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Pierced Vampire

Gaia you make me Feel like such an old lady (I joined you before I started high school! How can it have been that long already!?) but I love you so much. You have aged quite gracefully!

And to think this time last year I was still a new mod. How time flies. It's been good, but don't stop now! Here's to nine more sets of nine more years. At the very least. wink

/walks away humming Queen songs
Don't stop me nooooooooooooow i'm havin' such a good tiiiiiiiiiime, i'm havin' a ball~
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Sex Symbol

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Where have all the years gone? gonk
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Destructive Genius

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  • Jolly Roger 50
This makes me feel old! gonk
Happy birthday, Gaia!
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It's almost hard to believe Gaia has been around for 9 years now! I still remember when I first made my account and all the good memories in between.

I'm very happy to be part of such an amazing community and and here is to another 9! heart
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Liberal Nerd

Gaia is like a fine wine, with every year it gets better and better and this year is certainly not different. It's been a very fun year and I'm so very proud to have been around to see it.

With such a wonderful year behind us I can't begin to fathom what will happen in the next, bUt I can be assured it will be wonderful and if they add more pies, perfect.

Take care everyone, I'll see you in the world of tomorrow!
heart It has gone fast! Happy Birthday Gaia.
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Rainbow Hero

Another year come, another year gone! Gaia grows and evolves a little more each year, and it's been great to see all the awesome changes come around. Here's to another exciting year!
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Ruthless Wench

WOO GAIA! Almost a decade, baby~ heart
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Tricky Tipper

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WheN I was, a young boy user
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Tipsy Lunatic

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Nine years and counting. heart Happy birthday, Gaia!
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O.G. Scarface

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HaPpy birthday to us, Gaia!

I still find it epic we share a birthday, even though turning 23 isn't as fun as turning 9! I will eat my cake in honor of you, because you're sure as heck more awesome than I am. xd

Thanks to Gaia, I made a bunch of friends I couldn't possibly live without, and working with a fine moderating team has been a blast. I've been on this site siX years, and I don't find myself leaving anytime soon.

Just....don't start acting like a stereotypical teenager by year 10 okay? I'd rather you stay little 5ever.
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Toothsome Lover

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  • Invisibility 100
  • Love Machine 150
Happy 9th birthday, Gaia!

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Invisible Gaian

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  • Alchemy Level 2 100
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
Happy Birthday, Gaia, you're four years older than Tuba now!

Thanks to all the Gaians who make this site a pleasure to be on! emotion_yatta Here's to moving onward toward year 10!
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High-functioning Lunatic

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  • Team Moira 200
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Conventioneer 300
Hard to believe Gaia's been around for 9 years already....and that I've been here for nearly 6 of them! eek Where does the time go....? *stares wistfully into the distance* ....


..........What? Oh sorry, trailed off there. sweatdrop Happy Birthday Gaia! The staff, artists and users alike have Given me much joy over the years; let's hope there's lots more to come. heart

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