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((Sorry for the delay in posting...Been really busy at work and working odd hours. I will be on tonight though...))
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Turning on the RADIO with a little mental nudge, he smiled softly as the Del Ray song began softly playing in the background.

"Don't use that word, please. What the hell do I know what a stereotypical human is? We get maybe one, two humans a month... and they're never sterotypical. What use would we have for money out here? Drinks are on the house So what do you want?"

He said as he set the rag down on the bar and began to mix himself up a Rum & Coke. Letting the ice chiink together in the tall glass, he stared at for a moment. Looking up as she spoke about her glasses, he sighed and took them from her hand gently. Holding them up to the light, he frowned for a moment before using one of the most simpliest spells he'd ever learned to mend the glasses back to normal. Looking them over as the violet flames faded away from his fingertips, he nodded and handed them back over.

"All fixed."

Frowning slightly as he stared at the scared little woman, he wondered if it was an act... because frankly he'd been burned by that little lost girl a few times in his life. You turn your back on one of them and BAM, they're ten feet tall monstrosities who have their talons around your throat.

It wasn't pretty.

But that was for another time. Sitting down behind the bar, he cusped the drink between his fingers, sipping on it quietly.

" What? All the drinks are on the house how do you guys make any money?" Melody looked over to Zantara.Then she grinned a moment dimissing it when she found her own mini oasis right here. " Who am I to turn down an open bar I'll take a shot of Jack to start off with. Might aswell leave the bottle I have alot to digest... " Melody said her voice soft and tender, a moment before she covered her mouth with her hand. Quieting the gasp of those violet flames that fanced along his finger tips.

Her frightened nature was replaced with one of awe. " Those were pretty..."Melody said in almost a whisper. One would say she was like a child who witness the splender of true magic for the first time. She had been witness to binding spells for spirits and such but nothing that ever that beautiful. " OH THANK YOU!" Seeing her glasses fully fixed placing them back on their proper place on her face seeing the world come back to perfect focus. Squeaking happily as she smiled up at him.

"I could kiss you for fixing these for me! Who knows where I'd find a lensecrafters on this realm " Melody eye's shined behind the those thin metal rims of her specticals. Looking over the man who had helped her. Well, he was a exotic one, she had never seen any snake kin in her travels only shifters and most of them were of mammal varieties. Giving a true look at the establishment that they were enjoying the human was astounded at the sheer size of this thing. She had no Idea of where she would stay or what she would do now. Her world seemed so out of reach. She wasn't a spellcaster like the b***h of the banewoods, she was only the extra hand when things got too weird for most people.
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"We get our payment...in a different way."

He said cryptically as he pulled a bottle of Jack from behind him without even looking and sliding it and a shotglass over to her. Standing up as he took another sip of his drink, he left it sitting there for a moment as he waved off the compliment about his mending her glasses. Vanishing into the kitchen to check on the food, he called out as the door closed behind him.

"Not until not too long ago, I was one of the few in the millions youd find in these lands who actually wore such things. So I've gotten used to keeping mine in working order. True, mine were made from titanium so it was a bit harder to break them, but the magic doesn't care."

Coming back out with a small container of red pepper hummus and a bag of baby carrots, he set them on the bar and begun to dig into the little snack. Munching on the crunchy veggies, he shook his head in laughter.

"I wouldn't do that dear. You'll give me a bad name around here.

True, there wasn't much that could change the ladies of the BloodBath's opinion of him, but him hitting on a Human? It wasn't taboo or anything, but people would start thinking long and hard about certain things he'd love to have forgotten for all time.

Picking up a cigarette from the ashtray, he relit it with a zippo he'd found on the floor of the kitchen, he let it dangle from the corner of his mouth as he took a long sip from his drink.
" My apologies then kind sir " The mortal would pour herself a drink slamming back the first shot without a problem. She was lost in thought as she thought of those who were behind. Wondering how her little circle of friends trying to find her. She wanted to help them, she was stuck in this world.

Who knew what dangers they faced, but right now she had to worry about her own a**. Shaking her head as she tried to shake the feeling of guilt for going to that bar to begin with, back in her home town. She should have known that she was not what she was, her eyes gave it away. Melody reached up taking the elastic band fro her hair letting her hair fall down reaching to the back of her knees.

Finally relaxing a bit her more wide eyed nature disappating as she soon took a another shot of liquior. She felt that sweet brown liquid taking her troubles away. She was running away from her own emotions. That was obvious to any who was watching her. Taking a sniff of the air about them. " That smells wonderful whatever is cookin up in the back"
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Smoking on his cigarette, the Count just raised an eyebrow at her apology. He really couldn't figure out why people always seemed to be apologizing to him these days. He didn't even get the idea of apologies in general. If you made a mistake, and realize it, don't make it again.

Nothing needs to be said of it, because you learned your lesson.

Apologies to him, were a way of mending bridges without actually doing anything. A waste of words and time at the best of times, a slap in his face at the worst. If you wanted to be sorry about something, dawn well don't do it again.

Because he may not mention it.... but he remembers.

"It's part of a feast for my...ex-wife and friends I believe. Not sure what is going on with her these days, but she asked and me being resident chef."

Shrugging at that last word, he tapped the ashed off of his smoke before returning it to the corner of his mouth.

"If your hungry, I've got some pork chops marinating that I was going to cook up later along with some baked potatoes."

He said offering to share his late lunch with her if she wanted. He wasn't about to get into Ariels food for a human... but he'd share his own, he supposed.
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Grinning looking down at her list of Delieveries for the evening. She wanted to get the funnest part done and over with earlier in the day due to the rush she had been through the last few weeks doing Ariel's dirty work and twist and break a few bones getting some well sought after information for her lady.

The woman was tiny by most standards only standing at five foot three her white hair tied into a bun as she wore her usual leathers. Carring a massive barrel over one shoulder as she pulled the door opening slowly. Same old Bloodbath, she came unarmed but still managed to pull out a coin from her pocket with her free hand tossing it to the box with the ever watchful eye just to see it snap it up.

Her voice loud, making sure to project through the bar. Making her way down the stairs, her motions fluid and unearthly. Tetsu had lost her humanity a long time ago, the young devil's voice deceptively sweet like poisoned choclate. " Konbanwa Zantara I have a Delievery for you from the Satanis Estate." Tetsu's silver eyes looked to the mortal and she arched her eyebrow. " Well seems like we have a frightened little lamb." The despair eater grinned to Zantara, old memories ran deep and he would certainly get a kick out of that comment.
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Jaded Tetsu

"My eels? Awesome. If you can, just drop them there by the end of the bar. Those ******** are heading downstairs into my room. Do you have any ******** clue how hard it is for Ariel to bring me some back?"

He said with a laugh, giving her a sly little wink about the lamb comment. He couldn't remember having met this one... but who the hell knows he'd been in these lands for what almost 40 years now? At the very least.

He had the right to forget a face or three.

"And grab yourself a bottle if you want. I owe you one, little demoness."
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Ariel Santanis

"Well, as I am a bit hungry, I do beleive I'll join them for the feast."

Jiroo waved a hand and produce a sheathed blade, Atma, out of the clutches of the Bar. The weapon itself was quite a bit of history, a blade instilled with a part of his own personality, a personality that was a female aspect, and a bit of his own narcisism as well. Still, she would become a welcome companion out on the road.

As far as supplies. A small black pouch of rations were always underneat his coat as habit from his travels. He was not sure just how well food from a demon realm would settle with him, not that he needed such for himself.

Beyond that, he would have to ask the woman more in person. What sort of attire was tolerated in the field? What was his role? As a being of nature, he wondered how darker oriented creatures would take his alignment. Simply because he cared for others he consitered family would it make him dark? Then what of Ariel's own feelings? The Avalin was constantly confused with such brandings and it was worse now that he no longer had a clear enemy to face.

It was part of what made this trip somewhat of a vacation for him. He would have a clear enemy - those that opposed his friend Ariel. So long as he did his best not to lose himself in empathy, he would be fine.

He meandered his way down to the entrance of Ariel's domain, wondering if the Shadow would follow or simply move on to other things.


(( I may time devide to post Jiroo in the bar with the human, or I may even bring my human character in.))
Melody looked to the strange tiny woman who walked in with a barrel on her shoulder. Calling her a frightened lamb. If she had been in her own world she would have knocked that broad down a peg or three. Alas she had learned her lesson from the snake man before her not everything was with her nerves settled a little she could think properly. It was already nightfall and she did not have a place to stay here.It was best not to make any more of an a** of herself than she already had.Listening to Zantara call her a Demoness the human looked at Tetsu in Disbelief...

That little scrawny broad is a demon...huh The emerald eyed mortal would sit there and continue her drink before answering to Zantara's comment before about sharing some food with her. " I would love it actually" Leaving the bottle unattended for a moment. As she watched the two converse in strange curiosity.
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Tetsu would smile at the old Count yes it had been some time since their meeting. It had been even longer since she had seen the man that plucked her from this very bar and hunted her in the woods. Remembering how her prayers to the masked god were answered in the form of a bargan that brought her beautiful little Emme-chan into the world.

" Actually Zantara Ariel has about fifty barrels of these little morsels coming to you for doing this for her, wait I think she upped that order...." Tetsu would pull her list out for her eyes to scan it Zantara would be able to read it if he remembered his Kanji. Setting the barrel down with a loud thud.

" Im wrong on that its fifty barrels for you and a another twenty five for the bar itself seems M'lady thought your new little assistant would enjoy it as much as you." Tetsu would find herself a bottle of Ariel's shade brew popping the cork and taking a large swig. Growling as the burn felt so wonderful to the young devil. Her eyes grew a steel like color.

" Emme-chan will be happy to see you when she helps me bring in that batch when we get back from Salsurn. I might aswell take more than that! You owe me a bike anyway Zantara" Tetsu grinned as she sat down, Vash had ruined her first one the day she came here and her daughter the last one. What ever it was with Mcclouds and Motorcycles she would never know. She looked to the old orcochi her face hardened with what could not be unseen. The time away from this place had been the hardest that she had to face, seeing the old girl again was something of a bitter sweet memory form another life,
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Sighing slightly as she said that she was hungry, he finished off his drink and stood up. Ah well... he was the idiot who offered, wasn't he? Stubbing out his half smoked cigarette, he motioned for her to follow him into the kitchen as he proped open the door.

Tossing a foursome of already tinfoil wrapped potatos within the oven, he pulled out the porkchops from the fridge and began to head up a frying pan. He was going to be damn lazy about this. Nothing fancy or anything.... just quick and dirty.

"Your going to have to learn quick, little lamb. Don't judge books by their covers. Because the minute you do, they'll blow up in your face."

Melody got up and followed Zantara into the Kitchen " I didn't want you to think I was rushing you I just didn't ant to be rude by not accepting your offer. I kinda got into this mess by not following my manners..." Melody looked to him it was obvious by her comment that she had contact with one of the fey.

" This place is just too unreal I've only read about demons and seen possessed corpses not anything living a and carporial like that woman outside." Melody spoke as she ran her fingers through her hair. The smell of him cooking made her mouth water. " Well you may as well put me to work. I don't like being a charity case"Melody spoke the truth she was in the mood to atleast make the best of the situation at hand.
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Looking out the door at Tetsu, Zantara raised a single eyebrow at her comment.

"Fifty ******** barrels??? Well screw me in the keyhole.... what does she think I am, some glutton?"

Shaking his head as he took the porkchops out of the frying pan and placed two on each plate along with a baked potato, he handed one to Melody as he headed back out of the kitchen.

"Well when my Aspect gets back from Sigil, I'll replace that bike of yours Tetsu. He's got all of them loaded up with him right now...the b*****d. And it'll be nice to see Emme again. Hopefully things go better than last time."

Sitting down, he poured himself another drink as he turned to the little human girl, wondering where she was going to sit.

"Work later. Food now."

Motioning for her to go around the bar, he began to cut up his pork chops as he continued, completely missing how the comment meant she had contact with the fey.

"Right now, until I get you a few rounds for that shotgun of yours that'll actually do damage to someone if you get into a fight, you are a charity case, little melody. Most of everyone around can heal normal damage from something like that. You need holy or unholy rounds to even put a dent in most people in these parts.... and ususally that'll only piss them off. Until you follow through with a few more to the face."

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