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Penny shook her head at what Princess Ania had said about all girls being princesses. "Not alllll~" She paused to raise her arms up and move them in an all encompassing circular motion before leaning back onto the bar stool. "...girls are Princesses. I'm not! I'm just a normal 'human'." Yeah, that was the most blatant lie that had come out of her mouth, but of course, it was the same thing she had said to everyone. Because all humans have purple skin and big black eyes.

Her attention was pulled from the Princess to Mister Stykes as he offered her another glass of the sweet sweet apple juice. Almost reflexively, she threw her arms up into the air, like some one just scored a field goal, and danced in place a bit. "Yeeessssss~!!!"
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Turning her head to him she nodded her own head. "Yeah that's why getting seperated isn't so harsh, he will find me soon enough. But till then why not enjoy my time and kick back a little bit. How much trouble can little ole me get into." Even after saying that Ania rolled hee own eyes at that statement.

Yeah keep chugging drinks and who knows what she could do
he grabbed penny's glass and sauntered to the kitchen, emerging in a few moments with a fresh glass of Saria's apple juice which upon meandering back to the bar top he set down for penny, his own glass still in hand. The young ones attitude was quite refreshing. He smiled at her reactions to everything it was almost naive, almost.
"I have to admit I'm not sure how much longer we can keep at this whiskey"
he said in Ania's direction, noting half the bottle being gone already
"But, as Saria said if either of you would like, the rooms upstairs are open for use"
he was much worse at talking to children than Saria
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Smiling at Penny and the innocent nature the child displayed made her feel... young herself. Back when things weren't so harsh. "Not much longer before common sense is tossed out the window." Placing the drink onto the counter top eyes holding that glaze of a peroan well into the way of intoxication. But not totally lost her marbles to not know what was happening around her.

Moving off of the stool, standing seemed to be east even if she swayed slightly on her two feet. "Yeah might need some help with that later." Mostly talking about getting into a room. Not trusting own feet to keep her steady enough to do it.
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It didn't take long for her to pour herself another glass of the apple juice and down it in almost one gulp. She listened for a while to the conversation between the only other two people within the bar and as she did so, her eyes slowly began to close and she began to nod off some. It had been a long day and she had walked so far and with all this excitement with these new people, she had forgotten just how tired she was. Her head began to tilt to one side as she leaned her chin on her palm.

She had slipped into and out of sleep for a moment before her elbow slipped off the edge of the barstool, shocking her awake. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around to see if there was a chair or couch she could curl up on.
"Common sense is overrated"
He shot back to Ania quickly his flirtatious nature quickly took over despite company
"And if you'd like some company as well as help to a room later, I would be more than happy to oblige"
he had never been one to pass up promiscuity given the chance, with that he gave a laugh as penny nearly fell into the bar top

"You know, a bed feels much better than this counter top, or the random couches laid about"

he said motioning towards the furniture around the room
the little girls demeanor was quite entertaining, but did cause him to reminisce back to his own childhood as much as he tried to ignore it

(( if its not obvious stykes is always going for the ladies ))
as he finished his drink he decided this should be his last, he left the bottle out in case Ania wanted to break into it a bit more but was pretty sure that wouldn't be the case. He ran a hand through his light almost luminescent purple hair before grabbing his coat and speaking
"Well, I have to admit its about time i retired myself"
he motioned to penny first
"Feel free to either use one of the couches in the corner, or take a room upstairs, Saria loves guests, Penny"
he set his glass down before speaking a bit quieter to Ania who seemed near ready to stumble her way upstairs as well
"And my room is the second to the left, Ania"
he added with a devil-may-care attitude, to him decisions made while inebriated were never bad ones, besides what was the worst that could happen, before he threw his coat over his shoulder and meandered out of the bar area, and up the stairs of what was a nostalgic home for him.

((well i'm off, night ))
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Ania has gave out a big yawn before she two slightly stumbles up the staircase. It wasn't the fact that she was going after the male but more of the fact she wasnt going to pass up a chance to be next another warm body. After all the girl did get cold quickly ans with the liquor in her blood stream she would most likely freeze all night. He might think he was getting lucky.. or who knows he actually might. Just depends on how quickly her eyes shut after her head hit a pillow.

Coming to the top of the landing she glanced side to side before chocing the correct door he told her. Sliding out of the jacket she placed it slightly neatly in a corner of the room before sliding into the bed. Welp she hoped it was his room either way her eyes slowly slide closed
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Saria shot straight up in bed.

She looked around, breathing heavily, obviously just jarred out of a nightmare. After a few moments she realized that she was in her bed, in her manor, as she had been for the past couple of days. She let out a heavy sigh, still not used to being home.

Wait, Stykes.

She looked to her bedroom door, as if trying to decide whether or not to leave. What happened last night wasn't part of her dream, was it? He really was back, right? She pulled off the covers and quickly dressed, wearing her simple hunter outfit. Shorts, a tank top, some boots, and arming herself with her daggers. She glanced in a mirror and tried to smooth out her tousled blue hair. The wear and tear of the world was definitely showing in her face. For the first time in a long time she really looked at herself and what the last few years had done to her.

She exhaled loudly before turning towards her door, opening it, and glancing down the hallway. She walked briskly to Styke's room, stopping outside of it. She didn't need to press her ear to the door, considering her elven hearing. She definitely heard breathing on the other side. In fact, she heard two sets of breathing.

Saria frowned. Definitely Stykes in there...

She turned away from the door and made her way to the top of the staircase, heading towards the kitchen to make herself something to eat.
Stykes found himself sauntering down the stairs of the manor to the main rooms, the previous liquor filled night leaving him rather dehydrated. He had woken to finding Ania in his room, whom he had left covered without waking, or so he thought. As his feet met each step his thoughts began to accelerate, knowing when he reached the bottom Saria would have a barrage of questions. With good reason though, it had been quite a long time. Each step reminded him how impossible it was for him to sneak anywhere, and brought about an echo that could be interpreted as someone being much larger than he was. His coat trailed behind him, giving his playful black scarf a companion near the back of his knees, his hair bounced with each step until he reached the bottom, stopping for a moment to decide which was more important, food or water.
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Saria, who at this point had made it into the kitchen and was about to make herself a sandwich, put down the items she was holding and peered out of the kitchen, seeing Stykes walking down the stairs.

"Hey," she said, rather gruffly. "Come here."
before he could manage to figure out what exactly he wanted, he heard the sound of Saria's voice. It took a moment for it to process before he smirked and stretched his arms to his sides, lacing his hands together behind his head as he finished stretching he began his normal teasing
"Oh, so i'm real now?"
he stuck his tongue out for a moment as he obediently made his way past the furniture towards the kitchen
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Saria's expression was blank. She obviously wasn't quite comfortable enough to joke around.

She grabbed a bar stool and sat down, motioning for Stykes to sit next to her so that she was staring at him. She quietly tried to recall all of the questions that were bombarding her brain last night, as she waiting for Stykes to sit.
his demeanor changed slightly, his joking nature not being reciprocated put him off slightly and made him instantly wonder how serious Saria intended on being, but he realized slowly that he hadn't seen anyone else either. This had to have been hard on her being the sole remainder of the old 'gang'. How long had she been here on her own? He wondered to himself. He stopped himself as she approached following her lead and taking a seat at the bar, partly in discomfort, and mostly due to dehydration he removed his canteen from his hip and took a long drink of water. Preparing himself for a drawn out conversation. While she seemed lost he thought he decided to initiate the questioning.
"How long has it just been you here?"
he asked with concern
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"Few days." She said dryly, watching every move Stykes made. Yes, she accepted the fact that he was there, but she still wasn't entirely sure that he was, well, Stykes.

She pulled out a small vile of holy water from her back pocket and calmly poured it over his hand to see if there was a reaction. She wasn't even going to waste her breath talking if she knew that Stykes wasn't human.

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