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Thank you for your patience everyone.
As you can clearly see -
not a lot of work has been
put into this Tavern yet,
however I decided that
without further a due, the
all new Andi's Tavern is now..
A quiet, young man walks in the west tavern door and finds his place temporarily behind the bar.
He pulls out a mug, a pot of coffee, milk and sugar then proceeds to mix the ingredients in the mug.
The quiet tavern gave off a warm, relaxing feel - yet full of empty traffic brought distant sounds into notice.
While chugging down the coffee the man sets foot slowly in the direction of the quiet sounds.

What is that I hear?
Seeing that a new tavern had just opened a quiet young girl walks in to check out the place. She sees that there isn't much but it was a quiet and relaxing place for now and she goes over and sits down at the bar.
Well hello there and welcome as
the first guest to my new tavern!
My name is Andi and I shall be your tender today.
Is there anything that I can get you?

The young man gave notice to the girl and smiled kindly as he proceeded to the girl's spot at the bar.

Anything you want, I've got it.
Well I never have been to a bar before so not sure what's on the list. I am Raven by the way. Nice place you have here. I hope business goes well for you.
Raven looks at the young man and gives a small smile. With everything that has gone on in her life at the moment it was good to finally meet someone who seemed nice though she was still a little cautious.
Well like I said before, "Anything you want, I've got it."
So if you want steak, I've got it.
If you desire to eat Chinese food, I've got it.
If what you want is simply bread and sauce,
(inside joke - pizza with everything removed)
then I have it right here for you.
Just like how this tavern is much more than a Tavern
this bar is much more than just a measly bar.

Randomly, the man pulls out a black colored rose that has been sitting in his freezer for the past few years. He then passes it to the cautious young woman.
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            Wearing: This.
            With: Raven & Andi.

                      The scent of roses would perforate the air around her, thick and strong and nearly palpable as it roiled in natural waves from her every pore, stinking of lust and begging for her every need to be quenched by someone. Anyone.

                      Red hair was curled into neat, tight ringlets that flowed from the crown of her head to the middle of her back, green eyes were flagged with kohl, and her slender body was incased in a knee length black pencil skirt made of the finest materials, a white silk blouse left open to show a classy amount of cleavage at the top, accessorized with a bright red ascot about her graceful throat. Red heels clicked along the pavement, cherry colored lips curved into a smile, and a black peacoat swirled about her knees to fight off the mid-winters chill.

                      The door swung open before her, possibly of its own accord, and Scarlett stepped into the tavern with a short nod of approval at the inner warmth and the general atmosphere, glad for the change of pace. She moved to the counter, slid onto one of the stools a few feet from the only other patron there - besides the owner, and began to unbutton her coat while she waited for service.
Raven takes the rose and ask what it was for. She hears the slam of the tavern door opening and turns to look at the lady who just walked in. Seeing how the lady was dressed Raven feels a little upset because of the plainness of her looks, but brushes the feeling aside.

I think I will just have a water for now maybe I will get hungry later. She says in a soft voice.
He nods with eyes towards the girl who has just arrived then drifts his site back over to Raven.

Alright then.

He pulls out a glass of fresh water and passes it to Raven.
His eyes light up as he drifts off into her eyes.
He glances back at the new girl and proceeds towards her whilst responding back.

The rose is one out of a bouquet that I've been keeping.
You appear to be someone who would just so happen to be interested in them.
A memento for being the first customer in my tavern.
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            Wearing: This.
            With: Raven & Andi.

                      Good evening, monsieur.” Scarlett said lightly, her native French accent lacing every word with a delicious curl as her head canted slightly to the side. Her gaze drifted to the other woman at the bar and she offered a kind smile and a nod in greeting before looking back to the tender. “Red Merlot, if you would, s'il vous plait.

                      With her jacket fully unbuttoned, Scarlett slid it out from behind her and laid it neatly across her lap, small hands moving to smooth the wrinkles from the thick black material.
She takes the water and smiles when she sees Andi's eyes light up.
Thanks and I do like it. It's...different.
She glances back at the girl who walked in moments before and then takes a napkin and a pen she had in her pocket and begins to draw.
The tender looks with surprise to the newcomer, pausing in place for a moment before walking off into the far back of the bar.
After a few moments the tender arrives once again in front of Scarlett.

Good evening, manquer.
Here - one Red Merlot.

He then glances back over to Raven with interest.
Curious, he lowers himself with elbows and arms
across the counter and drifts closer to her drawing.
Lost within the trance of her drawing the bar and the rose on the table she was startled when Andi came back over. She jumps and then sits back on the stool.
Laughing a little nervously she says, Sorry you scared me.
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            Wearing: This.
            With: Raven & Andi.

                      Ah, merci beaucoup, monsieur.” Scarlett said with a gracious nod as her fingers slid around the delicate spine of the wine glass and she brought the wine to her lips and sipped daintily from the edge, cherry lips kissing off the rim without a single smudge left behind. Her coat was draped over her arm as she stood and retreated off to one of the various tables about the room and settled down onto one of those chairs instead of the bar stool from before. From within the inside pocket of the woolen jacket she extracted a thick book with an old, leather cover worn soft as butter with age and she leaned back, book propped open in one hand and glass of wine in the other. Seeing that the owner was quite enthralled with the mousy girl that had arrived before her, Scarlett retreated into the old, yellowed pages.

                      Which was just fine with her, to be honest. She hadn’t come to necessarily socialize, nor was she hunting for a meal, she had just simply wished to escape her too-quite home in the woods for a few brief hours.
He looks up into her eyes again, listening as she speaks.

It is alright.
I get that a lot.
What are you drawing?

He then nods to Scarlett.

Vous êtes les bienvenus.

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