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They call me a trickster, but I'm just a mage...

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...with a few tricks up his sleeves.

The mage turned his bi-colored eyes to the woman who stepped through into the room through a portal. "Good eve." he returned her greeting. His gaze turned to the tree and then to Smithe as she left the room quickly upon its appearance. The deck returned to his hand as an amused expression settled over his features. He didn't mind the banter that the new woman directed towards him. She appeared to be in charge and the magic that came from this space seemed to be linked to her. When she made a suggestion to decorate the tree he looked at the tree wondering what she could possibly mean by that. He was unfamiliar with the tradition of decorating trees and so just sat there staring at it before returning his gaze back to the woman who had appeared in the room a few moments before. "Why do you want the tree decorated? What is the difference between this, christmas tree, and a regular pine tree? I don't sense magic coming from it so is it special in a different way?" he inquired of the woman. His curiosity was piqued by not only the woman herself, but by the strange customs she spoke of too.