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~Cartesia The Wandering Inn~

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A four story tall building of Victorian design seems to materialize itself into the empty space between the two buildings you were walking by, most people don't seem to notice it. The few who glance in its direction only ignore it. For some reason you feel yourself irresistibly drawn to it the longer you stare the more beautiful it becomes to your eyes. As though you are in a daze your legs bring you forward; moving on their own without any conscious thought on your part. You snap to your senses as the front door slams itself shut behind you and disappears The room you are in seems to be decorated like a bar. On the far side of the large room is a bar made of a dark wood. One wall houses a gigantic fireplace that takes up most of the wall burns with a pale green light despite a lack of any wood or a visible source of fuel for the fire. The wall opposite the fireplace is lined with books. Near the fireplace the floors are soft carpet. By the bar the floor is a hardwood that resembles the wood of the bar and it has round tables randomly arranged with chairs that do not match each other. However the bookshelves have a set of soft recliners and couches that all look similar.

The second through fifth floors are mostly laid out like hotel rooms of various sizes and designs. The Sixth and seventh floors are a large library with a large telescope on the top. The back door leads to a very large greenhouse with a garden and a small artificial lake inside it. The glass is unbreakable and almost always seems to have a heavily wooded area outside of it regardless of the inn's location. The basement of the inn leads to an extensive natural cave system, there is single passage that leads to an underground hot spring, the cave that houses it is well lit by a greenish glow with no obvious source. There is a doorway that leads to a complex maze of apparently natural cave tunnels. Most people who have tried to explore the maze have never come back.

Cartesia was built years ago under circumstances that none living can elaborate on, none of it's original inhabitants if any are now living in it. It could be decades or even hundreds of years old. It remodels itself slightly over time so determining it's original age is next to impossible. It travels across time space and dimensions drawing beings into itself then sealing them in. Sometimes it lets its inhabitants leave for short periods of time only to pull them back in, on other occasions it has been known to completely abandon residents, sometimes back home but more often on a random world.
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Obeying the Gaia T.o.S is obvious but I'll say it for the sake of saying it.

I want this to be an rp with people who stick around for a while,
I have a story I want to tell with you all and it would be much more fun if i had a regular group to tell it to.

You don't have to post super often if you join but if you know you will be away for a while don't leave people hanging so they are stuck waiting for you to post.

Please try to be literate, you don't have to make super long posts but at least try to make an effort to get a paragraph or two per post.

Fighting is allowed but god modding is not, it is not fun for everyone else when someone's character is unbeatable.

Your character does not know what Cartesia is, they do not know if it is alive or not, nor why it does what it does.

Other Info

You can be any sort of creature, Cartesia's travels bring creatures from every sort of civilization imaginable into itself over time. Even life forms that defy logic have been known to exist within its walls.

The inn can be connected to a small number of worlds simultaneously, usually it will not be more then a handful.

You don't have to come inside with the above method, that is simply the most common way people are brought in, if you notice the building without being invited your character will be afraid of it as though it were setting off some minor phobia. If they are curious enough to come in anyway the could easily just walk up and let them self in. A particularly brave or foolish person might even shrug off the fear altogether.

Leaving the building for short periods of time is not only possible but encouraged by the Inn, it has a strong desire for interesting things, and sometimes will wait in certain worlds while it waits to capture a specific person or persons or wait for its inhabitants to obtain things it wants.

Normally the door to the Inn is unusable from the inside, but if one were to wait at the doorway they could run outside as someone is coming in. When the door is there for long periods of time it typically means there are things the inn wants nearby.

When leaving a world, Cartesia will bring all of its inhabitants with it, even when they are not inside. If a person is outside exploring a new world they will reappear when the building leaves the current worlds behind.

Getting back to one's home is more difficult then simply escaping, but if one brings in enough interesting people or objects from outside Cartesia typically will send a person home or set them free where they wish to be.

Magic is slightly unreliable while inside Cartesia, simple spells usually work but complicated ones tend to break down, for example; it is impossible to teleport while inside the building.
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~~~~~ On a couch by the fireplace that was burning very low, emitting only a very pale green light to the room a pair of young teens were leaning on each other, apparently asleep. Though by the cobwebs and the slight layer of dust that had accumulated on both them and much of the rest of the room it was clear they had been there a long time. Their breathing was very slow, almost to the point of being hard to notice, and their skin had become very pale. One of the pair was a girl with snowy white hair and the other a boy with shorter hair that was the same color, Their faces were almost exactly the same, it was obvious at first glance that they were related. The girl wore a simple black dress that went just past her knees, while the boy was dressed in a pair of simple black pants and a black tunic. The room itself was oddly furnished, while the floor and bar matched the the rest of the furniture was a large collection of mismatched tables chairs couches and recliners and the bar while apparently well stocked from the looks of it had no one standing behind the bar other then a long dead skeletal figure with a rather large dagger embedded in its skull dressed in what had once been a bright red dress from the looks of it. The brightness had by now faded and become stained with dark brown spots of dried blood. By the foot of the stairs there was a pile of mostly broken furniture and torn up books written in an assortment of languages, some of which even looked slightly burned.
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He jumped a bit, startled by the door slamming just behind him. A charming entrance, he was sure.

"Dear lord..." He swore, covering his ears as if that would have quieted the impact the door made with the frame.

Usually he had more stealth about him when trespassing. Maybe sneak in through a back door, or crack open a window- or at least stake out the place to ensure no one was home before the home invasion. He didn't even prepare for this, nor did it even make sense. This house didn't look like a proper mark, and he didn't remember seeing it on this block before. And he knew this part of town very well. Perhaps that was what enticed him? Maybe that was it, the impulsive creature he was...

"Hello there...?" He asked. There was little point in trying to hide, or escape now. No doubt whoever lived here heard that blasted door. Curtis' mind was racing to figure out a logical explanation for this. Obviously Jevhovas witness wouldn't do the trick.

Curtis removed his hat and jacket, looking for the proper peg for them.
"Um. I hope this place is open...correct?" He improvised, noting the bar and the ominous skeleton. Lovely. "I heard good recommendations about this tavern from a friend..."

"Hello-" He began again, shortly before catching sight of the (what looked to be) twins. He lowered his voice, careful not to disturb the two too much. It didn't occur to him until much later that he could have possibly taken the opportunity to leave now, while unnoticed. But for some reason the thought just never occurred to him? "The name is Curtis..."
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Aurelia Cantrell, traveling journalist, had been to this part of town several times in the last several days, and she was absolutely certain that the building hadn't been there before. So, needless to say, her already inquisitive mind was racing, questions running through her head like so many horses at the racetrack.
It just seemed so.. Sudden. The building itself, though relatively normal-looking, was intimidating, just in the fact that it had seemingly appeared out of thin air. Despite her fears, her curiosity got the best of her. Hiking her pack up on her shoulders, she found herself drawn into the building.
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Waking up was a slightly long process, while the slamming door had woken both of the pair up they were very groggy and not entirely sure how they had ended up asleep on the couch. When the boy tried getting to his feet he fell right onto the floor and started to couch on the small cloud of dust he had stirred up. Normally he would have made some sort of sarcastic retort to someone claiming to have 'heard of the place' but he was far to groggy for that at the moment. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and the color started to return to his skin, rather then respond right away he shook the girl a bit more awake as he stood up. Neither of them were entirely sure they actually believed someone had come in. They had been alone in here for quite some time before they had...hibernated? The dust covering them seemed to suggest as much. "My name is Azazel, this is my sister Airi." The pair approached the newcomers and sniffed at the air around them cautiously. "Are you both real?" Azazel had asked Curtis and Airi had been speaking to Aurelia but the question came from both of them at the same moment.
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"Am I real?" Aurelia blinked in suprise at being asked such a question. "What do you mean 'am I real'? What do you think, of course I'm real! I'm standing right here, aren't I?" All things considered, Aurelia was slightly put-off by the two, whom she assumed to be siblings. She didn't know whether it was the fact that they were covered in dust that almost seemed to have acumulated there naturally, or the fact that they both spoke in perfect unison. However, she noted that she was not the only guest here that seemed out of place, and, though the man was a stranger, he at least seemed relatively normal compared to the siblings.
Falling back on her initial curiosity, she stiffled down her disturbed feelings, and took a few steps into the room, looking around at the accomodations. Glancing back at the twins, she asked, "So.. What is this place, exactly?"
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...Disturbing. He cringed.
The boy's first impression definitely wasn't ideal, and warranted Curtis to take a step back, not only due to his unearthly nature, but to avoid the haunting dust cloud as well.

"Yes, I certainly am real." He flinched away from being smelled. It must've appeared rude but they ...unsettled him. Though Aurelia presence was of some comfort, otherwise he is sure he would have bolted sooner. She at least looked a bit alive, and appeared just as confused as he was. "It is a pleasure to meet you...?" He offered a cautious clawed hand out, perhaps to shake if they were in the mood to do so.
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I edited in a response to curtis, you posted after I started so i diddnt see it till after i replied @,@

The pair stared at the new 'customers', if these newcomers were fake they would certainly deny it. Both of them stared at Aurelia for a moment and Airi answered. "Well you certainly smell real enough...But standing there is hardly a good amount of proof. While both of them had now come to the conclusion that these two were likely real they did not want to take chances. Azazel turned from Curtis to speak with Aurelia. "Could you perhaps move around a bit, just so we can be sure?" Typically the illusions Cartesia had summoned up in the past were rather bad at simulating movement, so it was their usual way to check for such things. They abruptly shoot each other strange looks when the woman asked them what the place was. people tended to react badly to finding out they were trapped in here. "It's a sort of inn..." Airi trailed off nervously, not particularly wanting to be the one to tell the woman her life as she knew it was essentially over.

Azazel turned back to face Curtis and rather then shake the offered hand he stared at it looking slightly confused for a moment then sniffed at it and offered his own hand. He was fairly sure he recalled one of their tutors explaining human greetings to them at some point but for the moment he just hoped his reaction was close enough to what was expected. "Thank you, I'm fairly certain you are real too."
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Looking first at Curtis, Aurelia gave a smile and took his hand and shook it, taking subtle notice of his claws. "Well my name's Aurelia Cantrell, I'm a journalist. I suppose it's good that your real, too." Aurelia tried and failed to shrug off her sense of being just.. off with the small joke. With a nervous chuckle, she asked, "So what's your name, and what brings you here?"
Now, given her chosen career, Aurelia had learned to be very observant, and pay particular attention to detail in her surroundings, as well as the people around her. After her greeting to Curtis, she turned to Airi, a puzzled expression on her face. "So.. What exactly do you mean by 'It's a sort of Inn'?" At this point Aurelia was simply creeped out by the whole setup, from the room itself, to the twins, to the whole building's mysterious appearance. Indeed the only other thing in the place that seemed remotely normal was Curtis himself. "I passed through here just yesterday, and I swear this building wasn't here. What exactly is going on here?"

(EDIT: It's late and I gotta be up in about 6 hours, so I'm goin to bed, sorry. >.< I'll post when I wake up.)
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"Oh. Thank you. I do adore being real." He raised a brow, quite amused that his existence was confirmed. Now it seemed to him that they were playing a game. Where are the adult figures anyway? Surely these two don't run this entire place.
"An inn you say?" Curtis asked, grinning subtly, content that he hadn't barged into a random residence and that his 'recommendation' excuse could pass. And in order to follow suit with it, he decided it would be best to play interested.
"Well," He nodded to answer and acknowledge Aurelia, "It looks like I am here to spend the night! How much for a room, do you figure...?" He only lived a few roads down from where he spotted this house, but he could spend the night. This house had a sort of charm that appealed to him...He was already rooting through his pockets.
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Both of them squirmed visibly when asked for more details about the inn, they really did not enjoy this part. Azazel decided to answer to spare Airi some of the discomfort. "It's shaped like an Inn, and it certainly seems like an inn at certain parts on the inside but it's a magic building that steals people." The idea was strange of course, you would probably not even believe them at first. They certainly hadn't nor did most people at first. "You're trapped in here until it lets you out." he sighed slightly. "You'll probably never get back home either." He added the last bit with a bit of bitterness very apparent in his tone."He couldn't help but have a slight smile form on his face, which might easily be misinterpreted as being the face of someone kidding around. He was however trying his best to suppress it. The two of them had been trapped alone since the others had died, and hadn't even been allowed outside. After months with just each other to talk to the prospect of having company again was too good not to be happy about, even if having these new people here might make them miserable. Airi was thinking similar thoughts but she had less trouble hiding her smile, it had only lasted a moment unlike Azazel's who's had lasted just a bit too long for her comfort. "They'll think you insensitive Azazel wipe the grin off your face." She snapped slightly, she tended to be slightly grumpy when she woke up especially when she had to deal with stress right after awakening.
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Despite being in town, the slight bit of woods near the back of the establishment was enough to hide some inhabitants.

Every now and again a silvery streak of blue could be seen between the trees and few shrubs. After some time a girl emerged. Not really dressed for the weather, she emerged from the trees like a new born fawn. Slow and deliberate she finally made her way around the place and entered the front door as it snapped closed behind her. Gilrin had only been on the property a day and just now had become brave enough to stepped past the woods.

She was uncomfortable now and even more so as she turned to notice the door had vanished. The white haired woman was not alone as she entered the main room. The corpse behind the bar put her off a little and she looked at everyone in the room. Glossy grey eyes and slightly pointed ears marked this one as a little out of the norm. "Why is the door gone?" She finally blurted, all but hyperventilating. The woman wasn't fond of being, trapped.
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The appearance of yet another new person brought the grin back to Airi's lips for a moment, and to make things better it was another girl. She blinked for a moment and did her best not to feel like a jerk for snapping at her brother then doing the exact same thing she had just scolded him for. "Ah" She paused for a moment. "About that, this building just captured you, it's doing that to people right now." She paused again feeling awkward and guilty, it was not her fault but she had been quite a bit more blunt then she had meant to be with the woman. The way she was panicking just made Airi feel worse. "Oh I'm sorry I wish I could help..." she hurried over to the girl and patted her back slightly. "Take deep breaths and maybe sit down over at one of these couches." Maybe she should offer the apparently elvish woman some tea, that might calm her down a little.

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