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Slinging an arm around Candaces shoulder, Kurizu puffed up his chest and made a sweaping motion with his free hand, "Candace, there are many kinds of people out there, some dislike it when I mess with them." gaining a serious air, he brought his hand to his chest and closed his eyes somberly, "I will simply have to accept them and pray that they humbly accept me..." Then, grinning widely once more, he went on, "And now, about where babies come from. When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much--" he broke off and laughed stupidly at his kidding.
brock out laughing about the joke Kurizu just told.
She stands there next to Kurizu, listening to him, and smiling. Beginning to giggle and she laughs when he stops. "Haha, crazy." Candace playfully pushes him and smiles. "I think we know the rest of the story, hehe." She leans against the front of the bar now and crosses her arms.
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~~ Walks in.. "Umh.. Hello? may i .. get a room here?" ~~
standing across the bar... she smile..."yeah Kurizu we learned all about that."

Returning her smile, he punched her arm gently, "Yeah, some people have that opinion of me-- I wonder why?" He laughed, and continued, "Yes, yes, we know the story... save for those who lack a refference point for such a topic, bless their poor souls..." He raised his hand to his forhead, then chest, then each shoulder in turn, making the Sign of the Cross. His usual grin returned as he caught sight of another person. Approaching her eagerly, he held out his hand to her politely, "A room? That would be wonderful!"
Candace approches the girl whom just walked in. "Welcome," she nods in politeness and escourts her to Kurizu. "We have a costumer." Tapping his shoulder and walking away behind the bar, leaving the two.
oh my i don't think i have ever missed the smell of pasta as i do now...sorry that was my tummy talking
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~~ "Umh.. yeah.. ^^; you know.. a room to sleep in.. anything..." She rubs her eyes and looks at the man.. ~~

"Right!" Kurizu searched through his pockets for a room key for her, all the while mumbling softly, "You see I would go and mess with your head like i did prior to being kneed in the groin, but my tra-la-la, if you catch my drift, is still slightly in pain, and if I felt like being a complete perv, which I am from time to time, I could have you reach into my back pocket and get it yourse- Ah! Here we are!" He exclaimed at last, handing her a key that he found in his shoe, "You're all set. May I ask your name?"
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~~ She smiled at him and laughed. " you may... My name is Cherry" She said and took the Key. " And whats yours?" ~~

"Cherry?" He laughed to himself and licked his lips playfully, "Delicious!" Laughing once more, he puffed up his chest, hands on hips and turned his head to the side, projecting a confident and heroic image, "As for myself, I am the one, the only, Kurizu!! And as I was telling dear Candace earlier, I even know how to spell it, so if you're ever in a tight situation wherein spelling my name would save your life, just call." Then, turning to Lilly for a moment, his shining blue eyes widened slightly and his eyebrows raised, "My spazmatic outbursts must be contagious."
join as waitress?

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