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Hey everyone I just wanted to take a minute to remind you of the amazing deal and opportunity to get the Monster Galaxy and zOMG soundtrack for only $0.99 (if you in the us).

For over a year now we have been listening to your requests at conventions, through pm and in the forums for us to make the music from these games available again and we wanted to make this happen. We reached out to a number of different publishers to see how we could best get the music out to you and thankfully through some negotiating we were able to partner with a great music company to allow publishing of the music on iTunes and Amazon.

Although we originally wanted to give it out for free we were unable to due to a number of rules and regulations but thankfully through some very lucky timing and negotiation we were able to make it available to all users in the Unites States for only 99 cents.

We hope that you all can take a minute or two to download the music and enjoy the amazing work of Jeremy Soule. He is a great composer and it was great working with him.

This entire 27-track double-whammy soundtrack can be yours for only 99 cents. That's a pretty sweet deal for some truly great music. Grab a digital copy today!

Update: Unfortunately due to a number of factors outside of our control the 99 cent special is only available within the United States.