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Always analyzing things; well, to the extent of his ******** to that day. But, nevertheless, his mind contorted to what this world hindered it to be. This vessel, yes, it was suitable and strong; but it was never satisfying. The mind of his person began to crack and snap around. Twisting and turning, the sensation of power burning to his being. Wrecking and torquing as always as it was hindered. It would often subside quickly after protruding some.

He felt the presence of two new individuals, as quickly as they appeared. Though, he remained calm and quiet. Not giving a response to either of the two. Seems one bartender, Saji, had up and gone to bed. Luckily Dreamer responded to the individual so he didn't have to take care of them 'bartending' wise. Judging of Shadow's persona, this display of things and words of such didn't affect him any as no reaction was given.

Turning and walking over to the bar's fridge down the counter top from him; since he was still behind the counter; he'd open it up and grab a new bottle. A long slender bottle whiskey had came from it. Damn, seems he didn't randomly have the chance of grabbing something 'vodka' oriented. It was just whiskey. But the alcohol would serve to him all the same. Passing Dreamer on the way, he'd go to the radio on the left and hit the 'on' button. Music began to play soft and slow. It was some sort of trance, dance music of sorts. It was always something random on this thing.

Needing to adjust and figure out a proper station for this radio but deciding not to deal with it at this time. The music would flow about the bar area softly, despite the rough hitting beats the dance music had to offer and all of it's bass. He'd turn and face towards the patron's once more with the bottle in hand. Opening it and taking a drink; but not tilting the bottle all the way back. This way he was able to keep an eye on the patrons. As if an 'eye' was ever just enough.

As far as getting a taste of Dreamer's current master was concerned, he was of little worry to him. Shadow was always the lone-warrior of such and care not for anyone to begin with. However, he did have objectives to meet. Besides, there was a twisted side to him that remained in that torn-affection of caring not.
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{{Gah. I'm still lurking, but waking up early this morning has my brain fried.}}

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Get you some rest, man.
She half-expected Melech's entrance, given that she had gotten used to his cues. If she gained any pleasure out of his presence, she didn't show it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his classic bone-tail - an entity that no longer made her flinch externally, at least - in the scrawny-boy-thing. She didn't really understand whatever just happened but she wasn't going to question it.

******** his flamboyant bullshit. Whatever, pretty-boy.

And then he wanted to address her. She didn't really want to address him. She didn't even want to be here.

At some point, Shadow crossed her rather focused gaze. She kept herself from making a face and let the moment go by without any real reaction.

"Sorry," she replied curtly, eyes seeming to concentrate only too hard on the array of bottles behind the bar counter. "We don't know each other." There was the briefest pause, almost as if she were going to offer an irritated sigh. "And I don't have drinks with strangers."

It was then that her gaze finally moved. And landed on a certain black and white haired woman. Hm. "Dreamer," she piped up almost too cordially, lowering her arm to rest against the countertop and leaning over slightly. "Leave him with the beer. You already served him." He could also stay at his part of the counter. She would keep her corner, thank you very much. Her thin, black, heart-shaped tip devil tail seemed to have regained some of its usual playful spirit as it began to sway teasingly behind her. "Drink with me."
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Rune's attention was forced back to the stuttering boy and Dreamer. Seeing the boy suddenly lift, and a man materialize, with a bone like tail skewered through the boy's body, she couldn't stop the growl that ripped from her throat.

The dragoness was off the stool within the blink of an eye, sending it tumbling backwards, her lips curled into a snarl and once golden eyes swirled to a crimson red. Her white bat like wings stretched, and lithe body tensed. Clearly she didn't like surprises and was easy to startle.

((Get some sleep Ego! Sounds like you need it.))
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{{Hmmm... Soon, maybe, but if Rune is getting into trouble, James can't help but take an interest. As his puppet-master, I gotta stick around. A little inspiration to write is just as good as coffee. xd }}
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{{Hmmm... Soon, maybe, but if Rune is getting into trouble, James can't help but take an interest. As his puppet-master, I gotta stick around. A little inspiration to write is just as good as coffee. xd }}

(( The easiest way to stay out of trouble is generally to not be stupid. I think she'll be okay. ;3 ))
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James observed the proceedings with an irritated look behind his narrowed eyes, a small scowl upon his face. He'd thought he'd sensed something strange about the stuttering fool. This demon seemed to be downright rude. Whether the boy had been a puppet or an illusion was irrelevant.

JJ despised such trickery. Beings with strength didn't need to take such underhanded tactics. It was sure evidence of either weakness or malevolence.

When Rune jumped to her feet, James rose smoothly, placing a hand on her shoulder. He did not pull her, but his grip was surprisingly firm.

"Leave well enough alone, Rune. It's just a foolish trick, not a threat." If she started a fight, he would have to join. Much as he enjoyed a good brawl, his tactics tended to cause an inordinate amount of collateral damage; He would rather not look for a new place to stay.

Winter came walking through the door behind the bar's counter. His tall frame and thick build would stop as he'd look around for a brief moment. Yeah, there was people about the place, but he didn't care. He seen Shadow and continued walking, walking right on passed the man and gave a light nod. "Shadow," he said quickly and in a low tone as he passed the man. He took his body now over to a empty booth along the left wall and placed himself in a seat. Noting those about the tavern currently, but not giving them all direct eye contact.
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{{Hmmm... Soon, maybe, but if Rune is getting into trouble, James can't help but take an interest. As his puppet-master, I gotta stick around. A little inspiration to write is just as good as coffee. xd }}

(( The easiest way to stay out of trouble is generally to not be stupid. I think she'll be okay. ;3 ))

{{Even so. I still always relish a chance to play my villain like a hero. I'm not gonna let a little drowsiness make me miss out on all of the fun. It's all good.}}

    Drawing a deep breath, Melech held it a moment before exhaling. The miasma around him intensified, stretching out an inch or two further than it normally room. The air in the room would grow heavy, humid, borderline uncomfortable, but it was tolerable. The Devil's shoulders tensed just a little, but all in all, his posture remained the same. The room was sparely occupied considering its size. Six, no five, wait six again in total, excluding himself. Gaps in the moisture. An effectively not commonly present around the Abyssal Lord, it was more frequent when among groups of people. Always liked to know where people stood in regards to him. Literally.

    Melech had just taken another sip of his beer when Dreamer mentioned kissing the boy, and frowned as he took on an almost hurt expression.

    "I sure did. All the boy wanted was some one on one time with an attractive Asian woman."

    He gestured toward her with the neck of his beer bottle.

    "You'd be surprised what a lonely kid would do for a chance to live his dream."

    When the Dragoness shot from her seat, Melech's eyes narrowed just a bit, but he kept his gaze forward, his back to her and her rising significant other. That bone tail lashed at the ground, just barely scraping that sharp tip across the floorboards beneath them. A reflexive response to a reflexive action. Bringing his bottle to his lip, he paused, turning his head to glance over his shoulder.

    "Calm down, dear, and listen to your companion."

    He turned his head a little further, gesturing toward James. His spoke the truth. It was just a foolish trick. Kind of the whole point of a flashy entrence.

    "If I wanted to start trouble, I'd have done so by now. I would hate to spill my beer"

    Finally, he took a sip of his drink, turning his head forward once more to face Dreamer, finally addressing her second question, he gestured toward the bottle in his hands with the index finger of his free hand, arching a brow in confusion. Why did she think beer wasn't his thing? He rather enjoyed beer.

    His gaze was finally stolen to the side by Kalare blatantly disowned him. It actually caused him to chuckle. Rolling his, he rotated at the waist, allowing his arm to come to rest upon the counter, his other holding his beer.

    "Oh well, fine. If that's the case, why invite her?"

    His smirk grew into a grin as he gestured toward Dreamer with his drink.

    "You only just met her recently, right?"

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[[hey all!]]
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Good evening.
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[[I kinda wanna bring Vanlith in..buuut i don't think it'll help much...maybe i should work more on the double character post Veni656 is gonna bring in]]
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Just as Shadow did, he was nonchalant about the whole thing. She often wondered if he was always like this, before she lost her memory. The music was haunting and perfect for Melech to let out a bit of misama to add to the mood. The other loopy 'bartender' from before had entered, Winter was it? Arretsu seemed to not like Melech's tricks, Dreamer was used to them, she happened to do things like that often. Though for the dragon it might have been unpleasant, James didn't seem to enjoy the show either.

Well, well, looks like he liked the beer after all, cause at first he wasn't looking to fond of it. Dreamer just made her hands look like, 'well then have at it!.' Though his comments about the boy doing whatever he could to get a piece of the pie, Dreamer chuckled. "You implying I'm a poor sap? Or a slave? I'm not sure which, Melech."

Dreamer gave James a warning look to keep his companion safe, that meant not attacking Melech.

Kalare really did not want to be anywhere near Melech, and his retort to her was rather interesting.

'Invite her?'

Dreamer made a small perplexed look before she looked back to Kalare who had perched herself in a corner, still away from Melech. The woman was right though, she had served Melech, it was only proper. The demon put her hands in her pockets and quietly wandered over to the pink haired beauty. "What do you want?" She smirked a little, and then promptly placed a hand on the wood counter top.

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