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Ralic's spectre continued to wander the halls of the Manor. As occupants began to trickle in, he saw Saria's spirits rise but one guest in particular seemed to make her the happiest he'd seen her in a while. Stykes. He had seen him around, spoke to him a few times, but never really knew him or carried on a conversation that he could remember, but there were few things that Ralic remembered anymore. How he came ot his present state being the most elusive memory.

He instructed the shadows to keep his form masked as he observed everyone in the room. The longer they stayed in the Manor, the stronger his abilities became. He could move things. Well, rather, he could get the heartless to move things for him. He could manipulate the shadows once again. Perhaps soon, he'd be able to speak and be heard.

When Saria left, so did he, and if anyone were paying attention, they may have seen him leave the room. His shadows attempted to cling to him like a dust to vase as he retreated. He gazed at the box, arms crossed before glancing back to see the eyes of a couple heartless. He flicked his head towards the box and they obliged. They scurried over to the box, lifting the lid and handed the first picture to Saria before leaving. A wedding picture.

Ralic moved towards Saria, attempting to put his arms around her once again, much like in the picture she held. 'Saria...'
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Saria exhaled loudly, about to walk past the box to go grab a few tools from the shed, but stopped when she noticed the heartless acting rather oddly. One of the heartless scurried up to the box, opening the lid and pulling out a photo. Curious, Saria bent down and took the photo from the heartless, seeing a wedding photo.

She frowned and quickly put the photo back in the box. "Not today," she said to the heartless, patting it on its head. She pushed the box with her foot into the corner of the hallway so that it'd stay out of her road as she worked to fix up the manor. She opened the back door to exit, but stopped and turned, looking around the empty hallway. That was a strange thing for a heartless to do. But then, everything has been strange since she returned. She looked right at Ralic - although she didn't know she did - and then turned again, making her way out of the manor and to the shed to pick up some tools.
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Time had slipped past her. From what point Penny was down stairs falling asleep on the bar stool, belly fully of apple juice, to cuddled up in a bed, but where. Large marbled eyes popped open beneath the nest of blankets that had somehow found their way on top of here. The tiny figure beneath the blankets twitched some, trying to find the exit of this nest. The two bunny ears from the hood of her sweat shirt popped out first before her eyes adjusted to the dimmed lights in the room. A violet skinned hand lifted from the mound of blankets to rub her eyes which was followed by a long exaggerated yawn, thin arms stretching out above her head.

It didn’t take long for her to find that small bunny backpack and make her way to the door and as he pulled the door open slightly ajar, the strangely colored child looked down one way of the hallway then the other. No one. Penny started to wonder if this really was the place that her siblings could find her. It wasn’t like Dime ever had a problem finding her before…

Penny shook her head some, that bunny eared hooded sweatshirt swaying with her head. With backpack in toe, she crept out into the hallway and wandered the halls some looking for the staircase back down to the bar.
The ghost let out a heavy huff, looking at the heartless helplessly. All it did was shrug in response. He was finally in a place that allowed him to attempt to make a connection with Saria and she did everything in her power, it seemed to block him out. Ralic watched as she moved towards the shed. "She's always been a stubborn one," he murmured, though he knew only the heartless could hear him, apparently. The shadowy stalker continued his movements, a heartless following at his heels, ready to do his bidding.
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After grabbing a few tools from the shed - simple things like some nails, a hammer, a screwdriver with some screws, and duct tape - she made her way back into the manor. Her eyes darted around the manor looking for what needed to be fixed first.

Her ears twitched as she heard someone else coming down the stairs, likely the little girl from the night before. Being in the back hallway, she figured Stykes would take care of the girl when she entered the bar room. But then, thinking of how bad Stykes was with kids, maybe she should make him do the repairs and she'll take care of the girl. Finding this to be the better idea, she made her way into the bar room again.
Stykes thought for a moment about the sibling's debate, weighing the options and possibilities. At about this time Saria came walking back into the area with a look of conviction, he took quick notice at the tools she was carrying and it appeared an easy escape.
"Need help with anything, Saria?"
he asked in the midst of walking towards her making it apparent he was looking for a quick escape
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"Yes, I do." Saria said, holding the tools out to Stykes. "I've pretty much finished renovations upstairs as you've noticed. It's the first level that still needs some work. If you repair, I'll clean." She offered. With that, she placed the tools on the counter and then grabbed a piece of cloth and some all purpose cleaning spray, arming herself against the dust and grime she'll be fighting.
He announced as he removed his coat, setting it on the counter and stuffing the tools into various pockets on his person. In his mind repairing the manor was almost an adventure, having been in nearly every nook and cranny of the place getting to put it back together brought him quite a bit of happiness.
"What do you need done first?!"
He exclaimed, almost childlike in excitement. He did love his tools
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Saria smiled at the enthusiasm. It was more than she had.
"I'm not sure." she said, looking around. "I've been feeling a weird draft lately and I can't figure out where its coming from." Little did she know it wasn't actually a draft she was feeling...

"See if you can find it and repair it. And then check the plumbing, make sure things are still intact and not going to surprise us later."
"Aye aye, Captain!"
He shouted with a playful salute, standing on the tip of his toes as his hand met his forehead, with that he set off from room to room. Heading into the kitchen first he turned on each sink, letting it fill almost entirely with water to check for any leaks, before letting it drain to check the piping below the counters for the very same thing replacing anything as needed with the spare parts Saria kept lying around. Each lighting fixture was checked equally as thorough, he flipped on each light making sure all the bulbs were in working order before replacing any that shorted/didn't come on, there was one fixture that plain didn't turn on at all meriting a quick tearing apart of the switch to make sure the wiring was still good, upon confirming it was Stykes simply replaced the switch, solving the problem. Within minutes the kitchen was in tip top shape mechanically, but the draft Saria mentioned definitely wasn't coming from here, everything was sealed with weather stripping quite well.
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As Stykes did his handyman investigation throughout the kitchen, Saria grabbed a mop and began to clean the floors of the bar room. She put out an old cracked "Wet Floor" sign that she'll have to replace soon. After mopping, she went over the floor again with a dry mop to really speed up the drying process and remove any excess dirt that the wet mop missed.

Moving on to the bar top, she disinfected every inch of it, including inside the cabinets and drawers she previously wiped out. She began pulling out mugs, dishes, cutlery, and other utensils and washing them in the sink so that she didn't have to rinse each item prior to use. After drying and replacing the items, she put everything away, leaving the bar counter clean and well-stocked.

She then turned to the tables, disinfecting them, including the table stands and chairs. Placing just-washed vases on each of the tables, she placed a finger on each vase where a beautiful dark blue rose bloomed from her touch, a dark green vine twisting its way out and around each vase.

Moving to the windows, she grabbed a mini vacuum and sucked up the dust from the long curtains. When she had conquered the dust, she windexed the tall windows, using some of her vines to help wash what she couldn't reach. Soon the dust was completely cleared from the windows, allowing the light from outside to shine in and light up the bar in a way that it hasn't been lit in years.
Stykes continued his inspection, checking the various facilities from bathrooms to the bar, ensuring everything was in working order and noting down what wasn't and would need to be replaced once he went to grab parts later. Nostalgia filled his mind as he replayed past events in his head while he worked, a chuckle escaping his mouth as he recalled undead chickens running rampant through the manor at once point before being immediately immobilized by Saria's magic. Ah magic, possibly the strangest thing Stykes had become accustomed to.
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((Okay I'm tired of filler posts.))

AND the Manor was cleaned. All of it. Every nook and cranny was shining as if new.

Saria returned to her place behind the counter, wiping the sweat from her brow at a job well done. The manor was back to its former glory. She sat down on her bar stool and poured herself a tall glass of lemonade, drinking it rather fervently.

She felt a chill crawl up her spine as she felt the apparent draft again. Looking around the room, she tried again to identify the source of the draft.
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The siblings bickered with one another at the bar stating irrelevant facts about who did what. Defending themselves from ridicule about this or that. In fact they were so heated in the argument they missed just about everything that was going on. When they decided that the debate was over Bane stood and briskly walked to another stool and plopped his butt down. A frown marred his face, while Ania smirked in a slight victory. Basking in the after flow of his moodiness and after that she stood to stretch stiff limbs
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(( Hello, all! If this is too much, I'll change it. :'3 ))


Why is it that Yuni always manages to land in water, when she can't swim worth a damn?

The air above the man-made body of water ruptured as a fiery vortex opened up just above the diving board, a petite Nekojin falling backwards out of it. Icy eyes took in a brief glance at the lovely sky before the world inverted when her back hit the board, flipping her over like an omelette so those eyes can widen in terror at the cold water below. Quite the feline hissy fit was given the moment before Yuni went under, digging out the dagger from her abdomen so she could better flail without tearing up her insides. Most of the blade must have been melted, anyway.

Yuni broke the surface, hands clawing at the precious air and legs fumbling about to propel her towards the closest edge of the pool. Her clothes were heavy now with water, and it took a great deal of effort to heft herself up onto dry land once more.

"Bloody piece of a goblin's whore!" Yuni gasped, coughing up water and hugging her stomach. More colorful curses followed. "That's the last time I let m'self get stabbed for the sake 'o anythin'!" The Nekojin took a survey on herself, pulling back her hands to see the inky fluid that was her blood on them. The hole closed up messily, the water interfering with the healing components of her blood. Looking around, Yuni's bright eyes take in the intimidation outer structure of the Victorian house...

and all the bright, beady eyes that watched her curiously from the shadows.

"... I dunno if this is good, bad, or jus' oddly convenient..."

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