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Wow nine years serioUsly?
Where does the time go, felt like the last birthday was a month ago.
Gaia and dis moddie be gettin' old yo.
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Happy 9th Birthday, Gaia! heart
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Happy anniversaRy Gaia!
And thanks to everyone who has helped Gaia become what it is. heart heart heart
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I'm so happy to be a part of a site that's been around this long and is still this awesome. Happy birthday, Gaia! heart
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Wow, Gaia, it's been 9 years~! cat_mrgreen

A friend found you via the anime webring, so I've been with you nearly the whole time. cat_4laugh People always seem to mention peasant clothes, but in those first days, we had to buy a cheap outfit with the gold granted for joining. We could not afford to get shoes until we had earned gold by participating in the community (usually by posting in the single available forum).

It's been exciting to see you grow up over the years. One of the most impressive changes has been the item release schedule: You've gone from having a single list of every item on the site (about 100 items, very impressive cat_xd ) guarded by fat!Rufus to a gold shop update every month in addition to multiple other new item releases.

Remember when Gambino Island was first revealed? We had to transverse the bridge on the world map to access it, and when we did, we found NEW GOLD SHOPS!! cat_surprised MORE THAN ONE!! cat_surprised This new land was amazing! cat_whee And then we finally got to meet Ruby and Peyo and Sasha, having already learned to use their names to navigate to a non-sushi'd server. cat_cool The world was suddenly a bigger place, and it's grown a few times since then.

Here's to the next 9 years, Gaia~! emotion_bigheart You are my online home. yum_puddi
NINE YEARS! I can't believe it! Time flies! whee I have been here for eight of those nine years. surprised

Happy ninth Gaia! May you have many more years to come! heart

Always remember that bunnies rule. eek
Happy Birthday Gaia! heart heart It's amazing how much it's grown, I remember when it was a wee baby way baCk when it first launched...
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Happy AnniversarY Gaia!
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Hooray for anNiversaries! biggrin Can't believe we've almost made it to 10!!!
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It's crazy to think this site is working it's way up in years. Soon the site will be older than some of our users! O.O

I'm so happy to see where we've come from and the many amazing thing's we've accomplished as a site over the years. From 1 store and no trading system to what we have now. All of these features, games, systems. It's amazing how things have changed in 9 years. I hope I can say the same in another 9 years!
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Let the kawaii sugoi desu times roll!
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Anyway, I can't believe it's been 9 years. I feel old. X_x So here's to another 9 years! heart
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Ahhh Happy birthday Gaia! C: 9 years is a long time @-@ It's been crazy, and I'm glad the site is still here. I remember finding this site back in 04 and it was such a small site (and gold was sooooooooooo hard to get lol). It's great seeing how much the site has changed since then.

May you go for 9 (or 99 8D) more great years!
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Gaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why are you so old? gonk

I love you anyways. emotion_hug
Happy Anniversary!! dramallama
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Wow, 9 years. I am proud to have been part of this site for over 7 of those years.
It has chAnged a lot, not always for the better, but i wouldn't have it any other way.
Here's to many more cheese_whine

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