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listen to kiwi whispering in her ear. she gets up and ....think ok she goes up to the table and say.. Boy its really raining outside. and hi how may i help you
"Haha," Candace takes the key and shoves it in the pocket of her jeans. "I would never do that, but I don't know about them." She laughs jokinly and grins. "Can I get any of you something to drink?"
after Kurizu had fooled her with the key and even if she got one she still kick him in the place where the sun don't shine
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She took out a toothpick from her pocket and placed it between her rose red lips. She slightly began to chew on it as she began to fiddle around with the needles on her hair pin.
Sorry she says to her new boss and helps him off the ground
Candace looks at Lilly quite confused and concerned. Clearing her throat she shakes her head, forgetting what she had said. Refilling her cup and taking another drink.

Despite the sharp pain in his groin as he knelt on the floor, holding himself, Kurizu was also giggling insanely, "Didn't expect that one coming! Impressive!" He wiped away a tear that was half from pain and half from laughter and he thanked Lilly as she helped him up.
"Wow," she whispers to herself and grabs another glass and pours some icewater into it. Walking around to the front of the bar she gives a concerned yet hurt look, "Uhm, Kurizu, here you go..." She looks over at Lilly and swallows hard, "Gonna have to be carefull around you." She keeps note to herself.
look at Candace "sorry about that you learn how to take care of yourself."
She laughs softly, "I don't think I would still intend on doing that." Shrugging she gives a neutral smile.
yeah don't worry it wont happen again...IF YOU NICE..........don't worry im just kidding.im not evil.

Taking the glass gratefully from Candace, Kurizu drained it in one large gulp and set the glass on a nearby table, "Many thanks, Candace, and don't blame dear Lilly," He laughed, "A woman who protects her dignity..." As he said this, he struck a heroic pose, "This, I can appreciate."
leans over the bar and get herself a drink. and joins in to the talk.
"It was a joke about a key..." whispering softly, she shakes her head and walks back behind the bar, laughing and sighs. Looking up above the counter she grabs the empty glass he drank from and sets it aside.
yeah it was just a joke ...sorry i really didn't mean to hurt you.

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