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Shadow plopped down into his chair, pivoting with his heels so that the chair shifted away from the table to face Dreamer standing near, and now before him. He slouched back, tilted a little to his right side, holding that bottle in his right hand, with his left arm in his lap. Bearing a smirk still, he quirked a brow and focused his misty-grey, sharp eyes upon Dreamer, seeming all too relaxed.

"Can I assist you with something?"

He arrogantly and leisurely spoke in to her direction. Seeming that the alcohol was relaxing him, as well as heightening his mood - the effects possibly taking hold of him. Too confidant just sitting there, like she was of no threat to him.
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While most of the crowd was silent, a couple of the groups were fixated on the strange occurrence at the table.

Dreamer leaned one hand on the table, her body leaned closed to him, one of her hands reached under his chin.

"Sure, a drink." Her voice was coy, mixed with a hint of deviousness behind it.

She reached her hand across the bottle's neck, wondering if he'd stop her, or if she had been fast enough to completely snatch it from him.

"Highschool." Zhu rolled his eyes, "That ain't gonna piss him off."

"Dunno, I wouldn't touch a guy's booze." Zero exhaled smoke, watching Vk.

Kami watched Dreamer and Shadow carefully, his eyes moving between them.

Kitty was just as still as he was, though she sipped her drink lightly.

Saryu on the other hand was fixated on the counter's wood, her nails playing with the wood. She was trying to focus on anything but the fact that Dark was getting closer to freedom.

Shadow relaxed his grip, allowing her to take it form his hand, as his eyes never batted a lash and he remained stead fast, focused sharply upon her with his smirk and devious-glare matching her own.

"Sure thing, doll."

He teased, staying put for the moment. Interested where this would lead, should he have to ignite a blaze right here and now, he easily would.
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Just like that?

The bar seemed to be in awe, they assumed Shadow was simply going to harm her for threatening him and now taking his booze?

Kami's mouth opened a little in shock, I mean her arm had the mark of their enemy!

Kitty also seemed a little shocked.

Though most of all was Dreamer, her eyes stared in to his for a second, lost as to why he didn't seem too worried about her doing anything. For a moment she was taken back, and on the other hand she became irritated he seemed to not take her seriously, or did he? Now she was confused, "Thanks?"

Though she let go of the bottles neck, leaning back up.

The bartenders giggled, obviously Dreamer wasn't winning points in their eyes. The one from earlier decided it was time to break up the little awkward fest, poor thing.

"Anything I can get you miss?" The bartender stated crudely.

It was clearly beyond Dreamer's time to even think of messing with this girls mind. "A-ah..mm."

The bartender raised a brow, "Sir? You?" She smirked.


"Sure, another fifth of vodka."

He cooled out, staying still and smirking confidently. Nothing like accepting and side-stepping the enemy into confusion. Docile they often were when such was arrived to. Plus, he liked playing with her, she was different, she was something to admire, despite a huge obstacle before him.
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Dreamer blushed slightly and got up from where she was at, turning to the bartender with a frown, "Nothing."

The tender snickered, "Sure thing." She said to Shadow.

"Aw what kind of lame a** show is this." Zhu called out.

"Shut it!" Kitty demanded.

The door came open once again, two bodies stepped through, a rather tall man, and a wolf padding next to him. She was beautiful and white, though her fur looked almost gray due to the water. Her sharp golden eyes fixed on Dreamer and then Shadow as she started to growl. The man didn't seem very damp at all, his long black hair was tied back. A brown and gold yukata was tied around his body. He too had the same gold eyes as the wolf.


Dreamer spun around in the direction of the voice, her body seemed to freeze when her eyes met him.

"What's going on?" He questioned.

"N-Nothing..I was having a chat."

He looked from Dreamer to Shadow, smirking at him. "Is he bothering you?"

"No." Dreamer looked back at Shadow.

The dragon proceeded to wander past them to the bar. He was usually in a mood to punish those he saw fit. The Dragon's wings curled in to his back and he settled himself in a near by chair. The air in the room seemed rather dense.


Kitty sighed, "What are you doing here, lizard, I thought Dreamer was off for the evening."

"Certainly I haven't disturbed that, I just don't feel like rummaging through establishments tonight to pick a poor idiot."

"Sythra." Dreamer nodded at her elder sister. The wolf narrowed her eyes on Dreamer.

Shadow had his mind play back, slipping into the state of realizing that this was a replay or something another, that this isn't the real truth before him. He snapped and spoke out loud.

"I remember this!"

As if he figured something out. He spoke again.

"And what if I was bothering her, what would you do anyways? I'd love to bite that head off of your's."

Shadow smirked wide.

Though Shadow wasn't revealed, as he was consumed in this darkened state of Shadows, Kiro still suspected; and was correct; that it was he, Shadow. Shadow fetched Kiro the order - a fine, extremely superb, glass of whiskey and filled his glass so.

"I've been as I have always been, dangerously tasteful. And you, Sir?"
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The demon grinned and watched the ball of darkness in the shape of a tall dangerous man slink behind the bar like liquid tar flowing like it came from the forge deep down in hell smoking gently as kiro could only make out the eyes and the features of the jawline and strong brow. The demon saw the golden stuff being poured into the glass anticipating the sweetness to fall down him like a shot of pure bliss.

" I would not have expected less from you, Shadow it is yes? I thought the darkness was to pure black to be anyone else. I have been waiting, Making my forces known soon to strike another world for breaking their treaty to Omega. When I say no guns in the deal I meant it.....Someone died and I have to settle the score and wipe em all out.
I have been perfect otherwise, Cannot complain"

The drink before him the demon trailed his hand along his hip and brought up a black orb placed it on the bar and watched it turn into gold and passed the nugget to the demon as a thanks for his service and remained sat there sipping the drink with such a passion if it was a man he would have been kissing the glass.

Leaving a black residue on the glass rim as he set it down the demon looked to the demonic barman and grinned.

" And you? have you been in one piece?"
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"Bourbon please." The dragon cooed at the bartender.

Dreamer's eye brow rose, "You remember what?"

What was he talking about? They barely knew eachother, of course the characters in this reality didn't know the other, Shadow was the exception. This reality held some aspects of history, some characters that seemed the same, but it played out how it wanted.

Trygon's gold eyes lingered to Shadow, "Well, I just ordered a drink, but normally I'd find a way to make you pay. Although you seem to think that I would simply shield her if you -were- bothering her. I didn't train her for nothing, her bruising and scaring isn't for nothing. She can surely take care of you herself." He grinned, "If found out she was dead, that would be a different story." Sythra leered at Shadow, baring her teeth.

The dragon normally took pleasure in challenging others mentally to get a rise out of them before he found a way to push them in to wanting to fight him. Somehow he knew Shadow reacted much differently then how Roze did. But maybe that was because Trygon wasn't hated by Shadow, maybe a deep irritation, but hatred was saved for Roze, their fight had lasted years.

As soon as the drink was set before him, his sharp finger clasped around the glass, taking a drink. "Superb."

Dreamer stared at Shadow for a second, then to Trygon.

She was surprised the dragon was calm, but she also knew he was up to something. She knew Trygon and Shadow would have loved to bring out the vampire factory, but where was the fun and strategy?

"Maybe we do get a night off?" Kami seemed surprised, trying to bring Shadow's reality back to the table they were sitting at.

"Kohai, maybe you should come sit." Trygon murmured to Dreamer, "Have a drink with us, leave the drunk brothers alone."

Shadow easily brushed aside the dragon's response, as it didn't appear to be accepting his challenge. Shadow, although often played at subtleties, was more in the mood of facing things head-on and taking anything down the road of destruction in a moment's notice. Shadow paused, taking a gander back to Dreamer, catching her eyes as he peered back to him for a moment. He rolled his eyes over and peered at Kami, with a sharpened look and spited off.

"Kami, do we get the night off? Or are you going to run off somewhere?"

As if trying to pick a fight with Kami. For a moment, Shadow slipped realities, without caring, recalling how things play out many years differently from now between his brothers and Kami. Shadow merely picked up his bottle of liquor and opening it, taking a large sip. He seemed serious-faced, yet relaxed, and comfortable. He shrugged it off, half-tempted to either stop caring and burning the building down for a past-in-flames.

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