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nine years hack the planet
hapyp bdaygaia
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D'aaawwwww! emotion_kirakira lol that's so cute.
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hahaha! very cute!
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crying reruns of the movie "ghost" will never be the same after seeing this clip thanx lol
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Aww now I am just thinking of the movie Ghost. Patrick Swayze! crying
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Aww so beautiful ...lmao
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I wish i could work for Gaia it looks so fun.
Lol, that was great! XD
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I lol'd. rofl
that was awsome xd
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Nice to know there are workplaces that are that laid back. Looks like you all have fun. heart

And this video made me laugh. (is that really muumuupie? cute.)
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Narumi Misuhara
Here a video of a special moment between our CEO and one of our founders during our in-office celebration of our anniversary ninja

I suppose some back story is in order razz ...there was a deal struck that the first person to shoot a cup off of Muumuupie's head from approximately 15ft away using a nerf gun would get fed ice cream by Muumuupie. After many failed attempts by many employees, well... to the victor go the spoils rofl

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crying reruns of the movie "ghost" will never be the same after seeing this clip thanx lol
Nothing can ruin that great movie smile

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