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Like someone took before you got to? emotion_dowant
Umm lots of people have this username and changed it up a bit so i decided not to have it..
Cookeh_Monsterr heart
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i like so many names on here biggrin
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Sailor Jupiter
They don't even use the account! emotion_donotwant
I could have had all sorts of possible names, but I've always been happy with phillipo. It's been my online name since around 2001.
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User Image

I WANT THAT EPIC USERNAME.. Ohh well. That Hibari dude hasn't been online on this account for a while.. I mean TWO YEARS. =__=;;

Instead, I like my username better
...User Image
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I would like sash name which hasn't been on since 2003
or some other names there are nice ones around that you can't get anymore either
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Tickle me pink whee
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I got lucky and was able to get the username I have and wanted heart
Originally I wanted Envy, but coming here 4 years after the start of the site didn't allow for that. Now I've finally found the perfect username for me and I wouldn't ever change it. =)
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I scooped up OmNomNom before anyone else did back in the day. That account gets so many PM's yelling at me for it. I rarely even use it anymore, I should revive it. It's some prime Gaia real estate.

I know this isn't exactly what the thread was asking but it's all that came to mind.

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