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stykes, having never had any formal training in hunting the undead, watched her precariously as she poured a vial of water over his hand. In his mind this situation was entirely comical there were many places he could go with this but he decided to take it easy seeing as the reaction he had gotten earlier. Once she was finished he wiped his hand off on his coat, clearly having no affect on him. He shook his hand a bit to remove the last bit of water and couldn't help at this point but to laugh a bit, which he did his best to stifle.
"Ya know, that prank only works on people when they're asleep"
he stated in a matter of fact tone, at this point he was questioning Saria's sanity. He was no stranger to having drinks thrown in his face, but a vial of water poured on him randomly, now that was new.
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Saria again disregarded Styke's comment. He passed the holy water test, that was good. Next, she pulled out a pure silver shuriken which was shaped as a cross instead of the traditional star. While this probably looked threatening at first, Saria simply touched the edge of the shuriken to Styke's skin on his hand, again watching to see if there was a reaction, either to the silver or the cross.
Stykes simply blinked as Saria removed the cross from her clothing, and moved it towards him. In this moment things began to make sense. He willingly held out one hand for her to touch the, what he assumed was a silver, cross to as he rolled his eyes a bit, their jade outlines quite obvious in his disinterest in her 'tests' as he brought his second hand to meet and cover his face. He would have said something but he knew the sooner he let her get this out of the way the sooner real conversation could start, but that didn't stop his teasing.
"What are you going to ask me for a blood sample and my birth certificate next?"
at this point he wasn't even expecting a response
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Saria smirked slightly, pulling out her dagger. "Actually, a small slice to let me see the color of your blood wouldn't hurt." But, before he could oblige she quickly sliced a small cut onto his hand, watching his blood come to the surface. It was red.

She sighed and put her dagger away, now convinced at least that he was human."Where have you been?" She asked, now finally willing to converse. Her posture loosened a bit, indicating that he had passed her tests and she was now willing to talk. Humor, however, still wasn't on the table.
He winced in immediate pain pulling his hand back to himself in a bit of disbelief, flesh wounds always hurt so much more than deep wounds.
"What in the hell-"
he exclaimed but stopped himself before finishing the sentence, still Saria alright. He kept his hand outstretched as it seeped blood, his annoyance quite apparent, digging through his pockets he emerged with a bit of gauss, wrapping what was actually quite a small wound rather thoroughly. Smiling at her question he thought back.
"Wandering my homeland, well whats left of it at least"
he shook his head before continuing
"Sometimes you have to go back to where you began, to understand where you're going"
he paused a moment, as he previous words brought up a thought
"Where have 'you' been?"
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Saria's eyes narrowed as she continued to watch his movements and as she processed his response. "Wandering around," she said finally, leaning back in her seat. "Had no place to go. No place to stay. I did what I had to to survive."

She shifted in her seat, pulling forward and leaning an elbow on the bar top. "I stumbled in here a few days ago. I didn't even know where I was. Staying around was sort of a last ditch effort to try and die somewhere happy." Her words were cold. This is exactly why she was having so much trouble sorting through old papers and photographs, she couldn't help but face her past with a demeanor similar to pure stone. Stykes being here right now was making it hard for her to be hopeful. It was like his presence threatened to repeat the past.
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Ania groaned as she awoke in a strange bed, head slightly hurting from the drinks consumed. Pushing off the covers off of her body. Slightly praying that clothing was still on her body. With eyes closed and lips mumbling she inhaled before peeking down. Seeing the clothing in tact well all beside her jacket.

Heaving a sigh of relief and swinging out of the the bed. Standing up and stretching out her tired limbs. The sleep was good Nx the scent if a male loomed in her nose. Hmm seemed like she did end up in the same bed as him. Slipping out the door she ealzt down the steps
Stykes sighed, it had been a long time since he was around someone he trusted, dropping his care free exterior he immediately became solid and solemn. It was what she deserved, she'd been there for him many times before and it was time he paid his dues.
"I'm here to help, Saria, I owe you more than you can even imagine"
he leaned forward and placed his bandaged hand over hers
"I know being back here is painful, It's not easy for me either"
he thought for a moment before continuing
"I've said before I wouldn't go anywhere, but this time, I'm going to prove it, but you need to promise me that you can handle this, and I'm going to help you through it"
he was no stranger to leaving everything behind, but the manor was the only real 'home' he had ever had. Saria being all that was left, speaking of dying somewhere happy, frightened him to his core, a feeling that he hadn't experienced in quite some time.
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Saria stared quietly at Styke's hand as he placed it on hers. His words were comforting, and she wanted so badly to believe them. But she had lost everything, how could she believe she wasn't going to lose him again?

"We were family, Stykes." she said finally, still looking at his hand upon hers. "Everyone left. You left. How does everyone just leave?"

At that, she heard Ania coming down the stairs. She quickly withdrew her hand from underneath Styke's and stood up, hostess mode turning on. She made her way over to the coffee machine and began brewing a new pot. "Sounds like your lady friend is awake," she said softly to Stykes. It was not her place to judge, and maybe this was a sign of how old she really was, but she didn't find it very pleasant that Stykes had a woman in his room after practically 5 seconds of meeting her.
stykes sighed, shaking his head before sitting back, shoulders up and chest out. He knew the conversation wasn't over, but what more could really be said? As a he'd always been taught, 'actions speak what words cannot' his mentor's voice echoed through his mind.
"We're still family, in my mind"
as he finished his words he reflexively crossed his arms. As Saria continued readying the counter her all too familiar reaction to his nature was apparent. He himself felt no shame, besides nothing had happened this time, not that she knew that. He smiled a bit to himself, it was funny how a fae could be so sisterly to a mere human such as himself.
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Saria poured herself a mug of the freshly brewed coffee and took a sip at it. She peered over her mug at Stykes as he mentioned still being family. "Of course we're still family" she said quietly. "We'll always be family."

She inhaled loudly and cracked her neck, loosening up a bit as the tension between her and Stykes was passing and she was ready to serve guests again. "I'm going to whip some food up in the kitchen, do you want anything?"
Stykes observed Saria's actions, and simply gave a nod to her question, decided against asking for anything in specific. He was still a bit lost in thought himself. Saria was right, everyone had left, no wonder she felt abandoned. He laid his head down on the counter in an attempt to shut out the physical world and help himself think a bit. The previous nights alcohol wasn't to blame for his lack of focus, he'd had plenty more than that before.
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Her head pounded slightly as the bar area became apparent. A slight tension filled the air. Stumbling slightly to a stool her butt made contact with the seat. Head hitting the counter top spilling black strands hair slightly every where. Revealing s snowflake tattoo at the base of her neck.

Sure she might not have done anything with him, but others might not know that some might think it slutty. Not that she actually cared what others thought. But to keep the peace and no drama while she stayed with in the walls
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Saria nodded to Styke's request and her attention turned to Ania as she planted herself at the counter, looking a bit hungover like everyone else.

"Good morning, Ania." Saria said with a smile. "Would you like anything to eat? I was just about to go make some breakfast."
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Lifting her head to the woman she gave a soft smile. "Please and thank you" she gave a light groan before her head was placed down into the counter once more. Oh sure this wasn't a horrible hangover but it was up there with a few other ones this chick had.

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