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Good afternoon, Gaians. This is Cindy Donovinh of Gaia 9 Action News with a recap of the latest Gaian events. Things have been busy behind the scenes, so stay tuned for some exciting developments. We now turn you to the admins:

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The March Monthly Collectibles come out tomorrow You know what that means, right? It's time for hints!

  • I don't know if they were the third-best hair metal band (after Motley Crue and Skid Row) or the third-worst (after Winger and Stryper), but one thing is for sure: they sucked.

  • Speaking of hair metal, who can forget Schoenberg's best-loved atonal 1912 song cycle?

  • They used to hang out with snowmen, back in 1985.

  • Gun. Goose. Finger. Standard. Ratio. Goblet. Records.

  • A famous malt liquor enthusiast lost one in a bet a long time ago.

Get that creaky ol' brain of yours into gear! You only have a day to figure it out, so waste not your precious hours on frivolities like homework, eating, and sleep... you've got to THINK!

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We've released two new sets of items this month: the French Elegance Set for your avatar and the Egyptian set for your home.

French Stuff!
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These hoity-toity French Elegance items are only for the dandiest of fancy-pantses! With these powdered wigs, frilly clothes and bejeweled masks, you can show off your wealth just like the French aristocracy. Keep in mind that these items aren't for the light of pocket-- a whole set is more than a little bit expensive, so you'll have to do some careful saving to afford it!

These items are scattered all over the stores, so you'll have to go to H.R. Wesley, Durem Depot, The Gambino Hat Rack, Barton Jewelers, and Gambino Outfitters if you want to see them all.

Egyptian Stuff!
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What is it with all these elegant historical items? The new housing set is all about ancient Egypt, with sphinx statues, hieroglyphic wall hangings, and secret passages for your home. Decorate your throne room like a true pharaoh! Wrap yourself in bandages and pull your brain out your nose with a little hook! Walk like an Egyptian!

Head to the Faktori to pick this stuff up.

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St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, so air out your kilt, strap on your bagpipes, and set the haggis to boil! Oh wait, that's Scottish... let me try again...

Hey Gaians! St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, so prepare to party! Gaia's going to celebrate with a mini-event that will bless you with a little extra luck. Stick around this weekend to earn some new items!

The event will run from Friday, March 16th to Monday, March 19th. Get your greenest outfit ready!