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He turns to face the girl seriously who has just busted in.
If you want food then you can make it yourself.
The ceiling starts collapsing above her as a giant slice of toast riding
a donkey comes storming in through that ceiling, arms flailing about.
The toast breaks through the brick walls storming off again just as a slender man comes rolling through the glass window - cabbage in hand.
Have you seen my magical, giant toast?
Surely it's nearby somewhere..
I bear cabbage..
Yes I will-Hearing the girl who just burst into the room she turns and looks forgetting what she was saying. She also sees the giant toast and donkey and just quietly laughs.
With my eyes widened as the gigantic toast fled with his companion the donkey, I became hungrier. I unpacked my toast hunting kit, and set out for my long journey that was ahead of me. I look toward Eneath with a few words of wisdom. The food here is terrible, but your waitresses are hot. Hire a new chef that can make me a gigantic piece of toast like the one who broke the tavern. I will come back with the toast head as well as the donkey who came with it.
I will come back in two days time. before then, make me another toast.
Just as I left a storm of bananas and cucumbers begin to invade the tavern and fill it up to the brim as if they wanted to be eaten.
Excuse me miss...
Just a word to the wise.
We have no waitresses and...
You are the current chef..
Just as I heard Eneath I ran back to the Tavern I looked at him and pointed a cucumber at his face. I opened my mouth to say to him.
Also I bring back the head of the toast and here is a free donkey. It turns out the toast had no magic so I ate everything but his head.
I then grabbed my chef kit and put on an apron that said "Eat my toast" I put on the most serious face in the world and said
Let's get cooking
She was still quietly laughing to herself and she heard the strange girl say that they needed waiters and waitresses. She turns to Andi and says, I would be glad to help out here. It's interesting and I really have nothing else to do. She got this glimmer of hope that Andi would hire her and she clutched the necklace again and smiled.
He waves Mar off followed by a laugh.
He turns to face Raven.
That would be quite wonderful.
Would you be interested in being
a bartender - or a waitress?
Mar demands skimpy outfits.
Andi however - thy is not Mar.

He tosses a sudden
basket of fruits into the
dark corner of the room.
Either is fine really. Which ever you prefer. Raven was just very happy that she would be working with Andi she didn't really care about anything else. He made her forget about all her worries and problems. I almost forgot to say thanks a lot. She smiled at Andi.
Sounds of chewing
flee from the corner.
As of this moment
you are both a
waitress and tender.

Some marbles roll
out from the corner.
He picks them up
and sets them into
a small pouch.
That appears to be
all of the marbles..

He walks behind the
bar and prepares coffee.
For the job. Um..Who's back there? And okay. Raven smiles because she is happy that Andi gave her the job.
Facing Raven, he turns
his head towards the
dark corner spoken of.
"Back there" you say?
Just some pets of mine.

He pours himself a glass
then proceeds to first sip
and secondly chug down
the contents of the mug.
He sighs refreshed.
Now that hit the spot!
He turns to face Mar,
who has appeared to
be in trapped in a pause.
Hmm... So
Tender Raven,
does that girl
seems awfully
quiet over there?

He then walks over
to Mar to thus take
participation in the
act of poking her
with a small stick.
Just as I heard Eneath talking about me I turned to peek out of the kitchen all wide eyed.
I then turn to eneath and say, what are you doing..Eneath..stahp. That is my inflata-me, I use it to distract customers after they order.
He glances at Mar with a dead,
blank look in his eyes.

He continues to poke
Mar with the stick
regardless of her
obvious response.
She laughs at the small conversation going on and says Why would you want to distract the customers? And what if they needed something and your inflata-me was there then the people would get confused and mad because you wouldn't be responding because it wouldn't be you. You say we need waiters and waitresses well we need a cook who will be able to get the orders without having to move an inflatable form of themselves out of the way first. And where did you get that anyways? I didn't even know they made them. Raven is still slightly laughing but not at the girl or Andi or anyone in particular. She is just happy she found a group of people who are just about as sane as she was and that she fit in.

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