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Shadow was teasing her, he didn't have sodas in his room. Or even have liquor in his room; he drank it all. Of course, challenging one's opponent simply on what they wanted when they clearly sought death of you didn't really get your far or to understand much. It wasn't always as simple as that. Shadow picked up the vodka bottle and narrowed his eyes to it while picking it up.

He took a drank, rather large, but not taking the whole bottle's liquid away. He wouldn't be so rude to attempt to finish what Saji was drinking on. Shadow sat the bottle down and gently pushed it back in Saji's direction. He gave a slight head nod. It was his light gesture of a 'thank you'. Well, that gesture was supposed to come off as a 'thanks', doesn't mean Saji may see and acknowledge.
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Rune would nod, "If it wasn't different each time then it would only become tediously boring." She replied to Saji. Hearing the joke she made to James, she looked at him curiously, then back to Saji. This was a story she knew she had to ask about later when Saji wasn't so beat up and busy. With a mental shrug glanced over at the man that Dreamer had stuttering. He was becoming irritating, and took every ounce of her will power to not grab him by that shirt. Deciding to not worry about it, she would turn her attention back to James. "I am so glad you didn't stutter like that when we first met. I would have probably tried to eat you."

((Why are you claiming the pages!?))
[ Why does everyone hate the stuttering human? crying ]
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Of course she save the best for last.

The demon slowly leaned her eyes up to meet his, they were a light silver color. Her fingers that were once toying with his shirt were now gripping it and pulling him towards her.

"Unlikely." She murmured at him, now nose to nose with him. "Careful." She warned and let go of him before turning away to grab a glass of water.

Never in her life had she met someone that nervous, it made her very uneasy. Her face turned to Saji and Shadow, but she tried not to intervene. Something felt off, why was she nervous? Was something going to happen? No..no..

She grabbed her glass and filled it with water, taking a couple gulps.
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JJ's eyes glimmered wickedly at Saji's reply, and he flashed her a roguish wink that would easily flutter the heart of a lesser woman.

"I don't need it; There's plenty more where that came from." Whatever their past reason for battle, James didn't concern himself with it. A job was a job, and he would kill just about anyone if he was paid well enough for it. She didn't seem to hold any hard feelings, and even if she did, he would merely kill her if she tried to act on them.

Still grinning, he glanced over at the lovely dragoness.

"Well, you certainly could have tried. Fortunately, though, I have no such speech impediment."

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Saji rolled her eyes playfully at Shadow when he took the bottle to drink. She was also learning that she could decipher his body language and reactions to certain situations as responses to things. This was helpful to her. When he nodded thanks to her, she grinned at him as she took back the bottle. She herself took two more hard swallows then slid it back. "The rest is yours."

Her eye looked again to his hair and gave into temptation. She leaned over the bar then affectionately smoothed his hair into a form of semblance. Satisfied with that, she pulled away admiring her work, not that it was miraculous.

Too Rune she looked again, crossing her arms. A wicked little grin crossed her features. "Rune... If I had you around all the time, I probably wouldn't need to worry about anything. You're a lethal beauty. I adore you, but your dragon form is terrifyly ethereal." She was genuine with her compliment. To JJ, she simply stuck her tongue out, not wanting to tell him she had the casings as well. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to go further than her joke. Didnt want to stir up old skeletons.
Shadow wasn't always the hardest of people to figure out. Though he did sway s**t back and forth quite often, and attempted to unreadable. However, he knew that this in turn gave impressions and a sort of explanation of his character. Well, it did within these walls. No matter how it fitted together, Shadow was still here of sorts portraying pieces of himself. For instance; he liked to drank. He took the bottle and finished the rest of the drank.

He felt Saji fix his hair a moment ago til she seemed satisfied. She had leaned over while he was behind the bar's counter top still and did such. Accepting it and shifting his eyes about with the, "what are you doing?" sort of look and looking upwards. She finished up and began to speak over to Rune. Shadow noticed Dreamer fetching herself some water a moment ago. He didn't know what was up with everything. Today, to Shadow, just seemed like a bad episode of some cliche alter-universe TV series.
Well, yeah, but she didn't want to.

The irritable sigh that threatened to escape her frame was practically present before her shadowy form materialized in a corner closest to the bar counter. The black silhouette then seemed to melt back into the floor, the shadows returning to where they came from, revealing her spiral white horns, exaggerated pink locks, coal black eyes, features, features, features. Shadows. Stuff. People. Magic.

******** this place already.

Calix did tell her that she should stop hanging out in taverns. She never listened to him because she thought it was a silly idea - but maybe he was right this one time. In her defense, though, it's not like she chose to come here.

Her gaze slanted briefly to the side to see a figure she was unfortunately somewhat familiar with. Tch. Shadow. Naturally. Whatever.

That gaze moved to almost too quickly scan the establishment. Her eyes seemed to settle, transiently, on this kid with scrawniness and nonfeelings written all over him. Her expression seemed to almost imperceptibly cross between disgust and exasperation - and then her gaze seemed to move on as she made her way towards a farther end of the counter.

He was the one who wanted to come here.

Thanks, a*****e.

Dreamer seemed to be doing well. With the flirting or whatever the hell was going on over there. Kalare supposed that was a good sign. The mildly uncomfortable feeling that had formerly settled in her stomach seemed to ease just slightly.

Her tail seemed to droop just slightly beneath her asymmetrical, deceptively sheer, flowing black skirt, matching her sleeveless white ruffle blouse top that tied at a bow at the side of her waist. She had always fancied the pink, black, and white color scheme. Rather discontentedly, she propped an arm against the counter, settling her chin against the palm of her hand as her fingers rested the side of her cheek. Those glossy pink nails reflected the light gently. Her expression almost looked resentful.

Well, she was here.

Your move, a*****e.
((Why are you claiming the pages!?))


I did it a long time ago in this thread. These pages have '67' in them and it's relative to my time on Gaia as it was a number associated with our 'Clan', so to speak. Now, I'm not claiming every page with that number.

Well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.
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"Yes fortunately." She grinned.

Hearing Saji talk of her dragon form, she gave her kin a puzzled look. "Lethal beauty? Ethereal?" Rune laughed and shook her head, causing strands of white to dance with the sudden movement. "No not me. If anyone is a beauty it is you, Saji. I am far from that."

Rune was never one to put much work into her appearance, or take the time to even study herself in a mirror. In her eyes, she was a run of the mill dragon, with a normal human appearance.

With a mental shrug, she glanced at the stranger who appeared in the tavern, and then wonder to the bar. The strange woman didn't look pleased to be here, and Rune wondered why.
    The male's eyes widened and he inhaled a squeaking breath as Dreamer grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled him closer. Staring into her eyes, he seemed to shake in her grasp with either fear, or excitement. His cheeks flushed as her nose practically pressed against his, the close proximity alone more than enough to make him flush. His brows rose when she spoke and he blinked in mild surprise.

    Careful of what? The boy relaxed as Dreamer released him to tend to her water, raising a hand to rub lightly at his flushed cheek. Rotating at his waist, he turned toward his beer and began extending his hand toward it. That is, until his eyes shot wide open and he arched. His mouth fell open into a silent expression of pain as he suddenly rose from the ground, suspended by some unseen force.


    Another voice spoke flatly from thin air, next to the now limp boy, almost as if Kalare's manifestation within the establishment were some sort cue. With a faint crackling sound, the cause of such a motion slowly began to burn into existence. Like paper burning away, that bone scythe was revealed, pierced clean through the boys center mass, however it carried no blood. The burning effect continued, extending out of the boys back, spreading down the long spine like appendage attached to that sickening bone scythe, before connecting to its owner.

    Plucking up the beer before him, Melech brought it to his lips and took a sip, sighing lightly through his nose. Black wraps were visible wrapped loosely around his hands, stopping just before his elbow started

    "That wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had originally thought..."

    He sat upon the stool to the side of the male suspended in the air by that bone tail of his. His attire was lacking its usual purples and reds for something a little more casual, at least for him at least. White hair was pulled back into a fairly tight pony tail at the back of his head, atop of which sat a simple black, eight panel newsboy cap. Suspended upon his shoulders and tied at his neck was a black coat, his arms were free of the sleeves, giving it the appearance of a sort of cape. Beneath he wore a rather form fitting black shirt that left his arms bare, revealing those intricate tattoos as they spewed forth that purple miasma like energy. On his legs he wore a pair of black pants with a strip of white running up the center of each leg, leading down to his usual, steel towed boots. Slowly, his head turned, allowing him to glance at Dreamer as he took another sip of that rather disgusting beverage. That same purple mist belched forth from his eyes, only much more concentrated, obscuring the iris, pupil and scalera from view.


    That bone tail twitched, lifting the boy further before - with a flash - his entire frame was enveloped in a purple energy, matching Melech's own. Features were consumed and within an instant, he was simply absorbed into the bone appendage, as if he hadn't even been there to begin with. With a twitch, his tail took its place behind him, swaying just a bit.

    It was then he shifted his weight backward, leaning back on his stool as he looked down the bar at the pink haired woman, grinning wide.

    "Come on grumpy gills, care to join me for a drink?"
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Saji stood there a moment before a feeling of weary washed over her. It wasn't late out, but it was chilly evening and she kinda felt it. The red head sighed and leaned Against the bar. "Shadow. I'm gonna sleep for now. I'll see you tomorrow!" The red head nodded once before slipping away, waving and then taking to the stairs to her room.


G'night, Saji.
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Bring in the circus.

Dreamer placed the glass down beside her as her gloved hands lingered on the counter, her arms spread out. Something caught her eye from the other side of the room. As pink coils spilled into the room, Dreamer's eyes widened a little, her fanged mouth slightly ajar. Something made her stomach flutter and her heart want to sink. For weeks she had thought about her, for weeks she appeared in dreams being nothing but a nightmare that passed. Dreamer coiled her head up a little and closed her mouth with a small frown. Here she was, standing in front of her, angry as hell for some reason. That meant only one thing, he wasn't far behind. This was not the place she wanted to meet them at.

Shadow was about to get a taste of how her reality was working.

Just then the 'boy' she had been fake flirting with was getting ripped apart, until he dissipated and nothing was left but Melech. The Abyss Lord seemed to be nonchalantly trying the drink, that he, must have ordered. Though she didn't assume he would find the taste well, beer didn't seem to be a thing for someone like him. All she could do was shake her head a little and smirk, she started to smile like, 'What the hell? Am I ******** seeing s**t?'

Dreamer wasn't about to introduce her boss/ex-lover, to her current master, and other current psudo-crush? The demon had quite the busy time since he had gone away. It was true though, she did like Kalare, though she really wasn't sure why? The girl was attractive, but apparently all of her memories (Or what she thought were her memories) was actually Melechs. At least that's what she was told. Even though every time she caught sight of the girl her insides wanted to turn upside down. She still secretly wanted to assume those memories were hers, despite what he had said.

'Well this is going to be fun.'

Hopefully it wouldn't end up like last time, on the floor with her in pain again. She did not like the feeling of someone holding on to her every being like she was a stress ball. It made her nervous as hell to have both of them in here. Especially Melech, what had he come here to check up on her? Wouldn't Aythra be jealous, she grinned at the thought.

"What, did you think I wanted to kiss him? Come on now, gotta do better then that." She retorted sarcastically. "Since I know beer isn't your thing, you want something else?" Dreamer left the counter she was leaning on and wandered over to him carefully. As for Kalare, Dreamer's eyes landed on her briefly, waiting for her to wander over next to him.

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