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she walk in knowing she need to find a job she goes over and pick up a paper to apply for a job,

Name: Smexyer_than_emo * but you can call me lilly

Desired position: whatever i can do

A short character Bio: only child and alone no one to help her in her life and she is looking for a husban

Any other stuff you want me to know: no im good

fill out and looks for a person to give it to...

Jumping off of the bar once more, as he always had difficulties staying still for any extended period of time, Kurizu stood with his hands on his hips in a confident stance, "Well, that's about it. For questions, concerns and complaints, call 1(800)-AWE-SOME, and, in the case of the first two, I'll try to help you out, and, in the case of the third, I will punch you in the face." Kurizu laughed stupidly at his own joke and pat Candace's head gently, "I jest, of course, I wouldn't do that."

Kurizu's bright blue eyes caught sight of another woman in the room and he grinned widely, hurrying over to her. "Hello there!" And seeing the job application, he grabbed it quickly from her hands and read it quickly, "Lilly? Alrighty then, Lilly, m'dear, what shall I have you do?" He placed his chin between his thumb and forefinger and scanned her carefully, then snapped his fingers, "Waitress! That alright with you?"
looks around and sit a near by table. thinking if she should go to another place.
it fine with me she said with a big smile now know she has a job. " so boss what shall i do first."
"Nice phone number," she blurts out and winks at him, jokingly. Laughing as he jokes around, "Alright, alright..." smiling. Candace leans down, taking out a cup and pours a class of cold water. Drinking it quickly and letting out an enjoyable sigh. Spotting a girl come into the bar and filling out a job application, letting Kurizu take care of this one.
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Luna walked inside, feeling the place seemed cozy and comfortable. She looked at the people going on and about. She grinned slighty to herself and walked up to the table closest to her, her heels clicking as she went. She sat down and continued looking around with her swirling silver eyes.
she looks up to she another girl in the room who she hadn't seen when she came in. she look up and walks over to her. " hi hows it going."

Grinning still, Kurizu snapped his fingers once more as he got an idea, "Well, first order of business, you both needs keys. At the moment, however, I only have one. So!" He put his hands behind his back for a moment, then put them out in front of him, closed tightly, "Lilly, chose a hand and if the key is in it, you get it first. Ya game?"
Sammie walked into the bar and looked around.
she look at him in his eyes and slowly saids "Kurizu your a trun man and i guess i will pick your right."
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Luna's eyes narrowed to the female that spoke to her. She gave a slight neutral smile,"Greetings," she said in a thick british accent,"It is going good and how about with thee?"
Candace laughs seeing Kurizu play around with the key. Leaning forward over the counter, leaning my elbows on the counter and rests my chin in the palms of my open hands. Glancing over and seeing another woman walk into the bar and sit. Leaning forward more she taps Lilly on the shoulder, "I think you have a first costumer." Whispering softly.
thats nice and im doing just fine

Kurizu grinned slyly, "My right? WRONG!" He laughed and opened both hands, revealing that there was nothing in either hand, "And now to redeem myself before I am brutally b***h slapped." He reached both hands into his pockets and drew out two keys, one of which he handed to Lilly and the other to Candace.

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