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Truest Valor

"Of course I am familiar with the concept." Rune replied as she twirled, pausing to face the two as they stepped outside. She stopped on the porch, hands on her hips, and eyed the angel curiously. "We need to get to the city, you know where that is no?"

Her head tilted slightly one way, then another, as her gold laced emerald hues shifted between Ez and Alex. Seeing Alex her lips curved into a playful grin, and a mischievous gleam flared within her eyes. So that female was coming as well, Rune mused to herself with a giggle. For the moment she muffled her aura of melody, that insane inducing song, she didnt want Alex running rampant.

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Lord Arrion

"Oh, I do hear that badminton is a rather unique game.." His voice spoke out with a scoff, his body moving to stand and stretch. His hand reached up to grab at the shoulder of his cloak, before he pitched it off to the side.

"The rules are still the same, aye?.." He asked. A more serious tone would push past his lips, as they curled sickly. Seph wasn't here to joke around, he needed the blood from the one that stood before him. Yes, the plans to set in stone, the new weapon to bring to the world.

No one lived...No one lived to stop him from working within the darkness like he had been. Long strands of white ash drifting down into his face, before his fingers moved to his lips. A loud whistle passing, as the bandages crawled from his waistline, before starting to coil around his body, around his right arm, the black bandages started to coil and make their place, making sure the white ones would wrap their deceased touch to his arm.

Usually, within a fight this is where Seph would start his tricks, his trades, everything that would keep someone far away from his body, where he could use more of the more destructive spells he could. With Shadow, it was different. The man wasn't easily tricked by the illusions of his speed, or his antics, of throwing up spells to jump him far away from the opposing force on the field.

This was war..With only two people, even in a friendly little fight.

The stitched scarring grew more and more, as his lips grew into an even smirk, his hand moving down to his waist, to grab onto the hilt of his blade, as it jingled smacking against the back of his legs, the bandages now coiling their way up around his neck and around his lips and noise. The deathly aura flowing from his form, as he lowered his form a little.

"On your go Big brother.." His words slipped out, as he began to dig his feet into the ground beneath him.
Faux Soul

Watching with a sharp eye, would he take his arms and fold them to his chest, standing firmly and staring deadly upon his brother. They were brothers, by blood and by powers, but yet they were vastly different, combination of their family which made them elusive and utterly destructive, highly dangerous and skilled. Elusive as they were, they still managed to often find one another, by the strangest of ways, often sounding the chords of war. War; it was all they ever knew, and it was all they'd ever be.

Seph spoke of Shadow to move, as if awaiting for someone else to take the strike. He was curious as to what Seph was up to, and approaching from a different manner for once. However different it was, it was a means that still panned around the same strings that Seph often tugged upon. Shadow didn't ever had a problem playing with the master of puppets, but of course he was no puppet to be trifled with, nor a puppet altogether. Shadow stretched his jaw, quickly, as if yawning, and possibly teasing his brother and feigning interest. Paused still, and having yet to strike, would Shadow stand seemingly idle by, observing his brother's moves and guessing his motives.

Shadow wasn't, as if, awaiting for Seph to take the first step; but be that as it may should Seph to decide such; but merely losing track of the moment, as if day-dreaming.
Locking this thread.

The thread has been dormant for quite some time; slower side of things, largely due to my absence in it. I apologize for any inconveniences that this causes with locking this thread. I currently do not have the time to manage an RP thread, and want to maintain the thread's integrity. It has been a wonderful time operating this thread and I'd like to take this moment to thank you all. With that, I am never far should you need to get a hold of me.

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