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lets shake our bootys 3nodding
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Happy Birthday Gaia! heart
Happy Anniversary! heart
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Happy Birthday! Yeah! 1 Year of Greatness... And Lots More Ahead!
Congrats on the first year! I love Gaia!
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[I'd like to see a roleplay thread, as many people probably want to have their characters interact with each other through Rping..
*Tried to post it, but for some reason it got deleted* gonk ]

The excitement in the air is almost palpable as the villagers of Gaia all assemble in a throng on the steps of Gambino mansion. Friends and relations call to one another over the heads of others, lovers clinging to each other's hands so as not to get separated. Remus adjusts his sash over his shoulder as the mass of Gaians push against each other to get closer, nervousness and enthusiasm building as the hour draws nearer.
With a loud creaking, the doors swing open, a shadowed figure on the threshold beckoning the excited crowd to step inside. Attempting not to get trampled, Remus edges around the crowd and slips inside, jaw dropping in awe at the sight of the elaborate entry hall. As laughter and banter fills the hall, he makes his way around the spacious room, looking for a familiar face.
-tosses confetti..and..uh..donuts?- xd
Happy Birthday, Gaia! heart
Wowies... tjis is great... heart heart
You rock VO!!!!
Happy B-Day ^^
*does a little dance* Happy Birthday Gaia! ^^
happy birthday gaia, excelente!
Long live Gaia! smile
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Congratulations with your little Gaia! heart
this is great im so excited!

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