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I hope it's not a stupid recipe
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I hope it's a Gaia shirt.

I would love a Gaia Anniversary shirt to match my 2006 sash!
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Shirtless Fatcat

Shirts was the first anniversary:

Would be cool if we got a two-pose/unisex wig
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I hope it's something cool. And shiny. xD
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should be something to match the sashes
Oh how exciting ^_^ I hope its not something too big Like a cute accessory
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I hope that be a slipper like 2010
Bloody Nick Lautner
I hope that be a slipper like 2010

Those slippers were too cute. I can't wait to say "Happy Birthday Gaia" in one day from now. 4laugh
A cute wig would be super - u-
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i hope there will be
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I wish something pretty and from raven... Aekeaclaw dramallama
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Angelic Sweetheart

A cute wig would be super - u-

It would be nice biggrin
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They did not even make an announcement for the forum yet as far as I know. I though my memory is bad so maybe they did.

I still have not seen an announcement for it.
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Anyone know how you get the black scarf?
I haven't really heard much about it but i want to make sure cool

*edit: cute scarf

when will we get i today or the 18th?

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