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Happy ANniversary Gaia! Thanks everyone for all your support!
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Lookin' pretty good at the big 9!

Congrats Gaia and hurrah to all the Gaians who've made it happen!! 4laugh

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Holy smokes 9 years alrEady! Oh how these amazing communities grow up so fast crying

Happy Birthday Gaia and thanks to all the Gaians who've made this place as amazing as it is over the years! <3!!!!! 4laugh
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Heya gang!

Happy Gaiaversary to everyone - I can hardly believe it has been 9 years since this fabulous corner of the internet we call Gaia was started. What an amazing achievement!

You know, one of my greatest joys has been getting to know many of our community members, and watching your lives grow and progress. I've seen just about every aspect of life unfold before my eyes. I've seen many young Gaians grow up into fantastic adults, and get married and start families. I've talked to people who started Gaia in high school, and then let me know they graduated college. I've even experienced the sadness of knowing community members who have died far too young.

Through everything, however, I remain amazed and blessed that we have all stuck together and supported each other. This is because, I believe, we are a family. Despite our differences at times, there is a deep and fundamental love that we all have for each other that overrides everything else and carries us forward.

Thank you all for the honor of having been able to go on this fantastic journey with you, and for sharing your lives and dreams with us.

Here's to 9+ more amazing years!
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Happy Birthday Gaia!!!!

Thank you all the Gaians who has kept on supporting us throughout all these crazy years. I wish for many many more wonderful years together!

yum_cupcake Lets have cake!! yum_cupcake
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Happy Birthday Gaia!!

It's crazy how fast the years go by and how much the Gaia community has come in all these years! Hope there's many more to come, and thank you to all the users for all their support 4laugh
While I am but a youth in the world of Gaia, it has been an exciting past 5 months working with such talented developers, artists and business support staff to help support this online community. Thank you for helping to build and support this little corner of the Interwebs and here's to the next 9 years!

Now did somebody mention bacon? yum_bacon
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Happy Anniversary Gaia! 4laugh

When I first came here to work here I was totally new to the entire site. From the flash spaces to the forums, to the games and the user base, I've found it's a really fun and wonderful place full of creative people on staff and off. Thank you for letting me be a part of your team and community Gaia. heart
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Pull a chair up, kids, and let ol' Panagrammic tell you a tale. Let me just settle my aching bones down -- d*** this wooden leg!

Kids, please sit, you're making me dizzy with all your jumping.

Back in the day... and by "back in the day," this was when dinosaurs were commonly encountered on the interstates, mind you, and all children were respectful to their elders, and snow covered the earth, and all schools were located uphill from your home, no matter where you lived.

Ah, those were the days. Especially the part where children were respectful to elders.

You Gaians now are so secure in a site that doesn't crash very often, but let me tell, in those days it was very different. Johnny, fingers belong OUT of the nose, especially other people's noses! These were the days when gold shop releases were few and far between, and releasing new items made us so nervous that we had to sit by the servers with axe in hand, ready to intervene if the site should crash.

These were days of political upheavals, like the great Cigarette Ban (that meant that everyone started posing with cigarettes) or the great Censorship Debate (which meant that everyone started using the censored words), and by the way if we ever wanted to go meta we would make a Streisand item and then ban it.

Back in those days, gold was worth something, let me tell you. People didn't have newfangled ways of making gold like zOMG and Booty Grab; no, they had to earn it a few measly gold pieces at the time, by posting or begging or by selling their artwork on the street. Karen, stop torturing your brother with the tarantula. I would stop you if I could. D*** this wooden hand!

It is worthwhile noting that even back in the days, when gold was valuable and children were respectful to their elders and new users got only peasant clothes and were glad and there were fewer words in the English language so Word Bump only accepted "HUG", "UGH", and grunts, housing was considered out of date. So enjoy your new fangled houses, kids, because we had to make do with a housing that used a Shockwave plugin so old that it only supported hieroglyphics.

I've lost my train of thought. D*** this wooden brain!

Wait, I got a caboose back. Listen up.

Gaia has come a long way in the years I've been here.

But even back in the dawn of Gaia, there was a community. And if there is one common thread throughout the years, it has been that. We completely replaced the inventory system in the great Inventory Blackout, every file on the site has been revised hundreds of times, we've upgraded our infrastructure, we weathered through the Drop Table Fiasco, but through it all, I still see (albeit with fading eyesight) some of the same names in the forums that I saw when I first started.

So, thank you, everyone, for hanging around this constantly-changing site that we call Gaia, and I hope that you guys continue to enjoy the site for years to come.

Bob, it's not nice to taunt vampires with garlic.
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Wow! Nine years! For more than half of Gaia's life, I've been sitting in this office next to a poster of a fat wizard summoning a dragon and a crude art-class sculpture known as the Bape Cow, and I've loved every minute of it. Well, not every minute of it, but definitely a whole bunch of minutes. At least one full minute. And I owe a great portion of that enjoyable minute-- let's say at least 20 to 40 seconds-- to the wonderful, passionate community. Thanks for everything! Here's to nine more great minutes! I mean years!
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gaia_star Awesome 9 years of Gaia smile Happy Birthday! Many thanks to you all for your support gaia_star
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Happy Birthday Gaia!
It’s both a pleasure and honor to be a part of such a great community and thanks to all the Gaians that make it great! Love you all, and may there be many more years to come!

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Oh man, this has been an amazing year! I've really enjoyed being on Gaia as long as I have as well as seeing how it morphs to fit with what's current.

No matter how much Gaia changes, however, it still has the same old community feel to it that I fell in love with.

Onwards to a 10th Anniversary!
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Remember when Letters were 4K?

BUT REALLY; It's remarkable what a site can do in nine years, and having the chance to watch it flow from the beginning. As one of the "03ers" of the site, It's been a wild ride, watching it change, sushi errors, jumping between names like Ian and Rufus, and all the hilarious jokes that have come from server woes.

It's been a great pleasure going forward and moderating this community for 3 of my 9 years here, and intend to stick around longer, hoping to watch the community flourish more.

gaia_angelleft On to 10! gaia_angelright
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Happy 9th Anniversary, Gaia!

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