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*A figure looks through the window of the warm and inviting looking Tavern*
Relocating his train of thought, he finds
his way towards the dance room just as
he notices an outline figure through the
window; he then moves to the window.

I am so very confused...
I don't know how to reply
to the such conversation
which we were discussing.
There's a person standing
outside the window there..

He opens the window with a friendly smile,
reaching behind himself then returning his
his hand through the window now with hot
chocolate in possession - what a nice night.

Are you thirsty miss?
How about something
nice and hot to warm
you up a bit?
Feel free to come inside.
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She smiles taken back by his kindness and says Really? Thank you so much and walks towards the door
Raven walks over to the door to hold it open for this young lady and welcomes her in. She then walks over to Andi and asks him if she needs a uniform or if her clothes are okay for now. She also asks him if wearing the necklace he gave her would be okay while she worked there.
Thank you for coming.

Our staff do not currently have uniforms.
If you would like to join the staff then you are welcome.

May I get you anything miss?
All of the sudden Mar busts in with a horse with a batch of leeks and more ingredients. "Hello there everyone, I'm cooking dinner.. who's hungry?" Mar spoke with grace and such thunder in her voice. She turned to Eneath and asked of him "we're going to sell all sorts of friggin foods..my specialty, Mexican." her face so stern and serious, all of the sudden she rose her bag of assorted vegetables and spices. One sort of ingredients rose out of the rest and as that happened she turned to Eneath showing him what they were They happened to be..Carnation milk, Nescafe brand coffee, sugar and other ingredients for coffee. Mar then bursts into the kitchen with the horse and as well as breaking the wall of the kitchen opening. After a few seconds a horse comes akwardly walking out of the kitchen and stumbles out of the tavern. Mar then thought to herself, "hmm maybe I should post up a menu for each week, so there is a variety of food in the tavern." She then begins to chop up the ingredients for today's special.
Well Mar - that sounds lovely.
Do it... while I tend to some adjustments.
Mar turns to Eneath and asks him. "Will you help me plan the dishes that we are serving this week?" While holding a banana.
Everything bananas.
I turn to Eneath and look him in the face and tell him "we need more than just bananas"
We need bagels...
"Okay there shall be bagels, wait..you know what?" Mar said looking at Eneath. "this week is going to be all breakfast, Pancakes, bacon, eggs, waffles, anything doing with breakfast I am going to cook it." she said with a stern face. Mar then looked at Eneath like the dramatic gopher thing and yelled "GO TO THE BACK WE NEED TO MAKE THOSE HEN'S LAY SOME EGGS!" While grabbing a banana.
"That sounds great!
He picks up another banana.
He charges out the back door,
grasping Mar's open hand along the way.

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