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Her growl would become a low rumble as she felt Jame's touch, and she would take a step back, moving closer to him. When the stranger spoke, fire flashed in her crimson orbs as her hands clenched into fists at her side.

This was a trick? A flashy entrance?

She didn't understand the need go to such lengths to get a certain reaction out of people, and probably never would.

With another step back, her form pressed against James seeking the security his presence always provided. With a bit of reluctance, she would advert her gaze from the strangers at the bar, and glance back at James. "Sorry.." She'd mumble, a bit ashamed of herself.

Ever since the hunter's attack, the dragoness was jumpy, not one to ever react well to people popping up out of no where without warning.

Again she brought a hand to her chest, touched the spot where the spear had pierced her flesh.

((Its ok to sleep Ego, I am about to head to bed myself so Rune won't get into any trouble))
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{{Alrighty then. If all's well, I'll head off. Hopefully we can RP some more tomorrow, Arretsu. At any rate, have a good night, everyone.}}


Arretsu and Ego - Goodnight to the both of you if disappear. : 3
[ Alright guys, I gotta crash for now, I need to get up in 5 hours for work. Can we continue tomorrow? I will respond right after work. @.@ ]

Sure, we can continue of sorts. I will probably move my character all the same. Paradox; or whatever.


Shadow cracked his fingers, popping his left hand's knuckles as he pressed it up to the bottle of whiskey it had. A fifth, as always, did you ever expect anything different of the man to his quantity of the stuff? Of course not, that is, unless he upgraded to a larger size. But, the fifth was a suitable size to carry without appearing to be too crazy. Despite if you just sat down for a minute and seen him drink fifth after fifth. Either way it was, again, what he had selected. Given if he just gave a little more time and picked his more favorable choice of them all then he'd be standing with a fifth of vodka.

The man spoke to Dreamer; and to the other woman; like he claimed the two. And no matter of what the 'devil' appearing creature claimed, Shadow cared not. Claim all that you like, there was always someone overhead of you. And despite that, what kind of power-seeking being would you be if you didn't challenge such a thing? Just like any of them, Shadow, would challenge this, despite not knocking always on the gates's of Heaven and/or Hell. Just tipped his bottle back and took another swig as he looked and listened.

Thought Shadow wasn't up for protecting others, this was his domain, and he'd break Hell in half if he deemed that it was to be done. Now, this didn't mean he'd off and protect anyone and everyone. But, hell, if the s**t in the fan in the proper way that he needed to step up, he might as well turn the fan on high and see where it all land. Confidence always besieged him that most of things would land softly.

He'd take another swig of his liquor bottle.
The room seemed to fill with an oppressive heat in the air. Probably Melech's doing. This was new. But Kalare wasn't terribly worried about it, even moreso when it disappeared again. Okay. Do your magic thing, you a*****e. Kalare surely didn't care.

There was talk about the boy-thing and then the smallest mention of trouble. What? Kalare disengaged almost immediately. She wasn't one to get involved. Melech dealt with his own problems. His bone tail dragging across the floor, however, did cause her fingers to curl in on themselves slightly. She didn't like her memories attributed with that particular appendage. But the moment passed as soon as the noise stopped.

Kalare's expression almost fell to a look of displeasure as Melech spoke to her again.


"Just meeting her is still knowing her," she stated nonchalantly, her gaze having returned to the drinks behind the bar. End of conversation. They didn't know each other. She didn't need to talk to him. She wasn't even going to give him the privilege of having her look at him.

She grinned as Dreamer approached. Always pretty, baby. For a moment, Kalare just looked at the former demon-vampiress, purposefully letting her question hang in the air unanswered. Then Kalare took a breath. "I'll take whatever you dare to give me," she practically purred, tilting her head lightly so those locks fell across her bare shoulders just right.

Perhaps she wasn't talking about drinks.
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((Hoping off as well. I have an early morning. Goodnight all. <3

P.S. *Mauls Shadow before bed, cause, you know, it's kinda how I roll.* ))


G'night, Dreamer.

-Paradox; or whatever.


Shadow's mind ripped. There it slip and the walls plastered with a moldy taste of crimson. The blood was always so polluted and stale. Like it had be roasted and dried out for days. As if it were deer meat hanging from a tree waiting to be jerked and laid out like a dried beef of such. Though, given, this was all metaphorically speaking. It took him back to a place once long ago.

It was a time of one. The scale bouncing and skipping. The beat, no, it was never constant. Chaotic and untold times, a sketch of a drawn out plan that was never, ever, foretold. Take it you might. Break it. Read it. Uphold it to your tight, soft grip, but it was never yours. The system broke and the screws flew loose. Distill this concoction all that you like, for the drinking of this life was never going down easily. You're going to get lose inebriated off of it.

Fire spread wild and across to the lands. Memories unfolding and buckling to that of a time when all seemed lost. Yes, this vengeance always played softly - though lost - somewhere in his mind. To a time when all of his family and realm was united. This was of a time to Shadow when all made sense. When he was not yet so ill and warded.

To a time Shadow was not Shadow, but Savriel. That time had long since passed. That name long since torn asunder. He always begged for a weapon of such to tear him from this. Though, that taste never left his mouth. And that weapon never fully game to his grasp. Was it a collapse upon his own assertiveness or to the weak minded individuals of others? Either way, he lost; however you looked at it.

And thus, a story foretold of another chapter of that which is Shadow.
And it was like that, like that of a crushing of lightning. Stepping on a thin sheet of ice and falling through the cracks. That's right, beneath that surface it was frigid and bone-chilling death rattling. It was going to drown you. Suffocate you to it's cold temperatures so thick it was like a blanket wrapping across your mouth and nostrils. The memories; given if you enveloped Shadow as such, which no one did; would take you deep down to such devastating lands.

It didn't care what lord you claimed to be, what god you were actually designated of such, it would drown you to this realm all the same. It called; no, clawed; out to those stepping into it. Like an enlightenment of such it would wash over you. Comparison, as it would not foretell of all which you seek in life, but that which was also undiscovered. Something of which was not foretold; as many things were; and always accepting. It was a time-travel of such that Shadow would envelope to take him back which once happened.

This cage of sorts rattled. Not; it shook ******** violently. Test it not; grab it's bars, you'll see how violently it took a hold to this prison. For we are just captures to it's presence; never being able to change the facts of that which has passed in time. Well, there was a few that could change it, but that was neither here nor there. This was something probably too ground breaking and too out of reach of another dimension to change. Either way, it is what had happened. Vague as it may, but you're not paying full attention here.

Snap. Snap. Listen closely, the image was taken a moment ago. Rill back and take a hold of the line, for you'll see in this catch that there's a moving time of which cannot be shaken. Stirred. Caught. Let go. Forget it not; for it was ever foretold of a dungeon-life of never letting go.
It wasn't like you knew a thing, thought it wasn't like he was presuming he knew a thing of you. It was, after all, a time long since passed. A thing long, so long, ago. It wasn't coming back. And that fleeing thought, that outcry of help, wouldn't rely to what would ever come. It was of a demons; though not real demons long since passed. Gods, so powerful they'd tear the limbs of ever being in site. Shadow hadn't been crossing paths with one so long. He was hunting, and thus he gave up some of his power to pact with beings of such to hunt one down.

Concealing themselves so well, but only a few remained. Kick it the flow, the river was no flowing upwards and it was going in the direction many long since passed believed in. Shadow, he felt so along, his brothers mostly all vanished. They were gone, isolated or dead. Separated, all the same, and left far too long alone. He would step up. Always revered as a leader, but not the best of leaders, he'd take his fold with challenging such. He'd hunt them the ******** down if he needed to. It would come; oh yes, you could bet on it. His mouth watered with such things.
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"I'm growing a bit restless." Eon said as a he started emitting a dark icy aura. "Guess I'll go outside and relax." He said as he left the bar in some sort of hypnotic trance.
There, the sound would hallow out. It was left silhouetted. Beat. Break. There it hummed and pace on it's own. He closed his eyes. The snow vibrated and shook from the tree he stood near. It was a pine tree of sorts. It was a lonely and small tree, nothing of special notice that snow would come up off of it as 'power' of such rattled next to it. Shadow, all the while stood with a wicked grin.

He wasn't far off from the bar, this would be true. Narrate as you'd like, but the stories of Shadow's life was always so much more. Left out, and pages always ripped, judged so many times. Never fully delved and trusted into; but why would you trust and individual of such? You'd have to be half-mad and half-knowledgeable of his person in order to withstand who he was. Who was that - no one.

(( - Edit. ))
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As Eon continued to walk outside he fell to his knees as if going through some sort of transformation. "Why...is...this...happening?" He said as he started to breathe heavily. "I...feel..." He said as he paused and his dark aura consumed him. "Not...yet....I...need to....resist." He said as he went back to his gentle personality.

"That was close, I can't believe I almost lost it. I guess the memories of that fight must have triggered it. I'll have to be careful from now on." He said as he got up and went back to the bar.
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Zantara had luckily or unluckily enough missed out on all of the excitement outside of his kitchen. He'd spent the last few hours measuring out the dimensions of the entire room, following power lines, checking the gas lines and seeing exactly where they lead.

He had pulled out his dimensional-cell phone and had made a few calls to a multi-verse department store that he knew, flipping through their catalogue as he sipped on a cup of coffee. He'd put away all of the silverware and pots and pans within one of the walk in refrigerators, to get them all out of his way.

Closing the phone as he finished his order, Zantara removed the black button up shirt and rolled up the sleeves of his t-shirt. Pulling a bandana out of his pouch, he manifested a sledge hammer in his left gloved hand. Letting the instrument dangle back and forth, he looked over at the small boombox that he'd brought out and with a telepathic motion it turned on, the heavy metal rift of Blind Gardians Lost in the Twilight Hall began to pound within the small room. Tying his hair back with the skull and crossbones covered bandana, he lifted up and began the work, smashing the cabinets away, sending shards of wood into the air. Tapping his foot to the bass drum beat, he continued to demolish the kitchen, the racket barely loud enough to be heard over the loud music that was rattling the liquor in the main bar area.

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