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            Wearing: This.
            With: Raven & Andi.

                      As the conversation by the owner and the girl continued, Scarlett ignored them and continued to scan down the page, absorbing word by word the deep insights of the spell book that had been left behind by a friend before she started, and glanced to the side, green eyes peering from the corners of black painted lids. “Êtes-vous un natif, monsieur, ou tout simplement un linguiste décent?” She asked delicately, one eyebrow lifting in a curious arch.
I am not quite sure. I just started to draw.
She looks down and realizes it was the the bar and the rose laying on the bar top. It was pretty detailed as if it was photographed.
I tend to just draw and sometimes I do not know what I draw until I look at it. She stops talking for a moment looks over at the lady and then back at the drawing lost in her thoughts.
Sorry. I forgot what I was going to say. Can you get me something small to eat. Your choice I really have no preference as to what it is.
Je suis un peu de cela.
Que je suis natif ou non dépend d'où vous venez.

He scratches his head, unknowing of what to say.
Looking down at Raven's drawing, he listens to the sound of her words before looking back up to her and walking off to return with a small plate of various prepared fruits.

Here you are.
Since you have no specifications,
I brought you this here plate of fruits.
Apples, peaches, plums, starfruit - the such.

He then walks out over to Scarlett's side, peering down at her book, head slightly tilted to the side.
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            Wearing: This.
            With: Raven & Andi.

                      The vague quality of the answer would have usually intrigued her, but in this instance she found herself growing tired, perhaps a bit puckish and maybe even annoyed. She felt oddly as though she’d had this conversation with someone sometime before and it was enough to unnerve her. “Je suis désolé, monsieur, mais je dois y aller. Peut-être que je vais arrêter de nouveau ... Good evening.” She said hastily, snapping her book closed and standing, donning her peacoat and slipping out the door, taking her rose scent with her.
Raven begins eating while looking down at her drawing. She gets lost in her thoughts after a while of looking down at the picture that she forgets about the plate of food.
As Scarlett leaves the tavern, he finds himself walking back over to Raven without looking back to say, "Goodbye."
Now standing next to Raven he places his hands flat on the bar, almost leaning.

Got something on your mind?

(Sorry for taking a couple days to reply.
I've been busy with friends and sleep.)
Blinking she looks up at Andi and replies
Huh? Oh no nothing much. Just trying to figure things out, but I'm okay really. Raven smiles.
Thanks for your concern though. She finishes up the fruit she had.
So how long have you been wanting to open up this place?

(It's okay smile
He looks at her blankly with a pause.

Well I guess ever since I burst out of hammer space...
I've wanted to open this place every since I found myself her..
Hammer Space? What's that? Raven asks thinking if she ever heard of it before.
Anyways its cool that you have been wanting to open a new tavern.
Hammer space..

He holds his hand out in front of her.
One moment there's nothing in his hand,
then in the blink of an eye a giant bazooka
rests heavily within it.
Next he reaches into his pocket
and pulls out a life-sized cor vet.

..is what you have just witnessed.
Her eyes widen with amazement and she is even more curious now.
S-so you just came out of no where?
She looks at the two things he made appear from no where in particular. She is dumbfounded by what he has showed her.
Yes that would be the jest of it.
He begins tossing pure jewels from
one hand, piling them up on the
other before closing his hands
together and revealing nothing.
Speaking of which, that's a very nice necklace you have there.
The jewels that he had tossed
were now forged as a necklace
that is tied around her neck.
Since it's yours now, do whatever you'd like with them.
Raven reached up to feel her neck. She felt the necklace there and looking at Andi she smiled. Thanks I will never forget this, but may I ask why you are giving me all of these things even though I have only been here once?
Clutching the necklace she thinks back to all of the things that have happened to her.
Well you are my first customer and you haven't yet walked out of my Tavern.
To be fully honest I'm not quite sure why I'm giving all of this stuff away.

He pauses to think for a moment...
There's something that I want to do now.
I'm going to open a guild soon.
Would you care to join?
Coming in with a bursting thunder through the door, Maribel has come in. Looks around as this place is new to me,I had a blank serious stare. Then as I opens my lips to say something it comes out as. "WHO'S THE CHEF!? SERVE ME SOMETHING DELICIOUS!' I sit down with a stare as if I am giong to wait an eternity for my food. >w>

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