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Hi everyone,

We hope that this blog will do a lot of things - provide insight on the company, dish out some entertainment, answer your questions, and more. But to do all that, we need some more writers. Specifically, we need YOU!

We want the Blog to include voices from all over Gaia. If you've got an article you want to submit, or even if you just have an idea and aren't sure if it's cool enough, shoot us an email at We'll be checking regularly, and if we think your article would be a good read for your fellow Gaians, we'll publish it!

The guidelines are pretty loose. If it's interesting, follows our site rules, and is well-written, we'll consider it. It doesn't even need to be about Gaia. It could be an invitation to your RP thread. It could be a movie review. It could be a hilarious picture you found, or an analysis about how Kurt Russell is awesome (ok, that one is just me). So send in your stuff!

Legalese: Many will enter, and not as many will end up being published. We reserve the right to do grammar and other readability touch-ups as needed. And other legal stuff.