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Happy Birthday Gaia!! 9 yeaRs?? Wow!! emotion_jawdrop
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Can you believe it's been NINE YEARS?! eek

I'm so lucky to have been and continue to be part of this great community for this long. biggrin Happy 9th Anniversary, Gaia Online! heart
Happy Birthday Gaia! In your nine years, I've officially been with you for one year now… yay! I love Gaia, I hope to see many more Gaia birthdays in the future! heart
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Yeah!! Happy Birfday Gaia!! emotion_brofist
Happy Birthday Gaians!

Thanks for making this community one of the most amazing and special places on the internet. Gaia Online is all about you, and we can't thank you enough.

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Happy Birthday Gaia! Don't eat too much cake!
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Oh my! TAT I can't believe it's been a whole 9 years! Congrats Gaia! To one of my first favorite sites on the web and to still 9 years later, my favorite site. Gaia's always been such an inspiration to me with it's beautiful art and creative items and also to it's super fun users. I've met so many awesome people here and I'm so happy to see that it's still such a huge tight-nit community.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this and thank you for everyone continued support~ To another 9 years and lots more cake. 8u8
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Indeed so much has changed in the past 9 years, but the people have remained incredibly sweet and supportive. heart This is my first year as an artist for Gaia and I hope to see many more years. Thank you all so much and Happy Birthday Gaia!! cat_whee
My gawd, I can't believe it's been 9 years already. I still remember having to spend 2 weeks posting in chatterbox back in '03 just to get a pair of elf ears OTL
Not to mention, some of the sweetest people I have ever encountered were from Gaia u///v///u)

This place has given me wonderful experiences as a member and I look forward to expanding on that from now on as an artist for you guys ~

Happy Ninth, Gaia ❤ !!
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Wooooo~! Happy Birthday Gaia! 4laugh
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YUS!! Happy Birthday Gaia! Thanks everyone for their support to make Gaia the amazing place it is! NOW LETS GORGE OURSELVES ON CAKE~ emotion_omnomnom
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Here's to it Gaia for the 9 awesome years that have passed and to that which is stiLl to come!~
I may just be a newbie here, but everyone has made me feel so welcome! Gaia really is a wonderful place! My first post goes to you anniversary thread! *kissu*

HERES TO LIKE, NINE MORE YEARS YEA? *cider for eeevverrrywooonnneee!* heart
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.... 9 years!!! emotion_jawdrop I'm so lucky to be paRt of such an awesome community!
Happy Birthday Gaia!!! yum_cupcake
Happy 9th birthday Gaia~!! Thank you everyone for the wonderful experience it's been all these years! <33333

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