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Hey Gaians,

We're trying this whole blog thing again! Ok, so it's more of a "turn a dedicated forum into a blog-type thing" than a traditional blog, but the important part is that we're bringing it back.

This is a big deal to us because we've felt for awhile that we needed another good communication channel on the site. Announcements are great for certain information, as are Dev Notices. But there's a lot of stuff around the site that we want to address on a wide scale (read: not just in a thread that only posters in that forum will see) that doesn't really fit in either bucket.

So now we're relaunching the blog, and this time, every new post will show on the logged in homepage for everyone to see. And by the way, we hope you like the new homepage look we just launched that focuses on updated content.

So what will you see here?
Posts from us answering common questions, talking about Gaia features or strategy, and anything else we'd like to share. We also want to hear from you - we hope to regularly publish posts from our users about their Guilds, threads, RPs, movie reviews, whatever. We're hammering out a process to submit your stuff now, so stay tuned for more info.

So in the meantime, we hope you find this useful, and let us know what type of stuff you'd like to see here in the future.

Thanks for being a part of Gaia!