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((I hope you feel better.Yeah her cold seems more like a flu with a fever migrane constant sneezing and coughing feeling weak and dizziness.))
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(( she's lucky she's got someone to take care of her. -.- ))
((True. I just hope she feels better soon.Every time she eats solid food she'll throw up.))
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(( maybe you should take her to the hospital. sad It doesn't sound too good. ))
((We did already the doctor has her on bed rest and he said to feed her non solids like chicken broth.))
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(( >.> that's the only soup I eat myself. x3 I'm a weirdo. ))
((Cool he also told her to drink plenty of fluids and take a lot of vitamins.))
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(( The vita gummies are good. :3 and tasty. I always drink a lot of water since I can't drink anything else. xP I drink usually 8 32oz glasses a day. >< ))
((That's good.Don't let the fact that you can only drink water because 60% of our body is made of water.))
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(( No, I mean literally can't drink anything else. -.- I can't have sodas, teas, coffees, milk, juices. Nadda. If I do I cough up crap. It's not pretty. -.- Doc's don't know why either. On the plus side, I've lost like 50 pounds since it happened last year. ))
((That's just awesome,the weight thing of course.))
((Whew finally came home from the hospital.))
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
Zeke moved about the castle lazily. He was cleaning the castle, hoping maybe the family would come back. He was lonely, he hadn't seen his rabbit in a while and having a hard time as it was on his own. His long bushy tail swayed over the floors to clean them as he scrubbed at the walls to make sure they were clean. His ears were lowered against his teal hair, struggling to keep his tears at bay.
Who knew the nearest town was that far away? A few hitched rides and hike later, Liam finally made it back to the castle. He was just lucky he remembered the directions Todd had given him the first time they came to this castle.

Liam carried a large duffle bag on his back and extra bags in his hands. A good thing he was well fit. When he finally made it to Zeke's room he beamed a smile to greet him but frown when he realized he wasn't there.

"Hm...he is the family pet. Maybe they have him doing things."

The lapin hummed to himself as he made his way to the shower. He went on a shopping spree to spoil his red panda. He just hoped his lover wouldn't mind all the things he bought for him. Clothes, gifts, toys, accessories, different types of music with a very small CD player radio; someone would think it were Christmas with all the different things. After his shower, Liam got dressed and grabbed the bouquet of flowers he bought for him as he started searching around for his lover. He missed him dearly and hoped he wouldn't be upset for leaving.
Talima Alaphare
The man hardly dreamed whenever he slept...but the expression on his face was one he could never offer when awake. The best way to describe it was that of a child. He was a rather cliche man; a difficult hardass on a daily basis, yet a gently defenseless person when sleeping. It was as if paradise was running through his mind.

Or rather, his paradise was there in his arms.

So naturally, when such beauty left him it disturbed his slumber. He didn't hear her her silent snow-like movements or even felt those precious lips. Instead he felt that loneliness that had been filled now empty once more. It took the prince quite some time to force his body awake to satisfy his curiosity and when his stormy ice eyes opened to confirm his fears, he gave a lazy frown.


His scuffed morning voice called out quietly until a yawn intruded on his questioning. He sat up and started rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hand, his bare chest exposed explaining the night before with obvious details. Demetri stretched his arms and looked around the room. His wife was no where in sight. Before his brain could process any further concerns he went to the bathroom and did the usual routine before stepping out and putting on pants and a shirt. It wasn't until Demetri passed the balcony window did he notice a familiar figure on the shoreline. Oh good, she wasn't hurt. He didn't open the doors, worried the weather outside would tamper with their winter cased room. So, the prince went out to the beach himself.

Once out there paused and cocked his head to the side curiously. Was this his wife...or...another woman? He stood there speechless and simply watched.

((Happy belated birthday, Darrien.))

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