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♠♠Bläck Insänity Tavern♠♠

[W]elcome to the Dark Side of [Wonderland].
Would you like to join our "tea" party?


*thread reopened - beware sporadic posts from owner*

[1] a place or scene of great or strange beauty or wonder
[2] an imaginary realm of marvels or wonders


Black Insanity Tavern Status:
Opened / Accepting New Employees / Start Roleplaying!
Come right in and start Roleplaying!
Please read Rules and Story before you roleplay.

Wonderland Weather:
Sun with few violet clouds - What is next to come?

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[Insane List + Roles]
[Kitade]- Dark Mad Hatter/Dark Queen of Clubs/Raven Twins/Dark Duke of Hearts
xXChibiBunnyXx - Dark Alice/Princess of Clubs
Kyoshi Karna - Staff
Princess Mandy - Dark Cheshire Cat/Dark Tweedle Dee and Dum/Dark Prince of Spades
l_OblivionXlll - Staff
Nestle Shadows - Dark March Hare
Beloved Lin - White & Black Rabbit
Nightmare Unleashed - Staff
Valgarv - Dark Drunk Mouse


[Boring List]
No to Boringness! I demand Craziness!
But if you do break the rules...you're lame!

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comics]
[1] The state of being insane; unsoundness or derangement of mind; madness; lunacyxx

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Everything has its own story.xx
This is based on a true fictional story.

Wonderland was known to be something that Alice simply had dreamed about, like falling in rabbit holes, eating weird things, meeting weird creatures, and facing the cruel, red queen. Well, in this story, coming down the rabbit hole isn't the only way to come down here to Wonderland.

When a person needs to get away or dreams of a place with imagination and possibilities, he or she will find themselves suddenly in a deep forest filled with thick, everlasting green trees.

That's how Alice came back to Wonderland again. She found herself wanting to find a place where she could escape from reality and that desire led her to revisit that so-called dream. A forest with giant mushrooms and flowers began to appear before her eyes. Before she knew it, a void takes her through time, swirling as if she had been sucked through the rabbit hole once again and into a different dimension.

In a split second, she finds herself in front of an old edifice that is oddly shaped. The mismatch paint on the walls are filled with murals and blotches of different colors. The windows are shaped in different prisms and angles while the door was a club shaped. All around this colorful building was black. Black trees, black-purple mushrooms, and black rose bushes that were in the front yard. A sign was posted above the door reading, "Black Insanity Tavern; the most Insane Party Place in all of Wonderland!" Alice's eyes widen at the sign. Was she really in Wonderland again? How come she never heard of this place when she first came here?

The door creaked open as a violet-eyed girl appeared before her. "Mad Hatter?" Alice questioned aloud when she recognized the top hat on the woman's head. But what she remembered was that the Hatter was a man when she first came to Wonderland. The female Mad Hatter eyes widen as she rushed over to help Alice up on to her feet. "Welcome to my humble place...Alice," the woman greeted. Alice looked at the woman strangely, "You know me?" The woman nodded in reply with a wide grin. "Who doesn't know the famous human girl Alice that escaped the Queen of Hearts in the 'Light' region of Wonderland?" she teased before she gives Alice a small curtsey. "The name is Kitade. Kit for short. I'm the Mad Hatter of Wonderland." Alice shook her head, "I thought the Mad Hatter is a guy...or that's how I remembered it." The Mad Hatter laughed at Alice and shook her head, "Oh him?! That drunk, old man is my uncle! I'm the Mad Hatter of this region of Wonderland, not him." Alice gives her a confused look, "This region?" Kit nodded her head, "I call it the Black Wonderland, where the opposite of the wonderous Wonderland that you visited last time. I guess you can say it's full of: darkness, coldness, evilness, horror, solitude..." Alice shivered at Kit's words and began to freak about the black-colored place. The Mad Hatter laughed again as Alice stared at her, "Don't worry, I'm teasing. Come. Come." Kit led Alice into the colorful old building.

"Welcome to my glorious place: The Black Insanity Tavern," the Mad Hatter bellowed as she jumped around and began dancing around behind the glistening, silver diamond-shape bar counter. "Come dear, take a sip...a bite....oh, try this," the Mad Hatter said as she poured different drinks into different tea cups and shoved small plates of colorful pastries towards the lost girl. "Is there a way out to get out of Wonderland? I mean, I don't quite recall on how I got back from the first time," Alice had suddenly asked her. The Mad Hatter paused and stared at her. "Nope, you're stuck here forever..." the Hatter said it in a serious, calm tone, watching for Alice's reaction. Alice face turned into horror. "You mean, I can't escape like last time? This is no dream?!" Alice panicked. The Mad Hatter stared at her hard before bellowing a loud laugh. "I'm kidding my dear," she said in between laughter, "Oh man, you should've seen your face. Boy, you are sure gullible." Alice sighed in relief and then frowned. This was the Mad Hatter she was talking to, jokes are always pleasant to them. "Then how?" Kit pointed to an arrow on the wall that was pointed downward. "There," she said, calming herself down from the laugh, "There's a rabbit hole right there." Alice smiled at the sight of it and gives another sigh in relief. "That means you're leaving me..." Kit frowned as she pours herself a cup of coffee. "Well, since I know a way out now...I'll stay for a bit," Alice said, giving the Mad Hatter a smile. "Really?!" Before Alice knew it, she was glomped by the Mad Hatter. "Why won't you just work here for me?" the Mad Hatter suggested before slinging her arms around Alice, "I'm not crazy like those old people that you knew when you first came here." Alice looked at Kit in disbelief, "Crazy? You're the Mad Hatter, for crying out loud!"

"Geez, you're finally catching on. Well then, let me officially welcome you to the Black Insanity Tavern," the Mad Hatter said to Alice with another curtsey, "Where all you misery and solitude will disappear. Now, let the insanity begin!"

Major Points:

1] This tavern is in the Black Wonderland region aka Dark Wonderland and is on the Clubs' Kingdom territory.
2] There are three regions of Wonderland, therefore you can claim that you came from the 'Light', 'Abyss', or 'Dark'. Abyss is consider the center of the two 'Dark' and 'Light' region.
3] Even though Wonderland has three regions, there are only four Queens each in both the 'Light' and 'Dark' regions. (i.e. Dark Queen of Hearts, Light Queen of Spades, etc.)
4] Both 'Dark' and 'Light' region of the Wonderland has four states/territory that belong to the Queens. (i.e. Dark Wonderland: Hearts Kingdom, Spades Kingdom, Clubs Kingdom, and Diamond Kingdom)

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comics]
xx[1] lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
xx[2] characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness
xx[3] without any moral quality or goodness; evil; wicked

User Image

xxEven if this is an insane place, there are still rules to be followed.

[!!] You are Warned!
This roleplay contains some Yaoi!
If you don't like this kind of things, then please do not bother joining the Rp [!!]

[1] Follow Gaia TOS. Period.
[2] My staff's and my own words is law. If either of us ask you to leave: You leave or I report you. Also, Rules can be changed anytime and any moment. Please refer back to this post to check if anything is changed.
[3] No bumping or spamming. Or copying any of the posts on the front page and reposting it. It’s annoying.
[4] Romance and insanity is highly encouraged. Keep it PG-16 or below please and of course, no cybering.
[5] No Godmodding or Autohitting in anything.
[6] Use OOC like this (insert) or something that people can easily indicate that it's a OOC.
[7] No chat-speaking. Try to be semi-literate or literate. As in using "quotes" for saying things and italics for thoughts. Must be at least 3 sentences minimum!
[8] Respect my staff and the people in here. If not, you will be kicked out.
[9] You may role play anytime you want, even if no one is here, I will be sure to reply to your entering.
[10] This is Wonderland. Therefore, there's a limit of the kind of characters you can choose play as. If there's already an Alice, Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, or etc., then choose another character. There should be the max. of 3 of each type; one from each of the three regions of Wonderland. (Refer back to Story post) You must be active in order to keep your characters in this roleplay, meaning posting at least one or two posts a week ! If you're unsure or have any questions, please contact me in either through PM or the thread using Ooc.
[11] Please go as insane you want in here. Just don't ruin my precious China set.
[12] This is a hangout place, so have fun.

Staff Rules:
[1]Must greet incoming customers, even if you're busy in a conversation, a nod or smile would be nice. We must keep our guest feel welcome.
[2]Must post at least one to two post a week. I'm not asking for a lot. I simply would like to keep this thread going. If you need time off or anything, please notify me through PM. Without any notices, you will be booted off your job position.
[3]If you would like to withdraw from you job position, please notify me. I will not be mad, I promise. I rather that you tell me than just ditching the role play.
[4]All staffs are hosts. You can sit down and chat with various people without being scolded, not like I care.
[5] Go insane, crazy, wild with you job. Have fun. If you're having a gloomy day, just talk to any of the staffs or especially me, the Mad Hatter. We all know we get those lame days.

**All Staffs & Daily Rp-ers of the Tavern NEED add in their posts of the following:
Status | Mood | Location
Status is for the what the character is doing; mood for how the character is feeling; and the location of where your character is at.
This should help everyone to know what is going on with your character. It'll maintain organization and easy-to-read. Thank you! **

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comics]
[1] affected with madness or insanityxx
[2] foolish; totally unsoundxx
[3] possessed by inordinate excitementxx
[4] bizarre or fantasticxx
[5] intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with

User Image

♠♠[T]he [C]rooked [B]uilding♠♠xx
It's a crazy place. Can you handle it?xx

The exterior is described as in the story. A crooked, unleveled, two or sixty story (even I don't even know) old building that stands out of the black nature surrounding it. Upon the walls are painted with different murals and other places just random blotches of paint. The building is filled with exterior shapes, such as clover and slanted windows, diamond shape roofing, and a black club door. Black roses and flowers surround the whole building with mini stepping stones around. Purple, Red and Blue toadstools are scatter upon the area while small breaded butterflies are flying around. The smell of fresh pastries and strong black coffee fill the air. Shouts, laughter, and music come from the inside of the building.

Once inside, the exterior is designed nearly like how it was outside the edifice. Coming through the door, you can see a long diamond shape bar counter with different geometric shapes as stools. Behind the counter are shelves filled with colorful bottles and labels of different beverages, from rum to wine to simple as ice tea. (We don't believe in water. So don't ask for that.) Along the counters is covered with platters of fresh bakery and wine glasses. All open for guests to easily pick up and eat.

On the left side of from the entrance, there is a mini lounge. From a few banana shaped couches to mushroom stools laying around for those who wish to sit back and relax. The corner of left side is a wide stage with different levels for musicians and singers to entertain guest. The dance floor? Practically anywhere you want it to be. Games such as Mushroom Checkers or Flamingo Croquet are available and found on the shelves of the walls.

On the right side, there's a small door that leads to the library where the Alice's sanctuary is located. Books are filled upon different deformed shelves with variety of color. Along on the right side, there are tables and chairs to sit, dine, and chat among others. In the far right corner, there are stairs that lead up to the second or sixty story. Usually the stairs would know which floor is your room is so it'll take you to it, making it seem like your room is only on the second story when it really is on the 20th. Smart stairs, eh?

Rooms are described in the Vacancy post.

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comics]
♠♠[T]he [In]sane [S]taff♠♠xx
Crazy as they might look, they're not that bad...xx

User Image

[Job Profile Skelly]
xxPlease PM me with a title: "Let Me Join The Insanity" and the following info:
xxCharacter Name:
xxJob Desired: (see if it's available)
xxPersonality: (minimum of 3 sentences)
xxAppearance: (picture with links please)


Note: Everyone who's on staff is a host/hostess to all newcomers or daily clients along with their main duties.

The [M] a d [H] a t t e r [O] w n e r
Username: [Kitade]
Name: Kitade Mitsuwa (Kit, for short)
Age: Appearance, 18 (real age, who knows)
Personality: She considers herself the Queen of Insanity in the whole Wonderland. She's loud, obnobxious, and becomes uncontrollable when she feeds herself with too much coffee and sweets. Her mind roams with insane ideas for the tavern and comes up with random statements. She completely adores china tea set collection. Although she might seem aloof most of the time, she's quite devious and dark when it comes to serious matters.
Appearance:The Crazy Owner

The [D] a r k [A] l i c e
Description: Vice-chair of the Tavern and Librarian. This person makes sure that the books are nice and tidy. Or not. And takes charge of the tavern when the Hatter is not present.
Username: xXChibiBunnyXx
Name: Eulilia "Jinx" Elita Constance (Lia Constance)
Age: 22
Personality: A book-worm. Normally found engrossed in the pages of a book, and the books of any and every library, big or small. Innocent and naive by nature, she'll never have the heart to say no and greets everyone with a pleasant, sincere smile.
Appearance:The BookWorm

The [K] o o k y [H] a r e
Description: Takes care of the events and shows of the tavern.
Username: Nestle Shadows
Name: Charlie Zander
Age: 19
Personality: Charlie is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl always smiling and laughing about something. She is also hardly able to attack anyone even if they hurt her first, however won't hesitate to bite if someone hurts her family. Charlie also appears to most and innocent and somewhat naive because of her kindness towards everyone and was often referred to as a fool by her ex in their later days.
Appearance: Yay its Charlie!

The [D] r u n k [M] o u s e
Description: Head of the Bartenders aka "The Insane Mixers". The master of all drinks creation and take care of the other bartenders.
Username: Valgarv
Name: Mercutio Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez. But only his mother calls him that. Merc for short.
Age: Old. Add twentyfive years or so to a lifetime each in the three regions of Wonderland, along with a few decades of walking all around the world, then living in France for his two first lifetimes, and the time he.. -Goes on.-Has the appearance around his 30s.
Personality: Entertaining, angry, shifty and smokey. Merc is the kind of man that go from rather calm to exploding nuclear device in 0.5 seconds. Due to his age, Mercution have been witness to countless of things which have given him the mental state he is in. Mainly seen angry and mad, although he has a sweet side for Alice. Hate cats. Loves fire.
Appearance: The Mad Drunkard

The [M] i s c h i e v i o u s [C] h e s h i r e [C] a t
Description: Head of the "Sugar Rush". This person will take care of making sure customers are satisfied with the sweets and sugary creations.
Username: Princess Mandy
Name: (???)
Age: 18
Personality: The Cat is a somewhat moody and mischievous person. His trademark grin comes in two flavors - charming or absolutely insane. He greets the customers, either helping and being very charming, or talking backwards, in riddles, or disappearing in a blink of the eye. Either way, he find himself very entertaining. With his unreliable nature, it is surprising that the Hatter put him in charge of the "Sugar Rush". But then again, she's completely mad.
Appearance: The Misinformer

The [D] r e a m y [C] a t e r p i l l a r -Available
Description: Head of the "Greeters". This person will take care of making sure customers are greeted and to be hosted with company, food, and drinks.


The (I) n s a n e (M) i x e r s: Bartenders
Description: Mix and create scrumptious beverages to customers. There's plenty of different kinds of drinks all over the shelves behind the bar counter, kitchen, cellar, and some hidden in the Mad Hatter's room, that are from all over the world. Experiment if you must!
[1] Username: Kyroshi Karna
Name:Zio Karna
Personality: Generally mild mannered and mellow, he watches life though a bigger picture. He's often misunderstood for his thoughts and actions, even though it looks like he is daydreaming half the time. He enjoys helping people and is often curious for his own good.
Appearance:I'm Zio

[2] Available!
[3] Available!

The (S) u g a r (R) u s h: Baker/Pastry Makers
Description: Create, design, and make delicious pastry. Desserts is your main specialty. There are plenty of ingredients, from wide variety of fruits, ice cream, types of chocolate, and basic items to create your masterpiece presented for your customer.
[1] Username: -Teh_Heartless_Nobody-
Name: Marcus Black
Age: 15-16
Personality: Marcus is a really nice and caring character who puts others before himself-making him selfless. He's some-what of a clueless twit(most of the time) and very accidental prone, as well as too cute and innocent for his own good. Klutzy, gullible, naïve, frightened easily, and sometimes uncoordinated, but does come to understand things in a matter of moments.
Appearance: Marcus

[2] Username: Xylis
Name: Amorum et Vitaelis (aka: Amor, Am'ii (ah-me), Love, V)
Age: 21 but looks 15-16; gets carded anywhere he goes.
Job Desired: Sugar Rush
Personality: His name literally translates to love and life, and as such he certainly lives up to his name; loving life and all it's pleasures. He's bisexual and a major flirt; i.e. will jump people he likes. He is a good-natured guy, and can be a bit ditzy at times. He tries not to let anything get him down, but when he does feel low he relies on a sugar-high to perk him back up - is prone to mild hyperactivity and random fainting when his blood sugar plummets.
Appearance: Amorum

[3] Available!

The (G) r e e t e r s: Host/Server/Waiter(ess)
Description: You greet and serve the customers with your enthusiasium. You're a mixture of both bartending and pastry making but not quite an expert yet. You're also in charge of cleaning up if there is a mess (but not too clean.)

[1] Username: l_Takashi_l
Name: Lukas Cross
Age: 20
Personality: Lukas' style is to be cool and slick. He likes to find his way with women, especially the hard to get ones. Being a pure-blood, Lukas' appearance seems flawless and his personality is attractive to others. He prefers to busy with himself of keeping others company in order to keep himself from getting distracted with own personal problems from his past.
Appearance:The PureBlood

[3] Available!
[4] Available!

The (E) n t e r t a i ne r s: Musicians/Singers/Jokers
Description: A party place needs music and entertainment. You're in charge to show you passion of singing, playing, or being funny for customer to enjoy while they're here.

[1] Username:Nightmares Unleashed
Name: Akumu D. Terrorwill
Age: 14
Style: Musician
Personality: Akumu is the ultimate Sadist and Maniac. He likes to torture people, and loves to act crazy and wild. Most people also say that he's a bit scary ( MORE LIKE A HELLA OF LOT SCARY!! )
Appearance: The Maniac

[2] Username: Nightmares Unleashed
Name: Demon, Oni, Devil I go by all these names!
Age: 900
Stye : Musician
Personality: This Devil is always mad and insane. He's odd, mischievous, and always offering people to insanity. Music is always something he enjoys, especially Jazz , where he'll always do his off little dance and go "Swing, Swing~". He likes to scare people, and loves driving people mad. So, working in a place filled with madness was only natural to him!
Appearance: The Little Demon~

[3] Username: -Teh_Heartless_Nobody-
Name: Muma D. Terrorwill
Age: 14
Style: Musician
Personality: You could say that Muma's a lot like his older brother, Akumu; wild, sadistic, INSANE, but only more~! This sugar-addicted maniac's mind is just as twisted as his brother's if not more. You might wanna watch out, you might be missing a body part or two if you're around Muma for too long~ Hehehe =w=
Appearance: Muma


Have any more ideas of a job you want? Please tell me in the PM and I'll be glad to put it in!

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comics]
User Image
What bizarre rooms? Care to stay overnight to continue the madness next day?xx

Rooms of the Black Insanity are unique in their own ways from paintings, themes, or randomness. They have the tendency to change on its own. Rooms are givien out randomly. The numbering of the rooms are jumped around since the Mad Hatter was probably drunk when she numbered the rooms of her tavern back then. Each room has a top-qualtiy Queen-sized bed, night stand, drawers, closet, bathroom, and entertainment system (plasma screen, iHomes, players, etc.). The kitchen is alway open for all staffs and guests that stay here. More rooms will be added if needed.

[Please PM with title: "I'm Crazy for Room Request", if I'm not online. If I am, then you may request it through roleplay.]

Demon's Room -[101]xx
???'s (Chesire Cat) Room -[3.14]xx
Lia's (Alice) Room -[11]xx
Charlie's (VP Wolf) Room -[765]xx
Reo's/Leo's Room -[24]xx
Lukas's Room -[0.12345]xx
Tweedle Dee's Room -[69]xx
Mad Hatter's Room -[000]xx
Tweedle Dum's Room -[96]xx
Mercutio's (Drunk Mouse) Room -[6060]xx

*Note: If those who have a room and doesn't post at least once a week, they will be booted out from the list, unless I'm notified.*

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comic]
xx[1] Being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol xxor narcotic drugs)
xx[2]an abnormally strong craving

User Image

11.23.2008 - Created and Under Construction
11.24.2008 - Open to the Public: Grand Opening
12.03.2008 - Huzzah We reached to over 1000 posts!
12.07.2008 - Huzzah We reached to over 100 pages!

12.06.2008-12.23.2008 - Winter Fiesta!
05.13.2009-05.30.2009 - Lia's Commencement!


xx||Caligula's Senator||
User Image

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements & Affiliates]-[Arts & Comics]
User Image
♠♠[A]rts && [C]omics♠♠xx

Who knew that crazy people would have such artistic skills?xx

[::"Mind Theater"::]xx
<by Princess Mandy - Comic 12.08.2008>xx
.comic. | .read the RP.xx

[Intro]-[Story]-[Rules]-[The Crooked Building]-[Staffs]-[Vacancy]-[Announcements]-[Arts & Comics]
Now Open for Business!


Cling. Cling. Cling.

"To be...or not to be..." The Mad Hatter muttered to herself as she taps her silver spoon against the edge of her coffee cup. Staring at the portrait upon her green polka dotted wall, she gives a slight huff before taking a sip from her coffee cup. The delicious taste of the coffee she had just recieved from her friendly buddies, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, had kept her in her current calm state. "That picture should really be somewhere else..." she said to herself as she sets her china cup onto the small platter.

"Oh well, who cares," she shrugged as she went behind the counter to pour herself more coffee. "Oh people, glorious insane people, where art thou?!" she hollered.
"Oh wonderous..." she mutters as she sighs heavily. "I need sugar...a cookie...no, a milk shake....sugar!" she exclaimed as she began putting spoonfuls of sugar into her coffee. "Ah, this coffee needs sugar!"

After 10 scoops, she mixes it well and takes a sip. "Perfect..."
Lukas watches the Hatter from afar in the shadows of the tavern. "Geez Hatter, kill yourself from sugar overload," Lukas spoke as he takes a step out from the dark corner and walks over towards the bar counter. He settles down into one of the random stools and places his chin onto the palm of his hand.
Kit looks up from her coffee cup to see Lukas sitting before her. She gives a small yelp and holds herself. "Geez, can't you ever go through the door?" she scolds him. She sets her coffee down and shakes head, "I will never die from sugar overload..."
"Yeah. Yeah, whatever you say my darling," Lukas said as he grabs a bottle of red wine that was laying around on the scattered counter top. "Um, you mind passing a clean glass for me?" he asked her. He glances back at the tavern's door. "Seem to be going slow momentarily, eh?"
Kit gives him a look before giving him a clean glass. "Well, it's slow since it just opened," Kit frowned, "I was hoping there would be crazy people to pop up to Wonderland." Kit stirs her coffee cup again before taking a sip from it. "I need my crazy people!" she suddenly shouted out loud.
Lukas laughed as he poured himself a glass of red wine. "Patience is the key, Hatter," he said as he slowly drinks from his glass. "But then again, knowing you as the Mad Hatter, you're insane as ever and patience isn't in your volcabulary, right?" he said, raising an eyebrow at her.

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