricky. On the other hand, he had the chance to help someone with their mission, to help make them whole again. To be fractured must be a terrible state of being.

(Sorry it took so long. I'm working on some stuff, and I got sidetracked. )
"Academic, I urge you to look into Hermetic philosophy and the Kybalion. It is your worlds' source of truth. Nature is energy and matter. Technology is a type of magic, used to imitate the nature science and spirituality of the universe. Your magic is no different from my energies, but you only seek to harness the scepter of power differently from me and this man Quinn."

The being could sense unease, but hoped that was satisfactory as an explanation.

"As for these beings, they were all born on your world save the last. They have lived, died, and their energies transmuted to their next incarnation, as I intended when I first became Star Seed under Lord Hermes. Killing their bodies will once more reunite our Soul.

"A warning to you, Mage, if you should so agree to help us, you will be putting yourself at great risk."

(This is an open plot. If you know anyone looking to put a role play Party together, they are welcome here.)
'Talk about out of the fire....' he thought with an internal sigh. "This will not be the first time I have put myself in danger. Thank you for answering my questions, but I have one more question and a stipulation. If you can grant me the ability to 'sense' these avatars, then why can Quinn not do the same? As for my stipulation, this mission is Quinn's. I will aid him in finding his targets, and I may even help combat them should they prove too powerful for one fighter to handle. However, it is not my job to kill them. Unless they are threatening the lives of noncombatants, I will not step in with purely lethal force."

(Sounds good. )
"Then we are agreed. I relinquish control."

After a moment, Quinn's arm and legs began to jerk alive again. Blinking quickly, he shook it off and grinned.

"Now perhaps I should explain some about what exactly the issue is."
"Yes, perhaps that would be best." Getoth sat back and poured himself the drink he'd been ignoring since finding the bottle. Aedhan hadn't answered the question Getoth asked, and the man had no intention of going futher until he had his answer. Not to mention an explaination from Quinn on the issue might come across as a bit clearer.
"I was brought up in a specific order. I've been taught and educated in the Truth and I have seen things beyond most humans' comprehension. That is where I learned of DNA memory and the Truth of Life, Duality and Unity, the Hermetic philosophies. That is where I contacted with my Self and how I've gained knowledge beyond the level of modern science."

Turning to face Getoth, his brow furrowed in concern. "But it is where I learned about my own duality. In a way, we are all One Soul. Each person is a part of one line of souls, related through a chain of DNA and time. Each line is the desire of the universe to know itself, and it flows through not just humans, but all matter. It is where I found my good, and my evil. Aedhan is the First Soul in my Consciousness. The last is The Eidolon. It is a creature that, unleashed in the physical reality, is capable of true and evil destruction. It must be restored to my Consciousness."

He sighed.

"There is more...each one whom has been split from me takes with them an equal number of past and future souls. And each is in a physical body, just as capable as I to restore Unity to their own body. Meaning they will all come for me one day.

"If you can find them, however, in a way that I cannot, I can kill them. The reason I cannot see them is because I am not capable in most of the Universal Magicks. My physical body cannot, without Unity of Consciousness, process the magicks required to sense them. We accept your stipulation if you accept our premise."
"I see," he said quietly, taking a slow drink. "So each of you is seeking a unification of sorts.... Alright, when do we start?" Personally Getoth would like some time to rest before rushing off to his next life or death mission.
Hidden amongst the shadows Fero dwells in the darkest of them, Make sure not to be seen or noticed. "Been a rather long time since I last been here" He says softly to himself wondering if he would see anyone he knew from his past life. Being dead for so long he was unsure how other would react to him being well undead. "Being a hybrid could be rather creepy to most." Thinking to himself. The smell of warm blood drifting to him. "Damn this thirst, damn it to hell".

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