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Cindy Donovinh of Gaia 9 Action News here. smile

Welcome to the start of our newsletters section! This section will provide a brief look at the latest news to hit Gaia all in one neat package - similar to a digest.

If you got here by clicking on the new horn icon then that means the new icon alert is working!

It can be hard to notice when there's a new announcement to check out sometimes, so I suggested this idea to our editor-in-chief and he approved it (take that, Mike, you thought it wouldn't happen! ninja ) It should be easier to notice the latest news from now on because you should see the horn icon by your avatar whenever there's news to read.

And now, on to the first newsletter!

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The donation items for July 2006 are here! Donate to support Gaia and you'll get to choose from the Elegant Veil and Ancient Katana!

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Click here to get these donation items!

And click here to preview these items! heart

Thank you for the support!

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The new game Word Bump is here!

You could win rare items and gold!

Just make words from letter tiles to bump the Golden Word to the top.

Click Here to Play!

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Now you can customize your profile with new drag-and-drop tools. You don't need to know any CSS code, but of course, you can still use the old profiles system and use code if you want. biggrin

There's dozens of decorations and backgrounds to liven up your profile with and we'll keep adding more!

Click here for more information

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At last, the long awaited casino items update is here!
Head over to Prize and Joy to trade in your tickets for some new prizes like the Gold Mountain Tie for your avatar and Gaia Poker Table for your house!

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Do you LOVE electronics? If so, then this update is for you. Plasma TVs, speakers, and subwoofers are now available for purchase with gold.

Click here to visit The Faktori to buy the new items

That's a wrap for this first newsletter. Stay tuned for our next one! 3nodding