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I just hope it is not an alch recipe D;
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Have patience grasshopper.
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We should, very soon. I wonder what it is.
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The anniversary is 02-18
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I hope it's a Gaia shirt.
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Oh, I hope so!
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I always miss the item ;o;
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prob not till the 18th of feb
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rolleyes question question rolleyes
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I hope its a fuzzy animal
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There probably will be, but is not the 18th yet.

Ooooh its the 18th! I was going nuts trying to remember and also searching to find out
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Dante Horror - anon
There probably will be, but is not the 18th yet.

Ohhh you're one of the horror twins emotion_kirakira
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Would be something if it was new versions of the damn backwings,like a choose one of two selections like in the previous gaiaversary envelopes that had slippers.
They won't do that though because they won't be able to profit.
Free good items never happens and wings aren't going to happen.

Watch them give a stupid cupcake or something u-u

I hope its something that can be used on most avi's at least.

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