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This is Cindy Donovinh of Gaia Action 9 News!

This newsletter is a little shorter than the first one, but still just as interesting (we hope xd )! Gaia newsletters won't always be updated every week, but we hope to have one up every two weeks at the latest.

And now, on to the newsletter!


Recently, a large number of Gaia accounts were found botting. Botting is not allowed as it is unfair, slows down our system, and inflates prices for items that you want to get. sad We're doing what we can to help you and other Gaia members by trying to ban the botters and people who benefited from the cheated gold because they're also contributing to the inflation and unfairness.

(What is botting? Using an automatic Macro, Script, Auto-refresher, Auto-clicker or Auto-posting program is considered botting. Information saying botting is not allowed is posted on the Rules and Guidelines page.)

Stay safe and spread the word to help Gaia!

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You've probably seen by now that our avatars have been updated! You can now change your avatar's facial expression and mouth style.

Click here for more information

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Gaia had a booth at San Diego Comic-Con International last weekend! We had a blast! It was Gaia's first appearance at SDCC and we had a very warm reception from Gaia members who came to see us at the booth we shared with Vuduberi. biggrin OMG hats were especially popular; we sold all 500 we brought in one day! eek Thanks for coming to see us at SDCC!

The next convention we'll be hitting is Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland from August 4 - August 6, 2006.

Click here for more information about Gaia at Otakon

That's a wrap for this newsletter. Stay tuned for our next one! 3nodding